Republicans Snag Another Senate Seat in Louisiana Run-Off Poll

Bill CassidyBoo-hoo, Obama’s Democrats have lost another seat in the Senate.

As of December 7th, it was announced that Republican Bill Cassidy had defeated Democrat Mary Landrieu in a runoff poll in Louisiana a full month after the midterm elections.

Cassidy’s win on Saturday handed the Republicans their 54th seat in the 100-member Senate, nine more than before the November 9 poll.

That enabled the conservatives to reclaim Congress’ upper chamber and left President Obama facing Republican majorities in both the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Cassidy, a medical doctor, took about 56 percent of Saturday’s ballot, about 13 percent ahead of Landrieu, according to tallies. Analysts pointed to a stronger turnout by “whiter, older” voters in Louisiana.

Landrieu’s loss leaves Obama’s Democrats without a single Senate seat in America’s Southern states. The three-term incumbent, who chaired the Senate’s Energy Committee, had lobbied for the long-delayed and controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which Obama opposed.

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