Psst, Hey Liberals… Wanna Know the Answer to Fighting Terrorism?

spearsSometimes you really don’t know if you should laugh or cry…

Or maybe punch a wall.

How could liberals be so clueless about history and basic human nature?

The Founders didn’t include the Second Amendment as a fundamental right by mistake.

No it was intentional based upon a keen knowledge of history and deep understanding of the human condition.

What’s the best way to keep Americans safe from terrorism… and free?

Provide them with the capability to defend themselves:

A visitor to ancient Sparta once asked why they had no walls to defend their people. A Spartan replied: “Our citizens are our walls and their spears our defense.” Defense was the responsibility of every citizen. The American Constitution embraced this tradition by prioritizing arms-bearing citizens over standing armies of professionals. Free countries throughout history have certainly fielded small professional forces, built walls, and deployed spies and diplomats, but they have also known they are only safe if their citizens are tough. Therefore, we should keep three things in mind.

A large standing army only serves to conquer and oppress its citizens.

It’s tyranny on display and in action.

Ironic isn’t it?

The best defense against enemies, be they foreign terrorist or a tyrannical domestic government, is a well-armed citizen militia.

Rather than more gun control, these times call for a more well-organized, and well-armed citizen militia.

It’s the only way to protect and preserve our freedoms.

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