Queen Of England Is PISSED At London’s Mayor

The United States has a system of government so different from many other countries that many of us have a hard time comprehending the challenges that their systems make. Given, we have our own issues with making sure that people agree, however, our checks and balances have to do with votes of the people, the representatives and the decisions of nominated and confirmed judges. We just have the one head of the armed forces and no figurehead.

England, on the other hand, has a Prime Minister and a figurehead that is part of the ruling family. The political weight of the Queen is no doubt felt, but it’s been re-distributed a bit over the years to balance the power out. At this point, it seems that some of the elected officials thought might have underestimated what might happen to those who cross someone who’s been the visible head of the country for decades.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Kahn has come under scrutiny lately, not just because of his policies, but because of the possible conflict of interest that is his belief in the violent religion that is Islam. Many have doubted that he’s qualified to lead a major city now that he’s not willing to take action against his Muslim brothers who are acting on their violent religion and harming the citizens of London. He’s also having problems with his feud with our President. The two have been in a bit of Twitter battle that has resulted in Kahn not wanting to have anything to do with the President’s visit, despite the Queen’s personal invitation.

According to The Truth Division:
“Queen Elizabeth is not putting up with Sadiq Khan’s rhetoric — and the media isn’t saying a word about it.

While the far-left London mayor petitioned to have President Donald Trump’s UK visit cancelled, the Queen put his trivial outrage aside and invited the U.S. commander-in-chief anyway.”

I could be wrong, but the last time I checked, Queen trumps Mayor ever time (I hope you appreciate what I did there). In other words, if somebody over the whole nation says that a person is welcome, someone who’s over one city doesn’t really get to say that they can’t visit that one city. But Kahn is just a bit full of himself and he thinks that since President Trump has called him on his crap and hurt his feelings (and royall embarrased him, I might add) that he can be petty and now allow the guests of the hosue to enter his room. A bit childish if you ask me.


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source: http://freedomdaily.com/whoa-the-queen-of-england-is-pissed-look-at-what-she-just-did-to-londons-muslim-mayor/

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