It’s Really Obvious, So Why Aren’t Liberals Talking about the 1 Thing America’s 10 Most Violent Cities Have in Common?

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The list of America’s top 10 most violent cities was recently released. Even though the liberal news outlet CNN created the report, there is still one thing they can’t hide no matter how hard they try. See if you can spot it.

Here’s the list of cities:

1. Camden, New Jersey

2. Flint, Michigan

3. Detroit, Michigan

4. Oakland, California

5. St. Louis, Missouri

6. Cleveland, Ohio

7. Gary, Indiana

8. Newark, New Jersey

9. Bridgeport, Connecticut

10. Birmingham, Alabama

Now before you go any further, go ahead and take a guess about what all these states share in common.

You know where this is going…

Every single city is led by a Democrat mayor (or by a mayor with Democrat affiliations). Check it out for yourself.

1. Mayor of Camden — Dana Redd — Democrat

2. Mayor of Flint — Dayne Walling — Nonpartisan, formerly worked for U.S. Rep Dale Kildee, a Democrat

3. Mayor of Detroit — Dave Bing — Democrat

4. Mayor of Oakland — Jean Quan — Democrat

5. Mayor of St. Louis — Francis Slay — Democrat

6. Mayor of Cleveland — Frank Jackson — Democrat

7. Mayor of Gary — Karen Freeman-Wilson — Democrat

8. Mayor of Newark — Ras Baraka — Democrat

9. Mayor of Bridgeport — Bill Finch — Democrat

10. Mayor of Birmingham — William A. Bell — Democrat

It’s really not that surprising.

Just take a look at the president who’s running this country into the ground and you can see Democrats don’t make good leaders. And with their gung-ho agendas to ban the ownership of weapons, the sale of weapons, and things that even look like weapons — you can see why this list shakes out like it does.

It’s not like this statement is just one based on opinion.

These are cold hard facts.

Unfortunately, statistics like these don’t deter liberals in any way. You can’t stop stupid.

Right now anti-gun liberals are attempting to pass more laws to limit your rights as a gun owner.

They’re coming for your guns. But there’s a possibility that even if they get their way, you can still own a gun, legally!

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