“Praise Hillary” – This Clinton Campaign Song Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

GlassesPraise her.

She is a God.

She is the anointed One.

Watch and listen to the brain dead zombie followers practice the worship of  Hillary Clinton:

The group describes itself on its website: “Our powerful and eclectic songs range from African-American spirituals to Korean songs for unity, South African anti-apartheid songs to Macedonian love songs. The songs are powerful testaments to the triumph of the human spirit. Sung with the strength of 200 voices, the songs delight and inspire audiences,” The Blaze reports.

There, they serenaded the former Secretary of State with an old gospel tune, “Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus).” Except in this version, from the self-dubbed “woman’s alternative chorus,” “Jesus” is replaced with “Hillary.”

Brace yourself- here’s the video:


Hillary as a “personal Jesus”?

God Has spoken.

Without a doubt, liberals are the Devil.

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