Right Before Election Day, this Mailman Dumped Hundreds of Republican Postcards in the Trash


Just a few days before election day, a Wisconsin mailman dumped 879 political mailers in the trash. All of them appeared to support Republican candidates.

A Wisconsin mailman is under investigation for dumping hundreds of letters supporting Republican candidates in the trash, according to the Wisconsin Reporter.

According to the news outlet, 879 pieces of “political mail” were discarded, none of which appeared to be supporting Democratic candidates.

Mike Rorhkaste, a GOP candidate for Wisconsin’s 55th assembly district, said he was alerted by a Neenah, Wisconsin, resident who said they witnessed a mail carrier dumping letters into a recycling bin. The resident checked the bin after the carrier left and found hundreds of mailers supporting Republican candidates, including Rorhkaste.

After an investigation, Robert Rukes, a special agent with the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General, said the mailman was not politically motivated, but was just “lazy.” Dumping the mailers was easier than delivering them.

What do you think? Do you believe the mailman was just “lazy” — or do you believe he is, perhaps, a Democrat? Leave a comment below.

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  • Chasalz

    Just a lazy postal worker? Gimme a break! If you think any Democ-rat will be indicted for any crimes while the emperor is in office, I can sell you a nice bridge in Brooklyn. All Republican ads and not one Democ-rat one ad in the pile. Hmmmmmm!

    • William

      And I have a 10-acre lot on the Moon that I am willing to sell, as well.

      • mustangsallyann

        Is it made of green cheese??? I just might be interested!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!!

    • lrn2play

      you can’t sell the bridge, I already sold it to some democrats

    • MK MKM

      Chasalz I and others agree, only the Republicans ads and no Democrats that is interesting

      • Wingedgodd3ss

        Totally. If it was a mix I would completely agree that the guy was lazy. All one party? Politically motivated. Either way he should be relieved of his position.

    • Silver

      Sort of like there’s no such thing as voter fraud…..when the machines they found converting the Republican votes to the Dems…..it was just the machine calibration was off!!!! Yeah right!!!!! And I look just like Sophia Loren!!! ;-))

      • flybaby

        I heard about this too and I’m sincerely wondering why it never made headlines. How in the hell did that get buried?

        • mustangsallyann

          The media no longer has integrity.

    • Betty G. Withers

      No doubt that was a Republican who was too lazy to do his work. You know how you’all are.

      • Chasalz

        Betty, You must be on Jonestown KoolAid. I think if you were honest with yourself (something Democ-rats can’t handle) you wouldn’t make such a stupid statement. In spite of the increase dent, the emperor’s edicts have been repudiated by the voters.

      • Wingedgodd3ss

        Yep-those sorry republicans are too damn busy working two jobs, saving up for fun techy smart phones on their own getting buried in debt to pay for their kids college while paying for lazy fat welfare recipients to be paying attention to malicious lazy union worker nut jobs too busy drop kicking and smashing packages and tossing conservative mailers.

    • Betty G. Withers

      How old are you little boy?. Your language is so childish.

  • practicedcynic

    No matter the reason FIRE the CLOWN!

    • sweetsuzee

      Fire him ? Criminally prosecute the little turd !!

      • IamBetter ThanYou

        criminally prosecute?
        and what crime was committed?
        you’re one dumb fucking cunt

        • Wingedgodd3ss

          You use disgusting language-it is a felony to interfere with mail. Who is stupid?

          • IamBetter ThanYou

            NO… its called freedom you piece of shit coward…
            AND YOU ARE STUPID, THAT’S ALREADY BEEN ESTABLISHED you low IQ, low income, trailer trash cunt

        • Mister Right

          Classy, typical libtard you are.

        • Mister Right

          Everyone flag this troll!

    • mustangsallyann

      No kidding. Mail tampering is a federal crime no matter what the reason. No matter how they want to spin it, if he isn’t prosecuted, someone else also needs to be prosecuted as well. Just another IRS type crime. Good golly, it will be so nice to say bye bye to some of these idjiots. Will it never end???

      • Karen Lee King

        Not until that person taking up space in the White House is gone. Then maybe it will end.

