Professor Suggests Killing Whites

Texas A&M university is under fire for refusing to distance itself from statements one of its own professors has made saying “some white may have to die” for true racial equality.

During a podcast five years ago, Texas A&M University associate professor of philosophy Tommy Curry appeared to assert that for his vision of so-called equality to be achieved in America, blacks must partake in the “tradition” of killing whites.

According to Rod Dreher of The American Conservative, who initially uncovered the podcast this week, Curry’s argument centered on his belief that for white people to truly acknowledge the existence of racism, they must become familiar with the risks of death that allegedly come with being a minority.

“White people don’t want to question their physical life and certainly not their own racial existence, because that means they would have to accept that death could come for them at any moment, the same way non-white people have to accept that,” the Texas A&M professor said. “And they don’t want to question their existence, they’re not willing to give up their existence.”

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