A Reporter Asks People about White Privilege, Their Responses Will Shock You

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 4.06.33 PMWhat is white privilege? That’s the burning question progressives are climbing over themselves to answer. Part of the reason is if they can continue to cast blame on whites for cultural problems it further bolsters the storyline that racial tensions in the U.S. are “worse than they’ve ever been.”

If you were to ask progressives to define white privilege many would say white privilege has everything to do with having an easy life. That if you’re white, all that you have was handed to you on a silver platter, with a silver spoon, and with silver here and silver there.

That’s the gist of it.

In reality, white privilege is made up nomenclature liberals use to debase the majority race in the United States. It exists more in their minds than it does in the real world.

Ask yourself these questions…

If white privilege existed then why are most welfare recipients white?

If white privilege existed then why are illegal immigrants allowed to come over the border and stay without fear of being deported?

How come it’s equally as hard for whites to get a good job right now?

And why is it that whites are also being shot by police?

Why is it affirmative action actually exists? And why are minorities placed in front of whites when it comes to job placement, and college enrollment, grants, and subsidies?

Why is there a black history month, and not a white history month?

Why is it that minorities can use racial epithets, but whites can’t? (Not that they should…)

The truth is the media, along with progressive politicians, are participating in creating a race war. That’s why white privilege exists.

What they can’t understand is that since whites are a majority, it would make sense that by and large whites would have more jobs and in greater numbers than minorities. If they didn’t, then the fundamental rules of mathematics would need to be rewritten.

Not to mention minorities refuse to admit that the most calamitous policies usually come at the hands of minorities in positions of political power.

But now, with racial tensions flaring, and with people seeking a scape goat, the term white privilege is all the rage.

Take a look at the video and see how people define white privilege, it’ll leave you uncomfortable to say the least.

At the end of the day, it’s the content of people’s character that matters. At least, that’s what should matter.

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  • Dave

    Let’s talk black privilege …..Free full ride college education….NFL…..NBA….foodstamp office and welfare office…

    • dsmark1

      I don’t agree, nor believe there is such a thing as “white privilege”, developing and having athletic skills that gain one a spot as an NFl, NBA, MLB, Soccer player, etc., is in no way “black privilege”. It’s more like sour grapes from people who don’t have the skills to be a pro athlete.

      • 10-Nov-1775

        Black privilege is reverse discrimination; a.k.a. affirmative action.

        • dsmark1

          And this has what to do with my comments about athletic skills being classified as “black privilege”?
          I don’t like AA but it has nothing to do with athletic skills and abilities.

      • CTH

        Why is it that blacks can say white men can’t jump but whites can not say black men can’t think, both of which are largely true.

        • dsmark1

          I was commenting on athletic skills and abilities being classified and “black privilege” by some – which is absurd.

          • ItsJulie1964

            Black privilege is being able to be the aggressor in 90% of interracial crime, and have morons like you not even know it because it is censored.

            Black privilege is having no one question any of the negative things about your species based simply on the color of your skin.

            Black privilege is getting the job or the admission because your a negroid simian beast.

            Black privilege is being able to blame your OWN people’s past historical crimes (slavery in America) on the White people who finally stopped you and the jews from doing it.

            I could go on…

          • dsmark1

            Hi ItsJulie1964,

            I think I follow what you’re saying however; IMHO I believe this “arena” of so-called ‘black privilege’ is the creation of Americans who happen to be white, and left-wing liberals socialists who have no back-bone to speak to things as they are in real-time/reality.
            It’s called “over-sensitivity” and “PC” – political correctness, better known as being weak and best equipped to surrender. And we see this in the current foreign policy of appeasement, bowing to other dictators, and basically calling America guilty for all the world’s ills!!

            But that is changing; I see more and more conservative Americans who happen to be black professing verbally and openly that those Americans who happen to be black need to take responsibility, and be accountable for the actions of other Americans who happen to be black – or as al “lying race-baiter” sharpton would called them – my people!!

            What is wrong with accepting that 93% of American who happen to be black who are killed, are killed by other Americans who happen to be black!!?? Why is it America tip-tyoes around it, when Americans who happen to be white are more than willing to accept that Americans who happen to be white kill other Americans who happen to be white – and then apply the law to their actions, try them, convict them, and punish them!!

            And there is no disgrace, nor shame associated with that as these people must take responsibility, and be held accountable for what they freely elected to do – commit a crime!!
            I view life as one big game; a game much like baseball. You are rewarded with success for mastering the skills and performing within the rules. But when you try to take advantage of the system – like trying to steal a base, or extend a single into a double – and you are caught, you’re OUT!!

            Just like our game of laws. When one freely elects to try and take advantage of the law, commit a crime, and are caught, they are OUT!! They are charged with breaking the law(s), and they are subject to the consequences – and some are OUT!! Out of society and put in the “dugout” – jail!!

            Accountability and responsibility – two very basic and simple principles that if followed, will eliminate mcuh of what ails this Country!!

          • ItsJulie1964

            You ask “What is wrong with accepting that 93% of American who happen to be black who are killed, are killed by other Americans who happen to be black!!??”

            WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? Did you not hear Fox’s Bill O’Reilly going on about black on black violence during the trayvon the thug crap? Do you nothear of it all the time in the Jew owned media? Far from ignoring it, we are not only having it shoved down our throats all the time, we are being blamed for it even by White morons like you. What is IGNORED is the FACT that black on WHITE violence is at epidemic levels, and that in just FOUR DECADES, 19640-2000, negroid simian beasts slaughtered almost as many white Americans as were killed in WWII, 4 times as many as were killed in Vietnam, and 60 times as many as were killed in Iraq. What is IGNORED is that as many as 37,000 White American women are raped by negroid simian beasts every year in racially motivated rape. What is IGNORED is the fact that they commit violent crimes against Whites 45% of the time, and blacks only 43% f the time. What is IGNORED is that they commit violent crimes against us 39 TIMES MORE OFTEN THAN WE DO THEM. THAT IS 3,900%. And what is IGNORED is the fact that none of this isOUR fault, but just due to the fact that the negroid is a negroid, and his mere physical presence is the problem.

          • dsmark1


            You are so hate driven, you can’t even follow the thread of the discussion; and you can’t understand what is written.

            Your hate to, and of those who are not like you is evident – “Jew owned media” – what does it matter who owns what if the issue is what is said, written or televised!!??

            You totally missed everything I said because of your deep, deep hate – so, you enjoy your sorry life.

            I have better things to do with people who employ logic, rationale, common sense and base their opinion and issue positions on FACTS – and not hate.

            Best to you – bye-bye.

          • ItsJulie1964

            Sorry, libtard, but the “hate” accusation doesn’t work here. I know you are accustomed to running across weak spined whites who bend over for you and your pet darkies. I don’t. Not only are you TOO STUPID to question Jewish control of the media, you don’t even KNOW about it. That makes you unfit to discuss it.

          • dsmark1

            First, I’m an American who happens to be white; I am a conservative that would make your head spin if you only knew how conservative – and making those two assumptions alone show what an ignorant, uneducated, ill-mannered, issue-ignorant bitch you are!!

            Your hate has over-ridden any minimual spec of intelligence – never mind, you have zero intelligence, and even less credibility!!

            You truly are an insignificant entity who deserves no medium to spew your hate filled ignorant factless bullshit!!


          • ItsJulie1964

            Oh trust me, on social issues, you are definitely a libtard. You fools have no idea what a true “conservative” is. In fact, the negro was NEVER intended to be offered equality or citizenship in America. That was for the POSTERITY, or descendants of the White founding fathers only.

            Even Abraham Lincoln was a victim of black mob violence, and almost killed by a gang of negroids.

            In just 4 decades, 1964-2005, negroid simian beasts slaughtered almost as many White Americans as were killed in WWII, 4 times as many White Americans as were killed in Vietnam, and 60 times as many as were killed in Iraq. They rape White women from 9-90 (SERIOUSLY-90!) at a rate as high as 37,000 a year in racially motivated rape, while the number of negroid females raped by white males is statistically ZERO.

            Laws had to be passed as far back as the 1600s to prevent freed raping negroids from owning White slaves.

            How do you like those facts, you libtarded moron?

          • Disqusss3265

            Facts she shows you though…

          • Disqusss3265

            If only there were no lowering of educational levels.

      • Sue4477

        The “privilege” works for all races when poor grades from athletes are accepted or given special privilege to “make up” or alter in any way.

        • dsmark1

          Sue, that’s exactly on target! However, IMHO, it’s beyond ‘privilege’ – it’s now capitalism as college sports is big business for the university therefore, I put that in the “follow the money” category.

          • Sue4477

            Yes, I agree with you.

          • dsmark1

            Happy, Safe, Healthy & Prosperous New Year – and enjoy watching all those football games with all those scholar athletes (lol).

          • Oreisha

            I think blacks make better athletes, because they spend their time playing sports instead of studying. I worked for a Dr. who was the team Dr. for a large university, and he always said that blacks don’t have to study to get by— it doesn’t take brains to go out on the football field and get the s*** kicked out of you!! They get very expensive college “perks”, and never learn anything. But I guess it is good that they do earn money for their schools, we can keep them on the field!!! Now if we could only get that bi-racial, bi-sexual, Kenyan Koon to keep his butt on the golf course and out of the white house, maybe this country could progress.

          • TheBigGuy

            Where I went to college, I knew black athletes that would get the answer key to tests and when they graduated, they knew nothing.

      • indiana_conservative

        dismark1 you are right there is not such a thing as white privilege. You are also right about not having the skills in pro sports, however I can remember a comment made about Cunningham of the Eagles not having the talent of other quarterbacks in the NFL years back and the race card just flew out of the deck. The statement was true but that did not matter. He would have been an excellent back but because he wanted that spot the Eagles was forced to keep him in a position that did not benefit their team. I am white and want to be a doctor however I don’t have the skills or ability to become one. Where is my white privilege now?

        • dsmark1

          Hi Indiana Conservative,
          I don’t know the reason(s) why more black athletes have not been in, or succeeded at the QB position; maybe, with respect to offense, they have shown greater worth at other positions such as running back and receiver, and thus been chosen on position charts for those spots by team development personnel.
          But then again, look at Doug Williams with the Redskins – won a Super Bowl!! With Cunningham; IMHO, I think his ego got in the way of him being more successful as a QB – which is much different than confidence.
          You also have Campanis with the Dodgers talking about anatomy being the element that gives black athletes superior talents in certain areas – such as speed. And then you have Bob Gibson; argueably one of the best pitchers of all-time!
          I think all that’s changing as more black kids are being given the opportunity to play QB at the lower levels of football – Pop Warner, etc. More kids are seeing that they can be a QB if they want to pursue that position, where before, there were really no black QB roll models to look to for inspiration.
          But one thing here troubles me more than anything I’ve said; no knowing your situation, or the criteria involved but, I find it concerning you have labelled yourself as not having the skills or abilities to become a doctor.
          That sounds much like what I would imagine black youth though when not seeing black QBs at any level of the sport.
          I too am an American who happens to be white, I have never experienced “white privilege” and am currently challenged with my own financial situation with the current economy and trying to start a business but, as I said, these things are challenges to me to overcome. And i’ll be damned if I let anyone dictate to me it can’t be done; or I can’t do it!
          Happy, Safe, healthy & Prosperous New Year to all.

