Rape Gang Set to Be Deported to Pakistan

Four members of a Muslim grooming gang look set to be deported after losing a legal battle to stop the government stripping them of their British citizenship.

All four hold dual UK and Pakistani citizenship. Mr. Justice Bernard McCloskey, Britain’s most senior immigration judge, rejected their appeal against then Home Secretary Theresa May’s decision to take away their British nationality.

Gang ringleader Shabir Ahmed, 64, has already lost an appeal against his possible deportation in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), during which he claimed his convictions were a conspiracy by police and members of the jury to “scapegoat” Muslims.

Last week, Mr. Justice McCloskey slammed the barristers attempting to block the deportations, accusing them of playing the system as they earn substantial fees at the taxpayer’s expense.

The judge’s decision clears the way for the men to be deported. However, it is likely to take months or even years before they actually leave the country, The Times reports.

The Rochdale gang to which they belonged was convicted in 2012 of preying on girls as young as 13 in the northern town, plying them with drink and drugs before they were “passed around” for sex.

Mr. Ahmed is currently serving 22 years for preying on vulnerable teenagers on the street of Rochdale, as well as for 30 child rapes on a young Asian girl he treated as a “possession” for more than a decade. Adil Khan, 47, Abdul Rauf, 48, and Abdul Aziz, 46, have been released on license.

Mr. Justice McCloskey, president of the immigration and asylum chamber of the upper tribunal, said: “The appellants were all many years older than their victims. In some cases girls were raped callously and viciously and in others they were forced to have sex with paying customers.


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source: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/02/10/rochdale-rape-gang-set-deported-pakistan/

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  • Ron

    The 4 have been cleared for deportation and loss of citizenship, yet 3 have been released. Is there no limit to the mental midgetry of the “elite”.

    • crustyone

      Those 3 should be tracked down and castrated.

      • Ron

        I agree, that would be nothing more than protecting wives and daughters. But we all know that this would just be reported in the media as attacks on muslims.

        • dogtrainer1

          Who cares! They say whatever they want anyway, and more often than not, just plain old lies. Hell, I do not care what the media nor radical Muslims think! Anything and everything non-Muslims do, pisses them off anyway. May as well give them a reason to bitch!

      • Henry J. Gilbertson

        They all should be castrated make them castrate them selves before deporting if they don’t put a bullet in their diaper head

      • dogtrainer1

        I volunteer, I volunteer…Had to castrate a bull and a sheep for an Animal Husbandry finals, decades ago. Then as a nurse I assisted in about 250 vasectomies. Hell, you do not need to be cautious to “whack them off” just get a sharp knife, a pair of gloves, grab and whack! Simple enough, not to mention, a very good stress reliever.

  • CharlyO

    My question is why are these scumbags still alive! And also why does anyone think it is at all reasonable to have dual citizenship. You are either for the country you are in or you are not. Ditch it!

    • crustyone

      Terrorists or those in predominately terrorist countries should not be allowed citizenship in non-terrorist nations.

  • crustyone

    All four members of the gang should have been castrated.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    I hope they’ve been castrated, are scheduled for it. The girls and young women will then be safe from these 4 failures to mankind.

  • See Janus

    These pimps would be horse whipped and decapitated in Pakistan. Please get rid of this scum if you have any love for your people or country. The fact that they always play the “Race” card is obvious. They have no other defense to their crimes.

  • libertybells2

    What?? They have been stripped of their UK citizen but it could take months or years before they get deported??? And on top of that 3 have been released???Is this insanity or what? What the hell is wrong with the judges????

    • Marty Thompson

      They are bleeding heart liberals. That says it all!

    • dogtrainer1

      Can you say LIBERAL BS?

  • DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Deport? Why are they not being hanged? Isn’t this a travesty of justice?


  • SweetLadyMary

    All of them should be in jail and deported after they serve their time. What is wrong with the English court system, why have they released three of them? This is what the English should be concerned with and not our president.

  • Kent2012

    they should have the ho clintoney and chucki schoomster intercede in their behalf and suggest that the african clown and former president would like to invite them to come to the USA as “refugees” from the hysterical British Authorities.. the democrapos need more votes in order to continue the effort at operating the Cesspool Express now that they have been thrown out of the majority…not only that georgi soretoes can send them around the country to participate in “demonstrations”, you know like Ferguson, Missouri and the children at bezerkley….good things always come out of attending institutions of “higher” education…

  • Donnie Lowe

    Should have been beheaded!