        • William Wiles

          Don’t hold YOUR BREATH ! That kind of CORRUPTION is RAMPANT in Government & in Business !

          • Karen Lee King

            I can dream can’t I? I know, wishful thinking. :/

        • IamBetter ThanYou

          you’re one stupid, uncultured, freedom hating, anti American cowardly cunt.

          • Karen Lee King

            You know, you shouldn’t talk about yourself that way.

          • IamBetter ThanYou

            shut the fuck up cunt before I slap the living shit out of you within an inch of your life.

          • Karen Lee King

            Bring it on Jack!! I am close to Lakeside Kroger in Salem Virginia!! You don’t scare me one iota!!!

          • IamBetter ThanYou

            should have known you’re some low income hick in some poverty ridden area….

          • Karen Lee King

            No, I am rich beyond means. I have a mansion waiting for me to move into and just as soon as Jesus returns I’ll be able to. Besides, where I live at right now isn’t poverty ridden. You need to educate your self before you start downing others. I guarantee you aren’t any better off than any other person on this site. You can talk about my just as much as you please, I’ll talk about you down on my knees. Be careful you say because God says to touch not his anointed and that’s what I am. I’m one of His children.

          • YouPoorVictim

            ” Be careful you say because God”

            Is that a threat? What kind of god do you worship? Oh, that’s right–the one that wants to kill all the nonbelievers/infidels and torture them for eternity.

          • Karen Lee King

            No that is not a threat. My God is a loving God that loves everybody. The only thing he doesn’t love is their sins. He wants us to turn to him for Salvation. You need to study the Holy Bible to learn more about our Heavenly Father. You might worship the kind of god that you’ve described but I don’t. My God waits to be invited into people’s hearts and to save them from their sins. When you go to the tomb that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was buried in you will find no bones because HE HAS RISEN! HALLELUJAH!! When he left the tomb, he left the grave clothes behind and the napkin that was placed over his face folded and placed away from the grave clothes. That was to show his work is not through and he’s coming back again to gather God’s children home. Don’t you want to go there? It is going to be a wonderful time being able to see the all the ones who have gone on before and know that we’ll be in a place where we won’t have any more pain, or sickness, or growing old. That is the kind of God I serve. Do you know my Jesus? Would you like to know how to get saved? God gives us the freedom of choice. It is that we can serve him and spend an eternity in heaven, or turn our backs on him and spend eternity in hell where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and the worm dieth not. It has been left up to us to choose. Which way do you choose? Remember the decision is yours. All I can do is tell you about it.

          • Karen Lee King

            That, that you called a threat isn’t a threat it’s a promise. Get out your Bible and turn to 1 Chronicles 16:22 and read that. And to show you that God takes care of his own, read Romans 12:19-21.

          • Mister Right

            You are thinking of islam, religion of peace, kill everyone who doesn’t convert. 0Barry’s false religion, your false prophet and worst president ever.

          • Karen Lee King

            ooooh! I’m sooooo scared; NOT!! You make me laugh. lol Thousands of comedians out here starving to death and you’re trying to be one. Poor baby!!!

          • Mister Right

            Lol, you are a loooooooooozerrrrrr!

          • Savetheanimals

            Ignore him Karen he’s probably a Liberal and doesn’t like you talking about his illegal bro in the WH. His language tells you what kind of person he is and how he was raised. I can’t wait for that pos to get out of the WH so glad I can say I never voted for his half breed butt.

          • Karen Lee King

            Right on! I voted for the Mormon; Not the Moron. lol This time around I believe that I will vote for Trump instead of Hitlary! lol

          • IamBetter ThanYou

            Im not talking about myself… I said “you”… are you confused by the English language?
            Get an education dipshit.

          • Mister Right

            Is your country Iran?

      • IamBetter ThanYou

        mail tampering?
        do you know what REAL crimes are?
        Legislation obstruction.
        refusal to fulfill the duties of office
        contacting foreign diplomatic officials without executive branch approval (which is treason)
        pull your head out of your ass you weak, low income, trailer trash conservatives and get your fucking priorities straight

    • NJPI

      The only way a Postal Employee can be fired is for – – Never mind. Postal Employees cannot be fired. Virtual Impossibility.

