Police Officers Are Doing Their Jobs, Not Killing Innocent People

Police-Officers-Protesters-St.-LouisYou would think it is common knowledge to treat police officers with respect. However, some people seem to not know this and are disrespectful to officers. This disrespect and refusal to comply with orders can get them hurt or killed, and then their community riots because they “didn’t do nothin’.”

If you assault a police officer, you will get shot. If you reach into your pocket or car for what may be a gun when you are ordered to put your hands in the air, you will get shot. If you do anything other than what a police officer asks, prepare to face the consequences.

The problem is not with police officers. The problem is with an entitled, welfare-dependent, and disrespectful society and a President and a Democratic Party who have encouraged and enabled this madness. The people involved in these shootings showed blatant violence or disobedience toward the officers, and in this day and age, officers have every reason to be wary of someone who is not following their orders. Yet, when a thug with a rap sheet a mile long assaults an officer and gets shot and killed, their community goes into a panic and starts protesting.

These are not legitimate protests, either. Ferguson, Baltimore, and Charlotte protests are nothing more than riots. If you have a cause you want to draw attention to, you petition local leaders, peacefully protest at a courthouse, and make your cause known in a way that is not harmful. Riots involve violence and looting. In all of the cities where people have rioted over a police-involved shooting, they have not done anything to help their “black lives matter” cause. They loot malls and liquor stores and burn their own cities to the ground. They set police cars on fire and shoot innocent bystanders and officers.

Everyone has the right to protest under the First Amendment. Martin Luther King Jr. always protested peacefully, and he changed this nation as a major leader of the Civil Rights movement. Riots will never make your cause something worth paying attention to. Until these “protestors” realize that, the problem will never go away.


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