          • indiana_conservative

            Don’t get me wrong I am good in knowing my personal liabilities and assets. I do happen to be an excellent wood worker and cabinet maker. Was just trying to make a point here. Just because you want something doesn’t always make it so. I have 5 sons and all very successful but one, however they cannot do what their father does and as well just like I cannot do what they do as well ether. My oldest is an engineer, #2 owns his own concrete business, #3 is a CSM in the Army and a Ranger, #4 problem child “we all have one I think” and #5 SSG Special Forces Army in Afghanistan. I was a mere paratrooper in the 101st compared to them. Point being everyone is different you just have to try because white privilage never got any of us to the point in life we have achieved.

          • dsmark1

            Point made, and understood. Wish I had the woodworking skills; a skill one can take anywhere and make a very good living as good cabinet makers are very hard to find!

          • TheBigGuy

            Because as a QB, you need to be smart and work well under pressure. Black QB’S just run because that’s what their used to from running from the cops.

      • ItsJulie1964

        Is this kind of like when the groids say they have a bigger dick? So do elephants and whales. And yes, it is “black privilege.” When it was really a team sport, it required skill, and lot of it. Now it’s just snatch and run and see who can spin the most times before they stuff it.

        • dsmark1

          I read your profile – some of the things you’ve written; and I must say ItsJulie1964 – you have a real problem!! I don’t know what might have created the attitude you have, but you seriously have a problem – it’s called hate.
          You need to get some serious help. IMHO.
          I will no longer entertain any comment(s) you might make, nor respond to any reply you have directed to me.
          Have a great life.

          • ItsJulie1964

            Same to you, oh ye whom all the rest if the world hates just because of your skin color.

      • Laurence Almand

        What’s so great about being a pro athlete? All those stupid guys do is toss balls back and forth. And they get paid for that nonsense!

    • Laurence Almand

      Not to mention Affirmative Action, that promotes stupid Blacks even when they cannot pass tests. And the colleges that reserve places for Blacks, regardless of their low grades.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Let’s see, white privilege hmm….to me and many white people that I know is: being raised in a ghetto, attending inferior schools, working 60 to 70 hours a week at menial jobs to help support my family, getting in daily altercations with black thugs, and being subjected to listening to white-liberal-left-wing-slugs on how bad blacks have it in this country.
    To all of the whiney, play the race card, play the victim blacks, and the white-left-wing-liberal-slugs, travel to the highland region of the US, which includes the Central and Southern Appalachian Mountains and the Piedmont Plateau from northern Pa. through northern Alabama, populations that are predominately white.
    Depression and poverty is a way of life for this “white privileged” populace. They never have and never will receive the benefits the government has bestowed on the whiney black population. To the white-left-wing-liberal-slugs, the people of Appalachia have more class, integrity, and fortitude than any one of you…they have character, a trait you people will never understand.

    • cherieloren

      Well said and it’s the absolute truth.

    • The Watson

      We had the privilege of working 10 to 12 hours a day 6 & 7 day a week with no free ride. Still work a 40 to 50 week & am in my eighties. White privilege too work and pay the taxes so Black can have all the freebies.

      • Elaine Gales

        White privilege means you can say these ridiculous
        things and really believe that Blacks get the freebies when statistics show that more White’s get food stamps and Medicaid and freebies than Blacks and somehow we take on that burden and believe you and other Whites believe it also, even the ones that get the freebies.

        • kicklotsofbutt

          Try backing your rant up with the real math of percentages based on per capita, in simple terms as how many whites receive freebies in comparison to total white population, then do the same with blacks. I think you will find the truth that blacks receive a larger percentage of freebies based on their only being 14% of the total population of the country. Now cry me another river of lies.

          • Jim

            Do not expect that Einstein to be able to figure that out..
            Well stated by the way.

          • Laurence Almand

            Not to mention that Blacks commit more than 40% of all brutal murders.

        • ganderdavis

          White Privilege means that people like you Elaine can say anything when most of the time you really just need to zip it.So according to this video only blacks have a problem getting credit and only blacks are disrespected and only blacks can’t get a good education.How about that white woman going into a black area and see how much she get respected.So much lined up BS on this video and for people like Elaine who wants everyone to feel like she is the person discriminated agains’t. Well Elaine maybe you really need to look hard into the mirrors of life and count how many time you have shown your true COLORS and blamed whites for your lack of being able to get anywhere in life.Oh and Elaine just in case your blind THERE ARE MORE WHITE FOLKS…DUH !!

        • Daniel Brofford

          Whites do not get more freebies when you brake it down to % of the population Elaine.

          • ItsJulie1964

            In this White country founded BY and FOR White people, if anybody should be getting help it is White people. Instead, they are in taxation slavery funding enormous negroid and mestizo armies being bred within their castle walls with the specific intention of using the darkies to destroy this latest and greatest of white civilizations, as they have done all other white civilizations in history.

          • Ted Bundy

            That my friend is Shylock in all of its evil, hypocritical, parasitical glory. Like Harold rosenthal among other kikes have noted, “if the people (white people) ever realized the extent of their slavery and our deeds, they would rise up with the sword” and lampshade the Jew.

          • Laurence Almand

            Note: When Zimbabwe was under White rule, it was a prosperous country, the Breadbasket of Africa. Look what has happened since the low-IQ Blacks too over! Total crime and chaos – just like Detroit.

        • Todd Westlund

          well if you want to do it that way look at how many percentage of blacks get welfare, free healthcare, food stamps and everything just because they’re 14 percent of the population okay well then probably 10 of that 14 percent get some kind of welfare so even if we are the majority the majority of them are sitting on there a smoking crack you need to get your facts right lady

        • JW Walter

          Thats because blacks are only 13% of the population.

          • Elaine Gales

            I agree with you, the percentage of assistance is higher for the Black population but the
            percentage of unemployment is greater and the percentage of income for equal
            jobs are lower Blacks. Those are the facts but we must consider the reasons this
            situation exists. Also, consider that for most people have invested in
            unemployment and workers comp, not everything is a ‘freebie’. As a country , we have always helped the less fortunate. Why is it such a problem now? If there are bad apples receiving benefits, weed them out and get rid of the blame game. It’s not helping either side.

          • 19mad74

            Why is it such a problem now? Because Obama is hell bent on flooding our country with Third World immigrants. Maybe if he’d spend more time and money on poor Americans in general instead of pandering to people who shouldn’t be here in the first place there would be more resources and jobs.

          • Daniel Brofford

            Why is it that blacks and libtards are always against weeding them out by urine test. Blacks always say that would be racist. That would weed out the whites and blacks that are not using the money for what it was giving for. I don’t care what color you are, if you are using the money and food stamps to buy drugs then you should be cut off. I know white people that use the money for dope and then welfare will pay their utility bills ( when they receive a shutoff notice ) with no questions ask. Do you think that I think they should continue to receive help and would say a black family doesn’t under the same circumstance’s. You would be wrong because like I said I don’t care what the color of your skin is, I am only for helping the ones that are trying to help themselves.

          • thanatos

            “I agree with you, the percentage of assistance is higher for the Black population but the
            percentage of unemployment is greater…”

            That’s because groids are lazy and dumb. Their median IQ is like 85 in the United States. It’s no wonder they can’t get a job. There’s only so many fast food and janitor jobs to go around. If they actually wanted to work,they’d be doing drive-bys on the White House cause Obama’s the one bringing in illegal Mexicans to take their jobs.

            “Those are the facts but we must consider the reasons this
            situation exists.”

            Because negroes are lazy,violent,and dumb. The majority of them are in jail,which drags the median income down for the whole group.

            “As a country , we have always helped the less fortunate. Why is it such a problem now?”

            It’s a problem now because Whites are no longer 95% of the population. Less Whites=less gibs for groids.You think La Raza or Asians are going to work to support lazy negroes? Whites felt a lot better about giving groids charity when they thought at least some of the money was going to White people,and when bluegums like yourself weren’t running amok shooting and punching cops and then screaming “hands up don’t shoot”,acting like the cops were trying to kill you for no reason.

          • Laurence Almand

            Read THE BELL CURVE for an analysis of the lack of Black progress.

        • ItsJulie1964

          Sorry, honey, but your facts are wrong. The percentage of negroids on the dole now outnumbers whites, and 85% of the parasites are on welfare of some sort, parasitizing off the white race. In addition, whites are discriminated against in favor of the worthless, inferior savages, and so Whites come into the game already disadvantaged by things like “Affirmative action.” It is not the white man’s job to ensure thatn the groid survives. If the groids can’t do it, too bad.

          • Laurence Almand

            Look at the Black Somali cop in Minnesota who murdered an innocent White woman for almost no reason. He is on “administrative leave” – that is, a paid vacation from duty.

        • John D. Fiat

          Blacks are only 12% of the populace, stupid. Yet they still lead in homicides at 50%!

          • TheBigGuy

            There are 6 times more whites than Blacks living here, so imagine taking that already high murder number and times it by 6…that’s horrifying just thinking about it.

          • Laurence Almand

            And 70 percent of all Black children are born illegitimate. What kind of citizens will they grow up to be?

        • TheBigGuy

          Well, that’s because their are 6 times more whites than blacks living in the usa. Hence why Blacks are called “minorities.” Duh! So take whatever statistic you have for Blacks and times that by 6 to get the real number. Just think of the murder rate. Here in Milwaukee, while Blacks are the minority, they commit more murders than white. So, imagine taking that already high number and then times it by 6….That’s just scary thinking about it!

          • Laurence Almand

            The term “minority” is subjective. In Africa there are more than 900 million Blacks, – three times the total USA population – so they are hardly a minority.

      • patriot 86


        • Laurence Almand

          Research indicates that lazy Blacks on welfare get as much as $50,000 in total benefits, food, housing, etc. They breed children just to get more money. All paid for by taxpayers.

