RAW FOOTAGE: Ferguson Goes Up in Flames

Ferguson goes up in flamesIt was inevitable. You could almost feel the tension building. And when the Grand Jury announced that there would be no indictment of Darren Wilson, it took less than an hour for Ferguson to begin to go up in flames.

If you watched the evening news, you saw burning cop cars and burning buildings. One news reporter published his raw footage of what was happening on YouTube. You can see what appears to be a large military force with massive vehicles rolling down the street. You can also see buildings engulfed in flames.

After the formal Grand Jury announcement was made, Twitter lit up with more than 3.8 million tweets about Ferguson, Missouri.

Today, just one day later, we know that at least one woman was shot and killed by a thief. A police officer was shot in the chest when he responded to the incident. Another man was found dead in his car near the location where Michael Brown was shot and killed in August.

Intermittent gunfire was heard all around the city. Police estimate at least 150 gun shots were fired by protesters. Police have made 29 arrests.

Armored vehicles in Ferguson

Due to the widespread violence, flights into St. Louis were canceled and a no-fly zone was established. Today, there were at least 116 school closings. While many protestors filled the streets in anticipation of the ruling last night, tens of thousands more stayed inside to avoid the violence.

What do you think about the violence in Ferguson? Did the Grand Jury make the right decision in this case — or do you feel that Darren Wilson is guilty of a crime? Leave a comment below.

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