Radical Islamic Terrorism Is A Real Problem In The West

61028017 - nizza, france - july 25, 2016: tributes at the promenade des anglais with unidentified people. on july 14th, 2016, 85 people were killed by a terrorist who drives a truck in a crowd

In recent years and especially in recent months, radical Islamic terror attacks have plagued the Western world. Most of these attacks are a direct result of poor vetting of immigrants, particularly refugees, from the Middle East.

ISIS, the radical Islamic terrorist group that came into being as a direct result of Democratic foreign policy, has claimed responsibility for or praise all of these attacks.

France, Belgium, Germany, many other European nations, and the United States have received threats, discovered terror plots, or experienced terror attacks both big and small. Shootings and bombings have put the West in a state of shock.

Nobody even wants to call it what it is, and we cannot fight the enemy until we pinpoint and name the enemy.

While addressing radical Islamic terrorism, Donald Trump said,

“We cannot let this evil continue. Nor can we let the hateful ideology of Radical Islam – its oppression of women, gays, children, and nonbelievers – be allowed to reside or spread within our own countries. We will defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism, just as we have defeated every threat we have faced in every age before. But we will not defeat it with closed eyes, or silenced voices. Anyone who cannot name our enemy, is not fit to lead this country. Anyone who cannot condemn the hatred, oppression and violence of Radical Islam lacks the moral clarity to serve as our President.”

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to call these attacks and threats by their name. They are afraid to say “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Instead, they and other liberals continue to push their narrative that Islam is a religion of peace.

Christians are not shooting up night clubs. Buddhists are not setting off homemade bombs in major cities. Hindus and Sikhs are not out doing suicide bombings. Muslims are doing this, and Western governments cannot fight radical Islamic terrorism until they can call it by its name.

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