      • podunk1

        The black ghetto curse is self imposed lawlessness that’s continuously stirred up & ignited by progressives. Free food and shelter for votes and hard core support of corruption guarantees chaotic free will to take whatever is wanted from anyone other than the master. Total lawlessness means no businesses, jobs, productivity, wealth, security, or hope. Remove the criminals from the government and the street, and the seeds od individual freedom will bear fruit.

        • ItsJulie1964

          You can’t get more than a few negroes together at one time or you’ve got a war. The groids are tribal by nature. Therefore, Africa has tribes, and the American negroid has the hood governed by various violent and lawless negroid gangs.

          • Ted Bundy

            Attacking the hand that feeds it every chance it gets. We have a serious jew problem.

      • jeeper97

        Yep, so true

      • Jim

        Well put.

    • 49_67_71_77

      So true!

    • vkbmvoter

      Well said! And so true!!

    • shannon853

      very well said!

    • Lightning bolt

      You are 100% correct ,as Political correctness has put white people down ,that the black
      people have taken to the advantage ,that they are beyond equal and think they are god.
      and can do no wrong. I guess that is why our jails are full of them, we give them all the
      easement of letting them have there own t v shows and movies . and they should not be shot by white cops when they are in the wrong.

    • Lui

      The only white privilege I can see that actually does exist lives only in black culture. It is the privilege of being able to say “Pardon Me” instead of “Say what?” Or “I really enjoyed that” rather then saying “that was kickin”, without your “black friends” or “Homies” looking at you strangely. In the real world white privilege is a term used by black race hustlers to keep other black people on their team. What about black privilege? I don’t understand that given the premise that minorities always get the short end of the stick. Why is it that the 2nd largest majority, only second to whites can still claim discrimination. How is it that blacks involved in altercations with authority figures always claim that “you just stopping me cause I’m black”, even though the person doing the stopping is not white but, Mexican, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Indonesian or any other non-white race in this country, and that each one of those races are a far smaller minority then blacks, yet Obama, Holder, Sharpton, etc. Will whip the race card out in a blink of an eye and claim discrimination when statistically it is not possible based on census stats. And again, how is it that affirmative action only works for blacks against whites Why doesn’t it work for other minorities that number far less then blacks against blacks?.

    • podunk1

      very true & well said!

    • Apolloone

      I was born and raised in those mountains, thank you MC for speaking the truth.

    • Jim

      Nicely stated.

    • thanatos

      “And why is it that whites are also being shot by police?”

      Not just “also”. More Whites are shot by police every year than blacks.

  • wsurfs .

    The equalizer is not a black or white issue….The equalizer would be the way we actually treat each other that ultimately matters…! Black or white, we need to treat each other with respect, kindness and understanding initially…..then if we see they are not worthy of our respect, kindness or understand, we are allowed to become intolerant and we can throw respect, kindness and understanding out the window…In the end, we will be doing these people a favor by not tolerating bad behaviors that we are trying to help them change..! If we continue to tolerate bad behavior, we will have a crazy society like we do right now because we are giving too many people…white and black….too many passes…!! People who think they are above the law or decent social manners do not have get any kindness, understand or respect or privileges whether they are white or black….Act better and you will be treated better…!!

    • 83footsailor

      If you treat each other with respect – – some of these people will walk all over you – – YET – – others will take what you give them – – build upon that – making something of them selves.

      • wsurfs .

        So TRUE, 83footsailor…!

  • 83footsailor

    White privilege to me is – – being able to live in my home without the fear of some THUG – PUNK – GOON or THIEF – – breaking into my home – stealing all the possession – I have worked all my life for . ////////////////////////
    But at the same time – – people who seem to think every thing should be given to them ** FREE ** need to stop and think about the FACT that JOHN Q. PUBLIC CITIZEN – who worked their way through COLLEGE – worked their way up the ladder of SUCCESS in BUSINESS – reached a point they feel they can retire – are now being robbed of that time in their lives by these LOW LIFE’S who think they should have what JOHN Q. PUBLIC has – – but not working a minute of their lives for that ability to retire safely – – – HAVE A REAL ROOD AWAKING COMING DOWN THE LINE FOR THEM. – – – . ////////////////
    That DREADED 3RD REVOUTIONARY SKIRMISH ever held on AMERICAN soil – is now starting to rear its ugly head to the point of WAR between THE *** HAVE’S *** and THE *** HAVE NOT’S *** – – – the Have Not’s are going to loose this one big time – JOHN Q. PUBLIC will only put up with so much before all HELL BREAKS LOOSE. //////////////////////////////////

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    BS what most white people have done is bust their ass to get ahead

    • 83footsailor

      You need to obtain an EDUCATION – – be it High School – College or Trade School degree before you can get ahead. A GRADE SCHOOL EDUCATION wont cut it any more.

      • Dallas Cheked

        Darn right! “Ya ain’t gettin’ anywhere without that sheepskin!”

    • patriot 86

      Damn right they do and we get the blame for all the blacks who freeload off us and don’t do a damn thing for society.

  • Hans

    I will tell you what white privilege is and black privilege, and that is to get up every day to work and pay your bills, also to support the people on welfare, don’t get me wrong some people need a helping hand and i am all for that but it should not be a way of life !!!!

    • Silvia Gonzalez

      Hans: Yes to helping hand but No forever and for generations.

  • thunderbob

    The whole “made up” white privileged is the biggest load of garbage place on Americans to date. Anybody with a ounce of vision or situation awareness, you would know this is purely a Democrat war on “whites” especially, conservative. They don’t mention that a bigger portion of Democrats or Liberals are rich/wealthy and live a life of privileged. Example: Elizabeth Warren is a multimillionaire, live in a home with maids, chauffeur and other privileges. Yet is not immune to misled people on white priviledge. In every society there are each race has their successful, poor and in between. This is just another ploy to keep the country against each other, thus confusion right in line with Sal Alinsky!

    • vkbmvoter

      Amen to that! We know the dems who admire,and use Alinsky methods. OBAMA AND HILLIARY CLINTON……A VOTE FOR HILLIARY IS ANOTHER TERM FOR OBAMA!

      • Paul Dragotto


        • patriot 86

          Two peas in the same pod.

    • JW Walter

      You are right.. Divide and conquer. To bad but most have fallen for it.

  • karin zoanelli

    white privilege is: being raised and educated at HOME. it is getting an education, learning, experiencing what is around us. white privilege is getting a job and earning a living. white privilege is LIVING whithin YOUR MEANS, not going beyond the money you have. white privilege is NOT becoming a burden to the state – i.e. to others. white privilege is accepting responsibility for your action or inaction, not blaming whatever befalls you on others. white priviulege is taking care of your family, whether a two parent or one parent one. and lasxt but not least WHITE PRIVILEGE IS BEWING AN AMERICANM.

  • William Burke

    Let’s see. I’m white and poor. I’m what many would classify as a “libertarian” (small L), while I considered myself a constitutionalist with an anarchist background.

    I won’t dig into ancient history, but I’ve recently been accused online of being a:

    Ron Paulist

    So that’s me in 21st-century America, I guess. “White privilege”? It once existed. I’m not sure how much, if any, it still exists.

    • 10-Nov-1775


  • phxgeo

    White privilege is the state of life where you are called a racist because you pay your taxes, you obey the law, you teach your children the importance of work, you teach your children to respect authority–teachers, police, bosses, ministers, priests, etc., respect their elders, respect their parents, respect other human beings, obey the law, obey rules, pay your bills, honor your wife and children, ……… You can complete the rest.

  • The Fox

    White privilege is paying for welfare, working and paying taxes used to give cell phones to blacks and illegals.

    • James

      Actually since most folks on welfare are white according to the original article I think most of the folks you are paying your taxes to support are white. Sorry confusning you with the facts again.

      • The Fox

        Well I drive past the welfare office almost daily and the people outside are Hispanic and Blacks so think your statement is BS and not facts of any kind, most black homes don’t have fathers and the mother has many children who will never know their dead beat dads. So take your fairly tale to someone who will believe you.

        • James

          If you bothered to read the article above you would see where I got that info, it states “most welfare recipiants are white”. I assuming that Raise The Flag is not a left wing liberal rag. But as usual with folks like you why read the facts when it’s so much easier to sling insults.

          • The Fox

            So everything you read is the gospel to you? I have seen with my eyes who is getting all the hand outs and they sure aren’t white folks. What you call facts I call BS.

          • James

            So you are saying that I shouldn’t believe what I read in Raise The Flag Report. But as is typical with folks like you facts are unimportant only what you think are facts count. Here’s another one to push you over the anger management threshold, 68% of all federal benefits go to white folks. The reason you don’t see them standing in line is this thing we have in the USA called mail. No I don’t believe everything I read but since the comments are in responce to the Raise The Flag article I thought it made sense to use the information they put forth. Perhaps you should contact the folks at Raise The Flag and tell them to stop puttin BS in their articles.

          • The Fox

            So you tell me articles written by man are God inspired and everyone should believe them? LOL

          • James

            Now facts have to be God inspired? I’m just saying that if you have an issue with the info in this Raise The Flag Report item you should be taking that up with them so they can tell you where they got the information and you can tell them it’s all BS.

          • The Fox

            Take your own advice, your not my General of leader in anyway, so go play with yourself.

          • James

            I’d ratherplay with brain dead folks like you, it more fun and you probably need a little reving.

          • The Fox

            I don’t play, I tell people the truth from what God says and is a matter of eternal life or death, have fun.

      • JW Walter

        What? Blacks are only 13 or14% of the population.

        • James

          The article above only says that most welfare recipiants are white doesn’t give you percentages of recepiants by race.

  • wsurfs .

    WHITE privilege is being born WHITE….!!
    BLACK privilege is being born BLACK….!!

  • Maggietish

    White privilege in my family meant that the minute that my ancestors came to the United States, legally, they went to work. There was no guaranteed job so that had to go out daily looking for work and more often than not they found it on the waterfront. They can pick and choose what job they would do they were just grateful that they had a job. It took years for them to get a steady job but there was never a time that they did not work. My mother worked in a factory from midnight to 7 o’clock in the morning so that she could be home with us during the day which almost led her to a nervous breakdown for lack of sleep. There were no college opportunities for us we had to go to work immediately after graduating from the public school system. Most of my life I’ve held two jobs simply to survive. We never received any entitlement programs from the government, no welfare, no food stamps, no housing assistance, etc. that was just not something that we did because we were raised with the work ethic and the fact if we wanted anything we had to work for it. If that is white privilege in some peoples minds, then God bless their twisted thonking.