      • mustangsallyann

        And they still lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • sandyinindy


      • Town Crier


        • Dianna

          Put him in an orange jumpsuit before he is awarded with a broom.

        • IamBetter ThanYou

          why are conservatives so whiny and wimpy?
          no wonder you cunts get your pussy asses handed to you so often…
          step in my way, it will cost you and your family your lives

      • douber1


        • douber1


          • mustangsallyann

            Okay, I’m confused. You don’t like Obama yet you don’t agree with him being held responsible for his crime? I must be missing something here.

          • Leo Sebastian

            Yea , you are missing something there . Remember ‘ punish our enemies ? ” Saul Alinsky text book ? This post office moron did follow instructions from obamas .

          • Betty G. Withers

            Are you really that big a fool or just that big a liar? What a stupid comment! I think you should be investigated.

          • Chasalz

            Betty, since you are so oblivious to reality, why don’t you stop posting garbage?

          • mustangsallyann

            Yeh and I just realized I missed something else. Your second post was also addressed to you so was an addition to the first. That’s what threw me, I thought the 2nd was for NJPI. Hey, I’m a blond so you’ve got to expect a flub from time to time, I’m allowed. LOL But I don’t agree it was ordered by Obama. He’s working to hard trying to kill us with much larger motives. He doesn’t have time for this small stuff, the mailman was just a self made putz. Maybe hoping for a reality show or some other idiotic reward.

          • Betty G. Withers

            Leo had the stupidest comment I have read all and there are a lot of stupid comments.

          • Betty G. Withers

            Well dummy, the President has committed no crime. What is your problem. Low IQ?

          • chilitom

            He has announced he is going to proceed with some bogus executive order circumventing the law. Right on CBS this morning. If you don’t inform yourself about current affairs, prepare to be ridiculed when you talk nonsense.

          • Chasalz

            Betty, I guess you live on delusion. The “emperor” is a crime! He, holder, Pelosi and Reid all belong behind bars for the damage they have inflicted on our nation.

          • mustangsallyann

            I believe it’s you with the low IQ. Look above a couple posts. I said I didn’t agree that he’d committed any crime pertaining to this, I said the mailman was a self made putz. Is your first language duhduhduh???

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            If treason is not a crime to you.

          • Betty G. Withers

            No need for your unpatriotic BS. People who childishly misspell have to have low, low IQ’s . Not something an adult with a working brain would ever do. Too childish.

          • chilitom

            People miss-type and some people don’t know or can’t manage the spelling tool supplied here. Also some keyboards are old and difficult. And others just type as fast as they can to supposedly beat others to the punch on these silly forums.

          • Patriot954
          • Chasalz

            Behold Mr and Mr Obama. Why aren’t the Birth Certificates for the emperor’s kids available? Also his and “hers” are concealed.

        • Betty G. Withers

          That is a possibility too.

      • Chief47

        As stated above, I retired from the USPS and personally watched several employees over the years be walked out of a postal facility by postal inspectors (some in handcuffs). And yes, they were fired.

        • theronald

          I am curious about what percentage of those accused that actually get fired.

          • Ken Praeger

            I was Union President in a office for 24 years and everyone of the carriers that got caught throwing away mail were fired. There is no excuse for throwing away the very mail that people send that pays your salary. Very stupid of this carrier and he will never again have a job at the Post Office or any other government job.

          • Betty G. Withers

            You I believe really know what you are talking about. First comment I have read that got it right. I take it back. I just read Chief’s.

          • Chief47

            Not sure of the percentage, but whether or not they actually get fired depends upon what they did. If it has anything to do with stealing, interfering with delivery of the mail, or physical violence, they usually get fired.

        • Have you not heard, he may be from Kenya too.

      • Buckindaburg

        You are correct. The USPS is now controlled by a union…as are most government workers. As if government work was not slow and shoddy prior to organizing, now the workers need not hide when they goof off.
        So…considering that the unions tend to support the Democrat candidate for ANY office…this makes sense to the mind of that postal worker.
        That does not mean that every union employee votes Democrat…but it is a fact that the union officers advice the rank and file to support whomever the Democrat candidate is…no matter how that candidate feels about immigration, the EPA, the Right to Life, etc. The unions are interested in collecting dues…the workers are interested in having job security.
        There are some very good people in the post office. They don’t really need a union to protect them…but in order to protect the slugs…who by the way, earn the same amount of pay…they find it’s easier to pay the dues and keep quiet, than to resist.

