Racist Liberal Idiots Try to Explain Why This Republican Candidate Is Surging

ben carsonLiberal Democrats thinking is amazing.

And dangerous.

The hypocrisy and complete lack of logic of how liberals justify what’s happening makes your head explode.

Witness the reaction of this Vox article as to why Dr. Ben Carson is rising in the polls.

Though Carson was vague about just who those “purveyors of hatred” trying “to make a race war” might be, the implication was clear — they’re liberals. Carson is saying that although he’s black, he’s enlightened enough not to focus on unimportant matters of race that “divide us,” and will instead take a race-blind approach to unite Americans.

That’s just what conservatives want to hear. As racial issues have gained salience in the age of Ferguson and Black Lives Matter, Republican responses have frequently seemed adrift and uncertain. So Carson — who is not just a black Republican but was, as Desmond-Harris put it, “a black folk hero” due to his rags-to-riches story — likely seems to many conservatives to be a very effective messenger pitching a conservative approach to racial issues.

So from this, a flood of Tweets blasting the Vox article.

So, according to Vox, Republicans only support Dr. Carson because he’s black?

Isn’t this what won Obama the Presidency?

Also, to use a statement from one 72-year-old woman to speak for all conservatives and Republicans is astonishing.

Perhaps Republicans are ignoring the fact that this man is black and support his message?


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