Please Help: Expose The Cult of Hillary

6926647042_1c9d123b19_oFellow Freedom Loving Americans: Your help is urgently needed.

While you’re busy working, running your business, and raising your family, a shocking movement is taking place across this great nation.

This movement is not new.

Progressive-minded politicians and special interests have been at this game for a long time.

But now it’s coming to a dangerous head.

You see, many Americans a simply ignorant of the freedoms granted and protected under the Bill of Rights.

In their world view, a President’s race or gender is now a more important criteria to earn their support and vote.

This video reveals the shocking ignorance of Hillary Clinton supporters.

For all too many Americans who have bought the Progressive lie, freedom is an after thought.

They lead lives of blissful ignorance.

They have no concept or appreciation of history and the sacrifices millions of brave men and women made for them.

Hillary Clinton is a clear and present danger to the freedom of the United States.

Encourage and educate your friends and family not to listen to her politically correct, feel good buzz words but to evaluate her actions.

Like Obama, Hillary seeks to become the new Progressive, Freedom-Destroying cult leader as President.

Stand up.

Advocate freedom and liberty.

Expose the Progressive agenda.


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