With Just 1 Word, Republicans Have Twisted Hillary’s Slogan into a Battle Cry

Hillary Clinton’s supporters have been saying for two years they are “Ready for Hillary.” Now that Clinton has announced and the campaign is finally getting underway, the Republican candidates are ready as well. In fact, all the major GOP contenders have made it clear they are locked, loaded, and taking aim at her record of failed policies and ethical violations.

Ted Cruz recorded this video, entitled “We’re Ready for Hillary,” in which he describes life under a Hillary presidency:

Obamacare, amnesty, and the ongoing assault on our constitutional rights would continue. Our rights to religious liberty, to free speech, and to keep and bear arms would continue to be threatened by the federal government. There would be more scandals, more corruption, more lawlessness, and more abuse of power.

The American people have had enough. I believe now, more than ever, is a time for truth.

IJReview reports:

Rand Paul, who announced his bid last week, already had an ad produced that targeted Hillary directly. It paints Clinton’s vision for America as the “worst of the Washington machine…”

Meanwhile, not-yet-announced candidate Rick Santorum released a video via his political action committee that focused on cyber defense and described Hillary as “Not ready to lead.”

Jeb Bush tagged Hillary with President Obama’s foreign policy failures by calling them “Obama/Clinton” ideas:


Carly Fiorina, who has expressed an interest in being America’s first woman president, issued a video of her own, attacking Clinton’s track record.

It remains to be seen whether other Democratic candidates will emerge, or – as now appears likely – Clinton will be the 2016 standard bearer. If she is, the Republicans are ready.

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