        • Huffer

          I was union but NEVER once voted for the unions choice! Vote the moral high road for the stability of our Republic, never for personal gain!

          Liberal’s always pander to the individual’s personal lusts and cravings, this is why they always fail in good leadership and everything they touch fails. Just check out every program they run and every city they control.
          They never live up to their promises because they have too many, so they overlap each other and no one gains but the politicians and union leaders!

          • Tn DogHerder

            A tip of my dog herding hat to you, sir, for having the moral responsibility to do the right thing. I really wish there were more union people with your principles.

          • Betty G. Withers

            You worked for the government and you worked for a government union which is covered by different law. You are such a liar. Obviously, you either lie like a dog or you are so ignorant. Which is it? You gave the best laugh I had today because your comment is so goofy.

          • chilitom

            Some people claim they buy into the philosophies seen here for this or that reason, but the real reason is the thought of money they think should come to them being used by someone else makes them insane.

          • Huffer

            Betty, your information is faulty and you speak in supposition on the subject!

          • Chasalz

            Betty rants like a babbling brook. Incoherent drivel!

          • chilitom

            My dad was non-union, had no benefits and had to work split-shifts 12 hours/day 6 days/week. Unions came in. When he retired, it was 40 hours/week, if the split was over 2 hours they had to pay him, reasonable pension (he contributed much to) and meds. He ended up with sufficient means to live out what was left to him decently.

          • Huffer

            My dad did the same thing as yours did, no union, worked hard and honestly. He worked a union job the last 28 years he worked. I did the same but worked in a union my last 30 years.
            I’m not condemning unions for how they improved the conditions for millions, but I do condemn the power bosses that built themselves little kingdoms of wealth and luxury while at the same time overstepping the original intentions they sold themselves on.

            I believe in a fair day’s wages for a fair day of work. Unions became inconsistent in living up to their promises, just like most people do who get too much power over others, without moral restraints.

            Any good idea can be ruined by persons who change horses in midstream. when they see the plan working well, they slowly begin milking it for personal gain, just like every politician! If they try to deal honestly on their job, they get ridiculed for not trying to take more for themselves.

            Every crook wants a partner for support, the unions, big business and the government seem to be doing a real bangup busness in that department!

          • Hikerdudette

            An capitalists aren’t for personal gain?

          • IamBetter ThanYou

            try to invest time into proper diet and fitness you lazy, weak, fat, bloated cunt.

        • Ddenney1

          One of the reason I hated my union even though I was a job steward to protect my people ALL dues went to Demon Rats!! I was always in trouble with them for supporting Republicans then the company and union turned on me!!

          • Americanwithattitude

            I know the feeling. I was blackmailed from my union for not conforming. I don’t get my pension but I’m true to myself. Screw the unions

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            I worked for a company that had a warehouse and an IT dept. I worked in IT which was not Union but the warehouse was. These people did little physical work, were uneducated and took more breaks than anything I knew to be reasonable in my depr. These people made $35 an hour 15 years ago and went on strike because their idiot union bosses kept pushing for more $$ less work. Company outsmarted them of course-opened a second warehouse in Mexico and the next time the uneducated morons went on strike they simply closed up shop-800 idiots out of work or destined to work in fast food for minimum wage. You just cannot fix stupid.

          • martymarsh

            You can’t have integrity and voice your opinion in a union job, I was not only harassed out, but the harassment has went on for 10 years by the most corrupt union in the country, that would be the TEAMSTERS.

        • Tn DogHerder

          Well put, Buckindaburg. Every Postal Union member does not vote Democrat every time, but I’ll bet that 80% of them vote the union ticket 80% of the time. I dealt with union people for over 40 years and I can assure you that it’s in their DNA.