  • 10-Nov-1775

    White privilege = the privilege to work and better themselves; i.e. pulling one self up by your own bootstraps.
    Black privilege = the only peoples to have the laws skewed to cater to them; i.e. reverse discrimination, a.k.a. affirmative action. NO OTHER RACE IN OUR HISTORY HAS GOTTEN A SYEP UP JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE. Blacks moan and groan, get what they want, and are still not satisfied. THERE IS NO WHITE PRIViLGE.

  • JimH

    Any body I know got where they are by working for it. White, black, Hispanic or Asian. No one got it handed to them. They got what they worked for. The advantage my friends and family have is from a young age they were taught a good work ethic.
    Why do some ethnicity’s get looked at like they might steal or cause trouble? It might be the members of that race that came before you, stole and made trouble. Stereotypes didn’t pop up out of the clear blue,they are based on past experience. Whitey didn’t just make it up.

    Some believe Whitey is holding them down.News flash. We really don’t have time or the inclination to waste our time,”holding you down”.
    Whitey isn’t the one going into the housing projects and urinating in the hall and selling crack to your kids.
    The only one holding anyone down, is themselves.(attitude)
    The only thing that might be “white privilege” is we have parents that taught us a work ethic. The thing is I have and had co-workers of all ethnicity who’s parents taught them that. The fact we worked together means they got as far as I did.

    • k9

      when I was 12 years old I was working in a grocery store for 10 cents an hour

      • JimH

        At 13 I was baling hay. When ever I hear a teenager gripe about how hard something is, I want to put him on a hay rack.

        • J_R_K

          LOL… the hardest thing to teach some kids these days is that the “unalienable rights” that the constitution was written to protect are not Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Taco Bell… well, used to be… maybe today you have to explain that their unalienable rights are not X-Box, cell phone and 80 inch televisions.

        • k9

          At 13 I was working in the hay fields on a stationary baler,you talk about a dirty and hard job for a kid. I had to put the blocks in that separated the bales poked the wires and go to the end of the baler and get the blocks when they came out, they weighed about 35 or 40 pounds, an I had to raise them about 4 or 5 feet to put them in. and besides that, the running the baler was drunk most of the time, I diod this for 2 years and finally had enough of it and quit. I was paid really well for all the hard work, about 9 hours a day and I got rich at 15 cents an hour.

          • JimH

            What you really earned was a good work ethic, that served you well.
            Sometimes not all compensation for the job is monetary.

      • J_R_K

        I read something somewhere about 25 years ago that might interest you. Things may have changed, but as of the late 1980’s, over 80% of millionaires in American who made their own money in their own life times, when they were young, either had a paper route, or worked in a grocery store…. Of course, that was not a matter of privilege.. it was a matter of kids wanting to earn their own money, learning how to do it, and going on to do it extraordinarily well.

  • Jacky

    Dropped out of school at 15.
    Spent 6 years in the Marine Corps.
    Combat landing in Lebanon in 58.
    Combat landings in Libya 60.
    21 days floating off of Havana Harbor waiting to see if we were going in after Russian missiles
    22 months in Viet Nam, shrapnel in the right side.
    Got out, returned to Rockford Il, worked nights in a factory, 9:00 pm till 7:30 am, for 6 years, went to college days, no loans, paid for it.
    3 years after getting my degree in mechanicqal engineering, I mortgaged my house, car and my wife’s wedding jewelry to borrow the money to start a business.
    Worked 70 to 90 hour weeks, for 13 years, before the business took off..
    Now, I make a lot of money.
    If you think that is white privelige, or that I owe you some of what I have, you come tell me, I will punch your running lights out, then stomp your head.

    • 10-Nov-1775

      OUTSTANDING! I am a cold war era Marine who got a GED and enlisted in my USMC. I have never had a hand up, or a program specifically designed for my race. As a matter of fact, I was a VICTIM of reverse discrimination; a.k.a. affirmative action. Took police tests in two states, but even with great scores and military credit, I was too white for the job. I had also taken the post office test, with the same results, and for the same reason. Bitter? Yes, but I just dusted myself off and found my niche. THE HELL WITH THE PERPETUAL TAKERS!

      • Paul Dragotto


        • Dynamicdave

          Retired 10th SFG, HS grad, retired owner/operator of Karate For Kids. No silver spoon. I am sick to death of these whining rejects who refuse to take blame for their own failures and have to resort to pulling out “the race card” to explain their shortcomings. No initiative = no future = white mans fault. So simple to look at others to blame, rather than having to blame themself for their own lack of discipline. It’s like running against the rotation of the Earth; hoping there will somehow be a change? Well, the world is not a DeLorean and they aren’t Michael J. Fox.

          • vkbmvoter

            My goodness, you just described Obama.
            Refuses to accept blame for failures, pulls out race card for shortcomings!

    • Spiritof America

      YOU did build that !

    • patriot 86

      Wow ‘you have seen some shit friend ‘ thanks for your service and you owe no one anything .

    • William McCarthy

      Semper Fidelis Brother
      I am a non-combat Marine 1958-1964. You have my admiration for all you have done. Like you I dropped out of school at 16, went into the Corp’s at 17 and got my GED on Okinawa 1959. Following discharge completed college and always worked, raised a family and paid my dues eventually created a successful Environmental Firm that is still a family business. God Bless the USA, our Constitution, the USMC and free enterprise. Once a Marine Always a Marine!

    • Warpaint

      I would like to first and foremost wish to thank you for the services and sacrifices you have performed for US, all of you deserve the success that you created as your success was self created and not just given. You all are what the American dream was really about: Self determination, self reliance and good old fashioned hard work. Something that the younger generations just don’t quite get.

    • Hans

      Hey Jacky, My hat is off to you !!!

  • CTH

    White privilege is a damn lie invested by jerk knee New England socialist idiots for the purpose of advancing their socialist agendas abetted by black rabble rouser extortionists like Jessel Jackson, Sharpton, et al.

  • Dan Baker

    This is BS and blacks for the most part know it .White are more willing to work harder than some people and we do not have quota job preference that minorities do.There is worthless people of all races that will never amount to shit and will suck on the government free ride for ever

    • 10-Nov-1775

      Just as the muslims are stuck in the 13th. century, blacks are stuck in the 19th. century. GET OVER IT-ALL OTHER RACES DID! There is nothing unique about blacks’ story, every race either was a slave OR owned slaves at some point in history. But blacks do not want to accept that, or realize it was their own people selling conquered tribes to europeans. What about all the european explorers shipwrecked off the coast of africa who were either enslaved or EATEN? Is that not politically correct to mention? Too bad.

      • Spiritof America

        It time for WHITE history month and white voices on AOL.

        • Paul Dragotto

          “I’M WHITE AND I’M PROUD!!

  • ginger

    Being female and white, guess what, I am considered a minority. That really bugs me. I have another question, why do the black Americans consider themselves African-Americans. Hello – Am I considered a polish American or Cuban-American? German Americans? How about they call themselves Americans and get rid of the friggin race card. We are all Americans unless you are an alien.

    • 10-Nov-1775

      The hyphen is the biggest obstacle in being a cohesive Nation, rather than a mere country.

      • ginger

        How true. The only true Americans are the native Indians. All our ancestors came to this great America from another country by boat or across land. God Bless America. No matter your background we are all privileged to live in this great nation.

      • J_R_K

        The hyphen was created for the purpose demonstrating a separation. If we keep using it, we’ll eventually become just a “mere” nation. If you tether enough jackasses to the base of the Statue of Liberty and let every one of them pull in what ever direction they chose, it’s just a matter of time before Miss Liberty will tumble down. We are told to “celebrate diversity” and “diversity is our strength”…. but we all know that doesn’t work on the football team, the basketball team, the combat team or the mom and pop restaurant. Unity of purpose is the source of strength and the hyphen was added to the American psyche to nullify unity.

        • k9

          I heard about 2 years ago that oboz was going to dismantle it and send it back to France, like he did with the bust of Churchill in the White house, he sent it back .

          • J_R_K

            More than likely, he’d replace the plaque with one that reads “Come one, come all! Help us make this statue fall!”

            That way, when liberty is dead, he can blame the American people.

    • k9

      THANK YOU. I’ve been wanting to say that for ever.
      Most of these whiners, or at least 95% of them was born here in AMERICA, so whose idiotic mind was it to classify them as, Japanese- American–Chinese-American,–African -American. Its all a big bunch of hogwash and people wanting everyone to feel sorry for their lazy azzes.
      Black and Whites all have the same opportunity to make something for them selves all they have to do is set their minds to it and get off their lazy fannies and make someething of them selves

  • Elden Morris

    White privilege, huh. I was working on a farm at 10 to have enough money to buy school clothes. I continued working all through school so I could have clothes buy a junker of a car, etc. I couldn’t afford to go to college, the scholarships were mostly reserved for minorities. The only job left was to join the military to something I may have wanted to do or wait a few weeks and get drafter anyway. Even when I was in the military, money was tight. I had to work part time to make ends meet. The same continued after I got out of the army, having to work my full time and a part time job. I had great training in the military but the jobs I was qualified for in the military, I was not qualified for because I didn’t have the college diploma.

    Even in the military, we had to be force fed racial harmony classes.
    The last one I attended, the instructors were all black and for the
    first three days, all they did was put white people down for owning
    slaves. I finally had enough and informed them that my family were all
    farmers and couldn’t afford either slaves or helpers. I walked out.

    When an officer offered me an Article 15 (Non-judicial punishment) for refusing to complete the required class, I told him that I would refuse and demand a Courts Marshall. This way, the discrimination against whites in the military could be made public. They dropped it so the military would not be embarrassed by this type of trial.

    Now, because I worked my butt half to death, I am retired on disability.
    My house is paid for but I still don’t qualify for any type of
    government assistance, I make $1.25 per week too much.

    In my every day life, I treat people exactly the way I want to be treated until they show me otherwise.

  • rhb

    First things first. STOP the race baiter antagonist (everyone knows who they are ) Secondly, have the black families believe they live in the greatest country ever and start telling their children they can be or do anything with hard work. Thirdly, keep the mantra of positive thinking.

    There are going to be times in ones life that hits a low ebb. This is where strength in character is revealed.

  • 49_67_71_77

    I am white but certainly didn’t experience white privilege. My mother was widowed twice with young children; my father died when I was three years old. Mother had very little education–education was not really free when she was a child; she also had health issues. My father left a little land from which we got very little income. We grew our own food,used wild game, bought very few clothing items and accessories, had only a radio my youngest brother won until I bought a tv with my own money as a teen. There were no free breakfasts and lunches, no EBT, no low income housing, no Medicaid, ETC. If my mother couldn’t pay for whatever, we did without.

  • rhb

    It’s time to write letters to the medias when they print the Poltiical Correctness BS; quit responding to it. The medias, progressives, and the GOP Rhinos are in collusion to perpetuate the PC to achieve the hidden agenda that’s been perpetrated by them.

