The Real Reason Obama Is Getting Friendly with Cuba Is 5,299 Miles Away

15493953_sFor 54 years the United States and Cuba have suffered throughs strained relations. Much of that has to do with the tendencies of Cuban leadership to support enemies of the United States.

In that time the trade embargo on Cuba has kept the island country at an economic stand still. Dictator Fidel Castro has treated his people with contempt, and the United States has watched as hundreds upon thousands of Cubans have escaped the country only to wash up on American soil.

The embargo seems like it was justified, but all that is changing with Obama leading the charge.

So why the sudden interest in renewing relations with Cuba? Is Obama trying to boost points with minorities before he leaves office? Is this an attempt to just gain one more surge in approval from progressives?

All told, it might be something bigger than that.

Apparently one of the reasons the U.S. is reaching out is because relations between Cuba and Russia have been renewed as of late.

The two nations have always been friendly with one another (remember the Bay of Pigs?), but just this July the Russians indicated they were going to reoccupy one of their former military bases.

They claim the gesture is merely “symbolic.”

But many don’t believe them.

The Lourdes military base was once used to commit acts of espionage against the U.S. Moscow-based defense analyst Pavel Felgenhauer admitted it might make sense the base could be used for purposes such as these again.

Even a professor from Columbia University named Robert Jervis claimed the move was suspect since Russia would have the ability to use the base to broadcast information to their military allies.

That’s not all that’s happened between Russia and Cuba in the past year and a half.

In February of 2013 Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was said to have inked a deal where Cuba would receive 8 jets from the Russian military. Not to mention just this past August Putin visited Cuba and even did Castro a favor by forgiving him 90% of the war debt owed to Russia, rumored to have been around $90 million dollars.

Putin even managed to secure the rights to drill off shore from Cuba for oil reserves…

Stephen Cohen who is the professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University said what Putin has done is “a reply to Obama’s notion that Russia could be isolated, by saying, ‘Hey, here we are back 90 miles off your shore with a big greeting, and we’re going back into economic business here.'”

By all appearances it would seem Obama’s not trying to win any popularity points here, but is embattled in a sparring match with the Russian President.

Is the President trying to protect the country for once?

Or is he embroiled in an even deeper conspiracy?

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