        • Ken Praeger

          I was a Union President at the Post Office for 24 years and there is plenty of innocent people being charged by management for things they did not do . There is also lazy slugs that get backing also , but the Union has saved many a carrier career for accused wrong doing they didn’t do.

          • Buckindaburg

            Ken, I am sure what you say is true. I would not argue your point. My argument is that unions are in fact, a manner of communism in that they aim at equal outcome. While you say there were good people and bad people, no one was given anything extra for being good, and no one was penalized for being bad.
            Unions have no place in government work places.

        • Betty G. Withers

          There are a lot of lies and misinformation in this comment. Government unions are very different from private sector unions. For one thing they can’t support candidates. It can get you fired. Government workers have considerable security without unions. I would ignore the above post. He obviously thinks he knows it all but he knows non-federal unions and they are quite different.

          • Patriot954

            The mind reader Betty has analyzed several several peoples comments and concluded they have low IQ’s or that they are lying. Your pernicious nonsense should be ignored by everyone.

          • Chasalz

            Government unions are probably the very worst. Since candidates (mostly democ-rats) support union causes, they are backed by the union to further achieve the freebies. It is the worst form of corruption. i.e.: Vote for me and I will take care of you.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            Exactly!!! Hard for normal honest candidates to run against a perceived Santa Claus…..

          • Buckindaburg

            Betty, it’s not even about supporting or not supporting a candidate. The reason that unions have no place in government is that a union by virtue of being organized, will negotiate contract. Unlike the private sector, a government entity is not required to maintain a profitable return on money spent in order to stay in business. With a government entity, raises in wages or benefits can only be covered by obtaining more money from the source, which is the tax payers. While it is true that those wage earners pay tax also, it is a number of diminishing return.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            Yes a total conflict of interest. I believe recipients of welfare should lose the vote. Why should they continue to be able to vote to steal from people who are working??? Conflict of interest.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            If gov jobs were secure without unions they wouldn’t have them. Most gov emp are ignorant and cannot survive in the private sector b/c they are uneducated or have poor work ethic. They need unions to stay employed.

      • Ddenney1

        I said the same thing but the others are right they can be prosecuted for felony mail fraud!!!

      • Tn DogHerder

        Thanks to their (socialist) left wing Postal Workers Union.

        • Betty G. Withers

          That is totally nutty comment. I pity you and your ignorance.

          • Chasalz

            Betty, Why the hell don’t you stop your ignorant crap! You are so ill-informed as to be nauseating!

      • Betty G. Withers

        Postal employees can be fired for cause. If they can establish which employee did they can definitely fire him or her. Wonder if it was necessarily a carrier or someone working at the postal office or distribution center? Could have been either.

      • Allen Burt

        He can be fired if he is convicted of a felony. A fact-Jack!
        Dropping those mailers was a federal crime, whether he felt lazy or if he was doing it for political reasons.
        No postal inspector should dismiss the crime so quickly. it doesn’t matter WHY he committed the felony. I know this.

        • Allen Burt

          Actually he can even be fired if indicted, again, I know this.
          Where did you hear a postal worker can’t be fired?

    • douber1


      • IamBetter ThanYou

        shut the fuck up you piece of shit coward.

    • Sam W

      Prosecute; that MUST be a Federal offense! Some serious JAIL time is in order.

  • Marine68

    Its a Crime!!!!!!!

    • momsense1

      You’re correct–just like all those tax returns found in the ceiling at the IRS one time a few years ago. I guess they were too busy stopping freedom of speech for anyone not a Democrat.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Lock the SOB up.

    • patriot 86

      Deport the worthless piece of shit.

  • brucejc04

    The problem with many Democrats is that they believe the ends justifies the means, This is immoral and very wrong! If you know any Democrats that hold this belief it is important to point out their moral error and ask them to rethink the issue!

    • Neal Avery

      Sweet idea, but don’t hold your breath, Bruce!

    • mustangsallyann

      A win without dignity is never a win, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

  • Susan Misa

    As far as I know this is a crime and this worker should be arrested and have a very heavy fine.

    • Neal Avery

      How about some hard time with Big Bubba and his friends?

      • hangman

        As an Obama-ite, he would enjoy “Bubba”.