  • lrn2play

    White privilege is knowing you have worked hard all your life to get ahead and to live comfortably and paid all your bills. Also knowing that if I were black and wanted a raise I’d just have another kid.

  • Grandpa82

    So called white privilege died decades ago when black students were admitted to college and jobs regardless of intelligence or ability. Quotas were established and enforced which put better qualified whites out of colleges and jobs. Government programs provided low cost housing and playgrounds for black neighborhoods despite the fact that they were almost never kept up or improved. Food stamps, EBT cards and extended unemployment benefits encouraged lazy unmotivated families to remain on the dole by giving benefits for having many children especially out of wedlock. America’s work ethic was destroyed and the demands for more free stuff coupled with threats of riots, looting, arson and killing police increase daily.
    How sad that America has been degraded to please the lazy greedy thugs. Race mongers continue to encourage the destruction with the help of our Muslim raised Madman of America.
    The Black Panthers and the NAACP are permitted to foment hatred and fear.

  • J_R_K

    Here’s the truth about “white privilege”… Just like “luck” is a losers excuse for a winners success, “white privilege” is an excuse for being a failure that people use to exonerate themselves from personal responsibility. It’s a real shame that so many, instead of teaching their kids that in life, they can make excuses, or they can make money, but nobody gets to make both, they are teaching their kids excuses for failure… “white privilege” is just an attempt to solidify all the possible excuses into one heading, for the promotion of hatred, violence, griping, complaining, whining and in general passing through life blaming whitey because they never learned how to live.

    “White privilege” is an excuse to be lazy, irresponsible, even cowardly at facing life. The only people who don’t get to use it as an excuse for failure are white people. The same people who don’t get to say the “N” word.

  • DaveM

    White privilege is the ability to carry and use a weapon to defend what is yours and to stop those who think it is theirs from having it. Oops….self defense defined….no color involved…reality! Work hard…get an education…and when necessary kick as$ to keep what you have!

  • Buckindaburg

    Those people, black and white…that point to “white privilege” as something beyond the reach of anyone with color, are lacking in knowledge.
    Is there a difference in how a white guy on the street is perceived vs. a black guy? I would say yes. I would also point out that that perception is a conditioned perception. The black people in this country are only 13% of the population, yet they commit 90% of the homicides against other blacks. There is no outrage if a “brother” offs another brother…only if a white person does him.
    All too many people refuse to take into consideration that this country held slavery long before it was the United States. When the Revolutionary War was won, giving this country independence….1791 or so, it was within a couple of years that Jefferson proposed a bill outlawing slavery. It did not pass, but the effort was made. Furthermore, in less than a hundred years, upon the end of the Civil War, the black man had been emancipated.
    Now…if the black man has a legitimate gripe, it should be that in 1865, when he was actually given his freedom….he was turned out into the world with no preparation to earn a living. He dwelt in poverty almost continuously since. A lot of that is of his own making. And…if the modern day Negro…black American…or whatever he wishes to identify himself as, gets an education and can market himself as viable to perform within that degree conferred….he has absolutely no trouble getting hired, promoted and living well.
    Relative to other parts of the world, the black man in this country is far more privileged than in just about any other country in the world…especially in Africa.

    • J_R_K

      Someone has been doing some personal homework…

      “And…if the modern day Negro…black American…or whatever he wishes to identify himself as, gets an education and can market himself as viable to perform within that degree conferred….he has absolutely no trouble getting hired, promoted and living well.” I can only say, sure he will. He’l have trouble.. maybe a little more, or a little less than other people, but every one has troubles… and add that it would help if he would pull up his pants and learn to walk like he has somewhere to go.

      • k9

        P L E A S E. Don;t blame the whites for slavery.
        Go back in history to Africa. The slavery started over there. There was plenty of BLACK SLAVE OWNERS OVER THERE AND THEY SOLD

        • k9

          (continue) the slaves to the American people over here.
          So instead of blaming the whites for slavery go back to Africa and check this out

          • J_R_K

            Again, I do not blame the skin color “white” for slavery. I never did.

        • J_R_K

          Acknowledging that blacks were brought to the United States as slaves is not the same thing as blaming slavery on white people. Slavery was (in some parts of the world, still is) an institution as old as mankind. Every race and every culture, so far as I know, has slavery in their past if nor their present. I will say this: What white people here in American NEVER get credit for is ending slavery, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of white lives.

  • Ronald Hagler

    Another farse perception from the presumptuous left-winged factions in our society. It has no base, no founding and certainly no proof that it exist, yet the liberals in our society have coined this word to incorrectly rationalize the plight of those who are not white. If “White Privilege” exists, why are whites not allowed to default, without legal pursuit, on their student loans? If “White Privilege” exists, why are there so few White athletes in college sports? If “White Privilege” exists, why is there no affirmative action program to assure that whites get the jobs they apply for and admission to colleges, without regard to their qualifications? If “White Privilege” does exist, why are so many white families experiencing foreclosures on their homes? If :White Privilege” is real and not some imaginary excuse for failure, why is there no National Association For The Advancement Of White People (NAAWP)? If “White Privilege” exists, why are there so many rich “Non-White” citizens in America? If “White Privilege” exists, why are so many white people starving to death in the Appalachian Mountain Range? If “White Privilege” exists, why are white people not demonstrating and rioting and looting their towns and cities when one of their own is killed, even if that person is guilty of a crime? “White Privilege” does not exist and is simply another false excuse for “freeloaders” and “ne’er-do-wells” to blame someone else for their failures and short comings.

  • shannon853

    the term should be changed to congressional privilege! THEY are the privileged ones!

    • wsurfs .

      Yes…what about congressional privilege? That’s what I want to know..!

      • shannon853

        how about elite? understand that term? lets see for starters, one term and a life time retirement. first term and most become millionaires. and the list goes on.

        • wsurfs .

          You are right..! This is unspeakably SHAMEFUL..!

        • wsurfs .

          It’s Endless..!!!

  • William McCarthy

    I’ve been told I’m a racist and I’m not. I am a realist. I believe NYC is a melting pot and the greatest city in the world. However growing up in my teen years I and a few others were the white “cracker” in the neighborhood; the Fort Green Housing Projects. Most of my neighbors were black and the couple next door were a bi-racial black and white couple (50’s). I was spit on and ganged up on by blacks several times, my face still has a slight scar and I’m 73 now. The elevator and stairwells were dangerous as well as Fort Green Park. I liked the library. My vocational HS in Manhattan was about 90% black and Spanish with about 15 girls attending the beauticians class, the only female in the school. Apprehension was constant. I fought back occasionally but never came out the winner. I write this now because as I write there are white children living in the projects surrounded by hostility. I haven’t seen anyone showing concern for them.

  • Dynamicdave

    Total and utter crap. I worked hard for everything I got in my life and it wasn’t given to me on a “silver spoon.” I studied, I hit the books, I learn my math. I applied myself. I wasn’t lazy. I have several black friends who are successful. They, like myself, applied themselves and prospered from it. Stop blaming “whitey” for your problems. As for racial tensions being more than they were in the past? Well, the population is growing, but the media now has the Internet which allows things to be known worldwide in the blink of an eye. Oh, and morons like Sharpton don’t help matters. Time for those who aren’t succeeding to take responsibility for their own lack of success. Stop blaming “white people” for your own inabilities and failures. Learn to think outside of the box. All we have ever heard is that the United States is a giant melting pot. Yet, when a black man doesn’t succeed, suddenly everything becomes “black and white,” no longer a melting pot? You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Grow up. De oppresso liber.

    • wsurfs .

      “Stop blaming ‘whitey’ for your problems”..!!
      I love that…!!
      This should be a BREAKING NEWS HEADLINE..!!
      Thanks, Dynamicdave..!

      • Dynamicdave

        Glad I could be of service…..

        • wsurfs .


  • Roger

    White priviledge is not being called a —— by other white people, but being called white trash by a black is ok. White priviledge is what a black person gets handed to them by white people that do work and pay their taxes, so the government could hand them everything while setting on their duffs.

  • Somebody has to be white so the rest of the non whites could have a free ride.

  • Pam Bacon

    I consider myself an Independent as I vote the issue and not the party. I do tend to lean left because of several issues. While there are a few over the top and irrelevant (IMO) comments here I am definitely with you on this. My parents grew up poor. More likely to be slaves than slaveholders. They worked hard and instilled that in me. If you want something, or something extra, you work for it. Stay in school, get a job, don’t breed if you aren’t capable of supporting and parenting your children. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Everyone has the same opportunity. No one should get extra because of their race.

  • pmbalele

    The problem is that White people talk behind the scene before they advertise a position. So other people like us Blacks when we apply and get interviews we are actually wasting our time. That is what I am suing the state of Wisconsin for discrimination. But also watch our federal district judges. They have hidden conspiracy with hiring people to dismiss cases filed by Blacks. I have a situation here in Wisconsin where a judge actually dismissed the case because she could not believe that Blacks as smart as Whites.

    • Sue4477

      That judge is nuts, not to mention biased. Blacks, like whites and other people of color simply need the opportunity to grow up safely, in an educationally encouraging environment and have the opportunity to get that education or training that best suits each person’s skills and enthusiasm.

      • pmbalele

        Thanks. Please call federal district judge Barbara Crabb-Western District of Wisconsin. Crabb believe Blacks are intellectually inferior to White. I have a case against her pending in UW Judicially Committee.

        • Sue4477

          Okay, I’ll see what I can do. I doubt I will change her mind because people like her rarely do.

          • pmbalele

            You will! Please let me know what you find. She is ugly anyway.

          • Sue4477

            pmbalele, shame on you! How a person looks has nothing to do with their value as a person. It’s her actions and attitude that matter. You could be ugly for all I know and I will still support you. I think you are venting because you don’t like her actions and prejudice.

          • pmbalele

            You may be right . She is old too. She was born in 1939. I hope she retires soon. Her husband retired from UW-Madison.

          • Sue4477

            I contacted the Judge’s office. The judge wasn’t present for phone calls, nor anyone who I could trust leaving a message with. There was just a secretary who suggested I write to the judge and she gave me the specifics on the address so it goes right to the judge. Do I have time left to do this and do you want me to?
            I know you often sue for unfair hiring practices. I have to ask this in good conscience: Do you try to make your living that way? I’m not trying to insult you.

          • pmbalele

            That is a way to go. Asker her why she thinks Blacks are intellectually inferior to Whites. Also give her my name is she can remember. Just mention pmbalele. She should remember.

