Police Chief Issues Mandate to Cops: Do This Or You’re Fired

traffic stopThe cops in this Missouri town have clear marching orders.

Issue traffic tickets, make traffic arrests, hit your quota… or you’re out of a job.

Yep, the police chief in St. Clair, Missouri issued this insane mandate to his troops:

Ten-year veteran of the force, officer Joe St. Clair was ordered to carry out a policy that he says required cops to issue a certain number of traffic tickets, and even traffic arrests. If the cops failed to do it, they could be fired.

“I believe the chief put an illegal mandate on his officers. I think it’s unfair to the community,” St. Clair told KMOV.

A report conducted by KMOV, with the help of St. Clair, exposed the downright insane requirements for Bellefontaine Neighbors cops.

According to the report:

The mandate was put in writing. It requires officers to take a specific number of “self-initiated activities” each month. St. Clair gave News 4 Investigates copies of spreadsheets used by the Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department to track those activities. It identifies seven different activities that officers are required to do. Those include writing ordinance violations, traffic arrests, uniform traffic tickets, parking violations and traffic warnings.

St. Clair had to do 50 of them every month. The spreadsheet shows that Traffic Arrests represented up to 15 percent of the required activities for Bellfontaine Neighbors cops, an equivalent of up to 8 arrests per month, and that Uniform Traffic Tickets were up to 60 percent, or about 30 tickets per month.

Hey, Chief, how about working up a spreadsheet showing how you’ve made the neighborhoods of St. Clair safer. And go ahead, add in how much money you’re saving the taxpayers.

In other words, how about doing your job rather than harassing citizens and padding your budget with traffic ticket fines.

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