          • Sue4477

            Okay. You didn’t answer my question.
            I can still write the letter because I’m addressing a bias that has no place anywhere, but especially in a courtroom or a judge’s mind.

          • pmbalele

            I have also filed a displinary complaint with the Judiciary commitee. My complaint was address to The Hon. Patrick J. Leahy Chairman Committee on Judiciary United States Senate 224 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510

  • gram47

    The Watson said it all for me, word for word, thought for thought.

  • Tatianam49

    So many immigrant groups of different colors came to this country in last 60 years, including dark skin Indians, slanted Vietnamese, completely strange looking Thais. They came with no one word of English, never seen computer in their life, no driving skills, because no one in their countries had personal cars. They all went straight to work. For me, who came to America alone, with two small children and such horrible English, that I could not use the phone, all this whining about white privilege is just the way to defend laziness, sexual and financial irresponsibility, inability to follow the rules of law and pathetic attempts of illiterate stutterer to blame the rejection in radio commentator job application on his skin color, even on radio no one sees it It is called Boston Symphony syndrome. Racial extortionist Jessie Jackson attacked Boston Symphony few years ago that they do not have black people in orchestra. He did not know that Boston Symphony has blind competition. Committee, which choosing players, listens to them while they playing behind the curtain. Now he is extorting money from Google, blaming company for absence of blacks. The gangster does not know that Google does not see a candidate, until his work is chosen.Like in Boston Symphony to work in Google you need to work from childhood studying your ass off. This is white privilege. . .

  • Mys77

    White privilege? Is it a privilege to have taxes be so high to pay for programs and schools that don’t work? To have blacks degrade themselves, their communities, their families and homes and act like animals? Is it white privilege that causes blacks to hate each other, do drugs, kill each other? As I see it, whites have tolerated too much from the blacks in hopes that they would be responsible and a productive part of our society instead of a constant disappointment and drain in every part of our country they live.

  • otoman

    White privilege does exist. But such privilege is a result of the fact that in most instances, as a whole, white people react in a civilized manor during times of stress, as well as most whites chose to get an education, even if it is only a high school diploma. Blacks have not yet earned such a privilege because of their violent reaction to certain issues and their choice to have a higher drop out rate in school.

  • f8crusader

    Obomonation has put race relations back to the seventies or more.? Why? because he is a eacist as is his wife, who is worce. Eric is a deffinite racist. All they do is fuel the fire. I believieve there are more people of white than back on food stamps be cause of this regiem. It is very very sad, and i hate to see it.Detroit is a practical example of what can happen whe you have a black mayor, and more after him who stole [email protected]#$%^

  • Sue4477

    White non-privilege is: my husband working 2-3 jobs much of our 41 yr. marriage. College education (scholarship earned by good grades, a privilege requiring hard work) proving not so useful and family unfriendly after children arrived. Failure of a restaurant prior to opening due to poor partner choices. (natural consequences) Changed to a new profession that ran our debts up due to the recession of 2008. Big loss of savings put aside by doing without many things. Changing jobs again. Working his way up from a janitorial position to a much higher position as REQUIRED by the company, hired as a temp and then let go a few times before becoming a permanent employee with benefits, paying back 10’s of thousands in loans made to survive while getting to that higher paying job. Followed by working 1 job with many many hours of overtime such as 60-80 hrs. a week alternating with 50 hrs. a week. Working rotating shifts with no choice and paying the high price of lost time, sleep and health trying to change his sleep hours every week. Affirmative action letting others less qualified move up ahead of him multiple times. Barely keeping his job due to these AA advances as Company downsized. Working as much as 3 weeks with no day off. Working holidays and weekends.

    Then there’s my story, but this is long enough.

  • Phil F

    White privilage is being expected to work so so called minorties can sit on their ass all day and collect a check.

  • hadenough57

    I am white, and still waiting for my white privilege!

    Everyone in that video, is millennial, most likely educated by the US dept of propaganda, formerly known as the public education.

    Wow! Gruber’s “stupid” people really do exist, and are in that video.

  • J. Ernst

    If being PRINCIPLED in my behavior, HONEST in and with my intent, TRUE to my word, FAIR-MINDED in my actions, HELPFUL and CAREFUL in my demonstrations of purpose THEN I AM COLORLESS. I AM GREATER THAN COLOR!

    IF you consider the ACTUAL color called “white”, then you would know that it is, by the first definition in Websters as;1. HAVING the color produced by REFLECTION of ALL of the visible solar spectrum,…
    Sooo, if the “white people” are the true reflection of ALL of the visible solar spectrum, then he/she should be able to “see and understand” ALL of what is around us. Interesting…

    When you consider ALL of the U.S. History, we have been “under attack” from ALL OVER THE WORLD! AND, ESPECIALLY from within! WHO/WHAT demographics have been at our gates for MORE than 200 years?

    You can name damn near everyone and EVERY COUNTRY!

    SO WHAT!!???
    Answer: We will only rise above all of the foolish crap from around the world IF we are: 1. EDUCATED, 2. PRINCIPLED, 3. MOTIVATED by the actual text of the U.S. Constitution…NOT absorbing the dilution of the vatican, the royals, the communists, socialists, islamisists, zionists…etc…
    IT IS tough to set aside personal sense in this regard.
    Yet it is CLEAR that allowing “progressive, liberal” ideals actually do MORE to add debt to our economic outlook and literally SUPPORT stupidity and ignorance as a WAY OF LIFE!!!

    FACT; there is no PROGRESSIVE progress from ignorance. YET, Progressives have BANKED on the continuation of generations of uneducated masses.
    FACT; to allow the LIBERAL stature to endure means to ACCEPT EVERYTHING AND BELIEVE IN NOTHING!

    FACT; it COSTS MORE (3 times more) to actually BE a socialist nation.

    Let’s not let OUR COUNTRY’S children, grandchildren be stupid any more!!!

    After all…GOD created our brains to BE SUCCESSFUL.

    • hadenough57

      You are right J. However, liberals are educated by extremely liberal professors, with propaganda totally void of facts, as well as revisionist history.

      The liberal education starts in headstart/kindergarten, and culminates in college. The people in the video are examples of what propaganda has been taught to our children and grandchildren.

      Vladimir Linen said it best- Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik (communist) forever.

  • Dave

    I’m white and nothing has been handed to me. It’s just that I’m not lazy and work hard for what little I have. the rest of my income goes to lazy people who scam off subsidies, I know first hand because I’ve worked in subsidy housing and it has made me sick seeing MY hard earned money going to section 8 etc. I am a very strong believer in working for welfare. Disabled is different unless your really not bad enough to be on it or because you fat from laziness and that’s the fault of crooked doctors and lawyers. Oh ya, screw left wing extremist.

  • Elaine Gales

    What does “White Privilege mean to you? Let’s hear it from your heart,
    For me White Privilege means (not in this order).

    1. Hearing if a killing and hoping to God that the killer wasn’t Black. Why should this matter? Because most of us unknowingly or subconsciously accept the burden when a Black person commits a hideous crime. I live for the day that I don’t care what color the killer is, he/she killed.
    2. I live for the day that the right wing talks about not wanting to have food stamps, Medicaid , or social security and knowing full well that White people receive more food stamp and Medicaid, I feel that they are referring to Blacks.
    3. White Privilege means one has been treated so equal that he or she is unaware that not everyone has that equal chance even if they appear to be on ‘your level’.
    4. White Privilege means that when the level playing field is equal, if you’re Black you have a lesser chance of winning whatever it is. But worse yet is the person making the choice doesn’t even realize completely why they have made the choice they made.
    5. White Privilege means when someone screws up, say like Bill Cosby’, you don’t feel the weight of the screw up personally. Perhaps you don’t feel that weight among people of your kind, but you feel it among your White peers. That’s not our burden and we don’t have to make
    for other Blacks misbehavior but oftentimes we feel the weigh of the error unlike ne born with White Privilege.
    6. White privilege means allowing your kids to misbehave in public and think they have a right to just be a ‘kid’.
    7. White privilege means being able to graduate from college and spend the next few months ‘finding yourself’ without being considered a bum.

    I invite you to add t this list or comment respectively without worrying whether the White friends, co-workers you know will misunderstand. If you are really worry about it, any back to e personally. It’s time to have this talk. It’s like coming out the closet when you’re. If not now
    we don’t think less of you, we just know you exercise privilege that we will never be able to truly relate to. ..just as you must know that you can never know what it feels like to be Black.

  • don lavrich

    just another myth made up by the liberals and the community organizers, to make the white people feel like crap because they are white. this doesnt bother me in the least. i am white i work hard for what i have and didnt have everything handed to me. the blacks have as much of a chance to make it here as i do, so dont try making me feel guilty with this white privlege crap, because i dont.

  • USAPatriotSC

    I should do a spoof on Black and Latin Privilege. While Whitey works sometimes long hard hours Blacky and browny sit at home collecting welfare and foodstamps while pumping out the babies. Everything is handed to them because they are lazy and useless to a Civilized Society so the Democrats give them our money for their vote.
    It took me 55 years of hard work and sacrifice to get to where I am today, a life full hardships and roadblocks. White privilege is lazy useless people blaming others for their self imposed problems and poverty.

  • Tonto

    These commie pricks can talk all the crap they want about the so-called “white privilege”. It just means that they are totally ignoring all of Appilatia and millions of whites that are living below the poverty level so far that blacks bitching in the big cities are rich by comparison.

  • MegaMouseGW

    There is no such thing as “white” privilege. Now black privilege is something else. They get everything they want at the cost of other races. They rob, steal, shoot, kill without regard towards themselves or others. They constantly attack each other and others. Any black that betters him/her self is considered a traitor to all blacks. This article says that more whites are on welfare than blacks. I say BS. Go to any welfare office and see how many whites are in line. 90% of white applicants are turned away for petty reasons, while blacks are accepted without question. My parents went for aid. Both are elderly and barely make ends meet on their SSI checks. They were told flat out that they owned too much to qualify for welfare. All they own is 1 car and their home that is it. And yet in the same sentence the lady at the welfare office told my parents that if they were BLACK they would have gotten aid no problem.
    Since the CIVIL WAR the USA has attempted and FAILED to better blacks. They are given opportunities at every turn. Yet they still live like they are in the jungles. They refuse to do perfectly good jobs, because they think the jobs are below them.
    I say this: until blacks get off their high horses and start accepting the jobs that are out there then they will never be civilized enough to become welcomed in society.

  • paulrph1

    White privilege is just another form of promoting racism.

  • Dreamlovealways Weaver

    None of you answered the question only rationalized it. The things you decribed can be attributed to every hard working American citizen. White privilege is the sence of entitlement you think you have in that your rights supersede that of others and that we the people decribes only you.
    White privilege in a nutshell!


    Whites of the current generation, like those in this video fail to recognize the simple fact that prior generations suffered fot that “privelege”. So for young whites, it’s like their parents buying them a car then they crash it. They didnt work to pay for it ,so it doesnt bother them much. Spoiled and take for granted what they have, when they lose it, the tears will come. As an older white male I guess it’s my privelage to.work and pay taxes, to support section8, welfare and medicaid leeches. All the while some clown with his pants down his ass is walking around at 11am with his 40 oz in a brown bag. Yes I also appreciate that white trash that gives me this privilege also.

  • Shirley

    Lets all of us so called “White Privileged” Americans stop paying taxes and then see what happens to the ones sitting on their butts. I used to work in a neighborhood that was predominately black and every morning and evening they would be sitting on their porches relaxing and laughing at us as we trudged into work. That was years ago and have never forgotten it.

  • Burton Pauly

    White privilege is learning to work to earn filthy lucre, so that anyone can make of themselves what they wish in life, and not be dependent on outside sources for needs. An education helps, and so does including God in ones plans. Everyone has a chance to better their situation if only they strive to succeed.

  • b glad

    White privilege is something that I have never experienced in my lifetime. I’ve been working whatever job I could find since I was twelve to help my mom raise me and my two sisters. I paid for my education by working full and part time jobs. I worked 60-80 hours to raise my family and still face retirement on a shoestring budget. I have never found being white, male and twenty one to bring much privilege at all.

  • jeeper97

    White privilege is the the working class folks paying for ever increasing programs for minorities. The progressive liberal elite class care the most about minorities and they continue to berate the working class for being stingy.

  • Todd Westlund

    this is a joke most of those people I seen on there that said that there’s white privilege were probably exponentially well off to start with white people. Go to the Appalachians and places like that where is the poorest in the country and that’s white people you think they have any white privilege? and all this bull crap about oh why people get credit black people don’t blah blah blah well I’ll tell you what most of the programs are set up to keep white people down and to give colors and Hispanics a foot up in the door so I’d say there’s black privilege not white privilege. And if there is a white privilege I’ve never seen it. I get fall around stores, I get harassed by police, and I’m probably the whitest white person in America my family comes from just an all white background except for a little bit of Native American so you can take this white privilege s*** and shove it up your f****** ass you just use that as an excuse to be lazy I know plenty of black man and Hispanic man that I’ve gotten jobs and work hard and get paid the same if not more than I do. White privilege is a myth perpetrated by the biased liberal media and are communist Marxist dictator Osama in the White House. Plain and simple white privilege does not exist I won’t say it didn’t in the fifties and sixties but its far gone by now so quit bitching you stupid ass f****** people

  • henry k

    Growing up on L.I. as white kids we always thought it was cool to sit in the back of the bus. Then we told it was reserved for black folk. Now do you call that white privilege ? That was in the 1950 tees

  • oat21

    What total morons, their guilty because the color of their skin. So the libtards have convinced the liberal progressive commies that the white people have more privilege then blacks, hey folks, there’s a lot of poor white folks also, white society also struggles with making money, surviving and trying to feed their families. Blacks don’t have a patent on being poor, struggling or being looked down on. What about all the black people who are making millions and billions in America. The left wing commie progressives are out of their minds. White people suffer also…..

  • rwp24382

    The one black man that said he wanted his white privilege by getting the same opportunity to make a business really got me. A lot of blacks that live off welfare will claim they aren’t being treated fairly and want things the same as everyone else. They have no money, they don’t want to work, but want to go into business. If you don’t want to work and have no money, how do you expect to pay back your loan from a bank?

    That’s what destroyed the housing market. People that couldn’t afford the houses they bought, but liberals pushed banks to give loans to people that weren’t responsible and some had no intention of repaying their loans. That’s not called “white privilege” when people are turned down by the banks for loans. It’s called business.

  • John P

    White Priviliege:
    Not getting girlfriend pregnant in high school.
    Working to het good enough grades in high school to get into engineering school.
    Not dating much in engineering school or high school due to limited finances-and NO car!
    Getting high enough grades in engineering school to get into a graduate program where I would receive free tuition and a small stipend ($149.53/ month.)
    Finally getting a good job at $610 per month (1960), then a good used VW.
    Dating and after a few years finding a good woman to marry (not pregnant.)
    Both of working until we had paid off all debts and had $10,000 to buy and repair a two family house.We put down $7,000.)
    For 35 yearss, I was the electrican, plumber, rental specialist, and painter.
    We designed and built a vacation house in NH, so we would have a place to stay when sking and spending summer vacations and weekends.

    Need I add one more fact, NEVER being arrested for commiting a crime!!!

    Now 50 years later we have two homes, one on Cape Cod and the other in Florida and are comfortable financially. We do not drive fancy cars, just middle class sedans, paid for in cash.

    The same story can be told by many of our friends. Delayed gratification hard work, and responsible behavior pays huge dividends.
    This is not recket science! Another point, do NOT spend more than you earn. Then invest some of the difference.
    These principles work for all. Unfortunately some of members of society do not even understand these principles. Our privilege was to be taught by our parents (not by any means wealthy) these principles.

  • babsan

    White privilege is what makes money for the RACE baiters like Sharpton,Jackson and The FRAUD

  • Donna Mohler

    White privilege is something thout-up by people like Al Sharpton to make us feel guilty because of our whiteness. in fact whites are no better off than blacks! I am white,I dont live in a ghetto because I live in a small town, . I have worked all of my life,most days were 12 hours a day. Had beans for Christmas dinner more times than most. I am sick of the race card being played by blacks—– life is what one makes it!

  • jlp5871


  • nimbii

    Great lies work because there are so few great truths to nullify them.

    I have often quoted David Horowitz: “It’s never about the issue, it’s always about the revolution.”

  • Canistercook

    Guess I am one of those ‘privileged’ whites. I grew up cutting cardboard to cover the holes in the soles of my shoes, lined up at the bakery for a bag of yesterday’s bread and got to go to school from age 5 to 14. I felt I was lucky! I had shoes and stale bread. But I had a brain and two hands and I used them. From 14 on I have always been self sufficient, America is full of opportunity for honest hard working responsible people. Life IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT AND WHAT YOU CONTRIBUTE TO IT.

  • Laurence Almand

    So-called “White privilege” is nonsense! When I worked for the San Francisco Police Department incompetent Blacks were routinely promoted and favored, just because they were Black.
    As a result of Affirmative Action, hundreds of thousands of incompetent Blacks and Hispanics have been promoted and favored, and allowed to steal jobs away from competent White males.
    If you want an example of reverse racism, go on the internet and check out EOAC STUDENT GUIDE – POWER AND PRIVILEGE – a malicious, lying, hate-filled diatribe against competent White males that is being taught to our military personnel.

  • Laurence Almand

    Laurence Almand

    As a 71-year-old white male who has worked and supported himself since the age of 18, I am sick and tired of the do-gooder politicians and effete intellectuals talking about “White privilege” and “White male privilege.”

    I am a so-called “privileged” White male, a retired office manager who lives comfortably on a modest income.

    Here’s how I achieved my “privileges”:

    From 1974 to 1978 I drove a taxi in San Francisco, working 10 hours a day, often 6 days a week, living in a furnished room. During the years I was working all those hours, the do-nothing people on welfare were receiving better medical and dental benefits than I did!

    I saved my money and took a course in shorthand at Heald Business College, working on weekends, practicing and mastering this useful skill. (My teacher at Heald was a Black woman who had worked hard to achieve her position, and I respected her.)

    Living in the same apartment house was a Black woman on welfare. When I mentioned to her that the cab company was now hiring women, and she might be able to get a job with them, she replied “Why should I work when I can get de same money doin’ nothin’?”

    After mastering the shorthand skill, in 1978 I applied for and got a job with the City and County of San Francisco as a clerk-stenographer.
    Over the years I maintained my skills, gained additional experience, and
    worked my way up to the position of office manager. I took early retirement at age 56 after becoming tired of the frustrating, inefficient bureaucracy.

    I have never had a government grant, or a personal loan of any kind.
    My position and income were achieved by my own honest efforts, not by
    any “power” or “privilege.”

    If the so-called “disadvantaged” and “underprivileged” people want to achieve my alleged privileges, they can do the same thing I did.

  • Petertimber

    White privilege started with Family, Hard Work, Lawful behavior, Basic Honesty, Religion and Charity. White privilege lived with the adage Buy it New-Use It Out, Make it Do, Do Without. Children were raised with obedience, two parents, school attendance, homework, scholarships and church teaching. These values made AMERICA based upon European Culture which emphasized these values, civilization, science & Art which the abject poor used as a guide to achieve and evolved socially into a closer way of life of their societal betters…. Only God is perfect!!

  • Dallas Cheked

    Being white certainly did not garner me any special privilege. I had to work my bloody ass off for every little thing I’ve got!

  • Keven

    Per capita there are more blacks incarcerated than blacks,and my observation is that it is a self infliction epidemic.

  • Keven

    Per capita there are more blacks incarcerated than other races.It appears to be a self inflicted epidemic. Is this a privilege?Somehow the financial needs for this must be met.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Communist Propaganda in the form of DISINFORMATION is White Privilege!

  • Louise Goins

    I believe that the media is REALLY pushing for racial problems…..I have NEVER received “white privilege”, although I did apply for food stamps, shortly after my husband was killed, for me and my three children and was told:” your white and you speak English. You don’t need help”…. is that the privilege you are referring to-where I pay in to all these entitlement/welfare/Medicaid/rent subsidy…etc programs but I can’t receive help when I need it?

    • Ted Bundy

      You can thank Shylock for that.

  • ItsJulie1964

    Somebody should ask the anti-white White woman at the beginning when she has ever been disrespectful to a non white.

    My grandmother walked the woods looking for turnips and wild blackberries in the Depression. Is that White Privilege? I don’t see any niggers walking to woods for blackberries or turnips. I’ve hunted the woods for blackberries myself. Cheaper and people will buy them. All I see niggers do is preparing to riot if their EBT card paid for by White people doesn’t work.

    Not running as great a risk of getting shot by the police is a simple consequence of the FACT that white crime is a rarity, and negroid crime, particularly VIOLENT negroid crime, is rampant. The negro problem is not something that arises from non-existent “oppression” of the negro, or the FACT that in America the”evil white slaveholder” is an historical fiction, and the slave owners were in fact jews (70%) and free negroes. No, the negro problem arises from the physical presence of the negro, and all efforts are concentrated on blaming the innocent whites for the worthlessness of the negroid simian beasts.

    • Ted Bundy

      Thanks again to the future lampshades.

  • Defiance

    I am proud of being a white man of celtic/norse descent. I have no white guilt and I teach my children white pride and racial loyalty. There is no longer any such thing as white privilege and anyone who believes there is is obviously an ignorant and blind sack of crap devoid of all intelligence. It is time we start marching on these streets! We should march every time any white is killed or raped or molested by these subhuman afro/latino/arab monkeys. I am proud that my people have conquered this world, could you imagine what it would be like had the “white” race not been the strongest, most powerful, and most intelligent group the world has ever seen? We would be wearing grass skirts throwing crap at each other.

  • pete0097

    As a white person, I would like some of that “white privelige” the next time I need a job. I get my jobs the old fashioned way I am qualified for it. I have LOST getting a job because of my middle name (Christian) For some reason, they wouldn’t accept me to work in the UAE.

  • H2Oman#3

    If white privilege exists, why is it NOT possible to form “The N.A.A.W.P.? Seems long over due.

  • Frankfurt School idiocy. When I am asked to check my “white privilege” I respond by telling them to check their Cultural Marxism first.

  • Barry Nicholson

    One fact everyone forgot….Only whites can be racists….Its in our DNA and no one can remove it.
    I do not want a cure as it continues to allow me to verify why the Blacks are hated world wide, first by their own race…. and NEVER in history have accomplished anything of human value to the masses.

  • robocop33

    White Privilege huh? I know for a fact that if I had been any race other than Caucasian I and my family would be better off than we are right now. Had I been a Black person I know for a fact that my family and I would be tens of thousands of dollars better off each year than we currently are. We would also be homeowners instead of renters paying almost double what a homeowner pays and not being able to deduct any of the interest. That alone would be putting another $10,000 in my pocket each year. Then you have the insurance my family would receive for free whose requirements start with being a Black. Since I first became totally disabled I have had to prove it every two years for the first ten years and then every 5 years after that. They have left me alone for the last 7 years but I am 65 now so eligible to retire anyway. While waiting in line to apply for my first disability I met a young Black girl who was probably 17 yrs old and she told me that she could show me how to receive almost 4 times as much as I was applying for. She was already collecting much more than I expected because she had back and nerve problems. Trust me, I would have loved to be as healthy as she was. I saw her may 12 years later while at the grocery store and she said she had gotten even more perks and she had yet to be called in and have her disability questioned. (she was still quite healthy!) Now tell me how fair this so called white privilege!

  • TG80905

    White privilege is the tool academicians use justify reverse discrimination. Because white people did things hundreds of years ago we need to do our rotation at the back of the bus. It’s only fair

    For the last 30 plus years this crap has been pumped into the minds of college students through the mandatory humanities courses. It’s how brainwash the next generation and rot a society from within. It’s ignoring the fact that police shoot 20 times more white people every year. It’s how you perpetuate the perception of inequity that requires affirmative action.

    It’s how you can ignore the fact that the largest slave owner in United States history was black. Or that African blacks participated in the slave trade and that slavery still exists in Africa and the Middle East. It’s how you legitimize prison populations should reflect demographics not house criminals.

    It’s a lie told in the memory of Goebels

  • John D. Fiat

    White Privilege is merely a vehicle created by Marxists to explain way white achievement (which far exceeds that of any other race). Who invented practically everything as far the most important products in this world. Hint: It’s not Negroes, it’s not Aztecs, it’s not even Asians.

    • Ted Bundy

      And definitely not kikes.


    If your Jack Ass died, do like moses or an other would do; is to walk to work!

  • samnigromd

    RACISM TODAY—White Privilege (hard work & good family life) and BlackLivesMatter (the BBB, today’s KKK, use “black” like old time slavers used “white”–actually: “BLACK TRASH” would be a more accurate name. THEY CREATE HATE, and are is not helpful for anyone.)
    BY Samuel A. Nigro, MD, copyright c 2016
    Blacks have completely forgotten that American Whites freed all Blacks from slavery–All freedoms are due to Whites. Nate Turner and other Blacks failed. Whites freed all from slavery–and Blacks do not give a damn. Blacks actually revel in slavery to excuse their failures and extort reparations. Those of any color, who did not take advantage of self-development opportunities, cannot blame others–not when most are successful. Victimhood is simple excuse-making for failure to develop oneself, guilt-creating to manipulate whites, and hate-creating of intimidating and threatening blacks. Rep. Louis Stokes would say at every speech, that he had been in every other country long enough to know that being in America was to win the lottery. Keith Richburg, a black reporter for the Washington Post after living three years in Africa wrote a book called Out of America, A Black Man Confronts Africa (1997), “Thank God my ancestor got out because, now, I am not one of them. In short, thank God that I am an American.” Indeed, slavery was the luckiest thing that ever happened for Negro Americans with slave ancestry–otherwise they would be dead or destitute in Africa or on the immigrant to the US waiting list. Failing to succeed today cannot be attributed to anything but poor family life, poor mothering, poor fathering, poor education, poor self-development most of the time. All should be encouraging all to have virtue, get educated, and get ahead like most do unless they get paralyzed by pouting poor-me self-created victimism. Four million slaves were freed by a million and a half whites who died winning the Civil War and 20 million Northern whites supporting them. Of 35 million Negro descendants of the 4 million freed slaves in America, 30 million are success stories never possible anywhere else. The five million blacks (and twice more of other races) have been paralyzed by victimhood and need kicks in the butt rather than handouts or riotous exploitation by the racist BlackLivesMatter and others who believe in color, which has never worked for all and never will.
    (Sidebar: The failure to confront prominent Muslims with African ancestry is totally discrediting of victimists and educators. There are no “African” descendant groups in the Islamic Middle East where more slaves were imported for more years than in the Americas where there are over 35 million African descendants of slaves in the U.S. alone and many millions more in the rest of the Americas. The 450,000 Africans brought to the Americas have descendants. In contrast, Islam worked all their fourteen million slaves to death and prevented reproduction, and still does slavery sub rosa–and there is no protest. Black Lives Matter is a fraud; it creates hate; it is blind to whites freeing their ancestors preferring to remember only the wrongs. Where are the 35 million + African descendants of over 14 million slaves taken to the Islamic Middle East over 12 centuries? Islam did not allow slaves to have children; castrated many; and killed all 14 million slaves imported over 12 centuries. There are no Negro descendants groups in Islam Middle East as in the Americas. There was no civil war over slavery in Islamic countries or anywhere else. In the American Civil War, over 620,000 whites died in combat and over 475,000 whites died of wounds, and at least 300,000 white soldiers died of diseases–over 1.5 million whites, overwhelmingly Christians, served to bring world slavery to an end, numbers far exceeding the numbers of the original slaves brought here. For every African slave brought to the Americas, more than three (3) whites of the North were killed, wounded or died supporting the war, to end slavery by the Civil War. The South had almost as many whites dead and wounded and their entire social structure, plantation economy, and cities were destroyed–quite a payback, and nothing comparable ever occurred in the worse enslaving Islamic Middle East. Regardless, any group not protesting Islam’s murderous slavery, which still goes on sub rosa, more than Western slavery is a fraud. Any African descendant joining Islam is a traitor to humanity and their race, and to the millions of aborted would-be descendants deprived of life by Islam. )
    “Instead of calling Caucasians “privileged whites” (like whites did not have to work hard and struggle too as if life was always easy), more friends will be made by thanking Caucasians for their past help, their successes and successful ancestors–beginning with the one and a half million North Caucasians who died in combat or in military related deaths and their twenty million Caucasian supporters of the North, all of whom defeated the slavers of the South in the Civil War–maybe their families should get the “reparations.” Freedom was not free. Also, instead of parading BLACKLIVESFAILURES, more friends will be made by remembering the thirty million Negroes today who ARE successes having descended from the four million slaves freed by the Caucasians of North America! Maybe more people will want to help positive fully human Negroes or African-Americans than angry, intimidating, exploiting, victimhood cry-baby pigment/melanin obsessed blacks.”

    (Rap Music please)
    WHITE PRIVILEGE (white self-affirmative action) AND BLACKLIVESMATTER (black supremacy–which IS wanting to do with “black” what white slavers did with “white”)–

    ABUSING OTHERS TO PROTEST ABUSE–not only stupid, but
    entitling the police to do the same…
    COLOR POWER-MAD IDIOTS, just like slavers of old
    proving the law and all in it are jokes when anarchy reigns
    WHITE “PRIVILEGE” IS MOSTLY “HARD WORK” uncomprehensible
    to those in subcultures paralyzed by self-enslaving victimhood.

    Most African Americans (depersonalized as “Blacks”) know they are better off in the United States, if they LIVE America’s Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness by education, family integrity and self development. Millions of successful virtue-filled African Americans did not play the poor-me, victimhood, runaway angry slave crybaby hoax routine because it is just self-paralysis, self-patronizing, self-stagnation into virtueless classless loud noise automatically identifiable as willful ignorance and inferiority, insulting to their slave ancestors. As US Representative Louis Stokes would repeatedly say: I have been and lived everywhere else long enough to know there is no place better to be than in the United States–Stop whining. Stop blaming others. Stop blaming slavery which, thank God, got us here. Make the most of it! Get an education. Build your family. Work works! Build yourself and your family! Go to school and learn something. You cannot stand tall without hard work for your family. Millions have done so. Bring honor and thanks to your ancestors by virtue instead of begging. And, without Loving Truth, nothing works well for long. Acting out your perceived abuse as if entitled will not work and is deservedly self-destructive. Adoring melanin is stupid ineffective manipulating idolatry. Go for VIRTUE! Be better than they are; not “the same or worse.”
    VIRTUE MATTERS….color is what white slavers used…
    PERPETRATORS WOULD HAVE GOT–that should be the law.
    Samuel A. Nigro, MD copyright c 2016
    The results are protests and riots from BlackLivesMatter to Berkeley–ALL raging rioting protestors NEED Octavio Paz’ “San Ildefonso nocturne”:
    Good, we wanted good:
    to set the world right.
    We didn’t lack integrity:
    we lacked humility.
    What we wanted was not
    innocently wanted.
    Precepts and concepts,
    the arrogance of theologians,
    to beat with a cross,
    to institute with blood….
    became secretaries to the
    to the General Secretary of the
    became philosophy,
    its drivel has covered the

  • Laurence Almand

    So-called “White Privilege” is just an excuse made by lazy, incompetent people to justify their own lack of enterprise and self-reliance. In view of all the millions of incompetent Blacks and females who have been hired and promoted because of their color only, they do not have the right to complain.
    If a stupid Black is promoted because of his color, is that Black Privilege?