      • patriot 86

        Yup put him in with the queer crowd .He will do HARD TIME .hahahaha

        • mustangsallyann

          BAD, BAD, BAD, Pat!!!!

          • MK MKM

            mustangsallyann, nice to know someone else said it for a change

          • mustangsallyann

            Yes, but please understand. Pat knows I love him dearly. I understand how there are times you’ve just got to laugh, the frustration of it all becomes a bit overwhelming. But I’ve a great deal of respect for Pat, he’s got a great heart.

        • mustangsallyann

          Okay Pat, I’m blond and just got your ‘HARD’ time reference. Now I really can’t stop laughing and it’s all your fault. BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD!!!!!

          • patriot 86

            Glad I could make you laugh ‘laughter after all is the best medicine and ive been laughing a lot at the libs expense lately.

        • Mo

          He should learn the meaning of the term, “Buns up a kneeling, surrender to the feelin'”!!!

          • mustangsallyann


        • Simon says.

          Hard time. Your favourite.

          • patriot 86

            Wow your wit is legendary ‘ too bad your brain is DOA.

  • Nut Cracker

    It doesn’t matter if he was being lazy or not. It’s a crime and he should be punished for it.

    • Jeanne Stotler

      Back in 1989 we had a mailman that just dumped mail when he got tired, he was fired, I found mail for next block in my shrubbery ‘tand other did as well, found out he was from Viet Nam and couldn’t read English so if sorter mixed the streets he couldn’t figure it out, makes you wonder how he got the job in the first place.

      • Town Crier

        If he was from ‘Nam that’s one thing, but don’t they have to be able to READ ENGLISH??? OTOH, the kids that are getting out of high school now can NOT read handwriting… it’s no longer taught!
        Just another example of the morons that get through Common(unist) Core.

      • mustangsallyann

        That is actually really sad……

      • mryan1956

        He sounds like a qualified democrat voter.

        • MK MKM

          mryan1956, now now now, but it was funny

        • 10-Nov-1775

          affirmative action {reverse discrimination} worker, like obama.

        • Wingedgodd3ss

          And probably illegal

      • Carol

        You have to take a test to see if you qualify to be a Postal Worker. He had to have been able to read English. He had to read addresses on his delivery, too.

        • Jeanne Stotler

          Back then, notice date, the Gov’t. was giving jobs to a lot of “refugees” and I can tell you during the late 70’s and into ’80’s many Nurses aides were illiterate, they took applications home, and someone else filled them out, and they could go weeks before someone found out, I found a couple because they didn’t turn in there assignment sheet and when I asked for it, there were no vitals or times on it, they couldn’t write them out and all their previous sheets were done by another NA who fudged them.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            It happens in every field I suspect. In IT we had a flood of Indians who would phone interview and then come to work. Took a good bit to figure out most of these yahoos were only qualified to run convenience stores. They would get someone else to phone interview for them and then once working they would pretend they had too much trouble with English and had to go back to their cube to instant message someone to get the answer and then send an email anytime someone asked them a question. Finally IT recruiting companies stopped allowing Indians to phone interview. That was great because then actual citizens could have an opportunity to interview and get a job.

        • Jeanne Stotler

          You don’t understand, it’s called affirmative action, and foreign born take preference over us, just look around stores etc. and see how many can barely speak English but DO NOT UNDERSTAND it.

      • MK MKM

        Jeanne Stotler, I couldn’t drive a cab if I didn’t know the street names, much more delivering the U.S. mail

        • Jeanne Stotler

          I don’t know how this guy got the job, but we were finding letters and bills for a block or two away, and it happened several times before they found out, Many of those from Nam and Korea, were given jobs just because they were “refugees” I lived in DC suburbs most of my life and I could tell you a lot of stories of what really goes on in this area, it’s been the saying around here, “it’s not who you are it’s who you know’

      • mustangsallyann

        Several years ago I went to get our mail, it was a community box and when I got to it, it was wide open, no mailman to be found. It was during Christmas holidays so all I could think was, was he hurt, was he accosted and every other bad thing that happens during that time of year. So I go driving through all our neighborhoods to see if he was hurt somewhere as it was cold and snowing but still found nothing. I closed the boxes as best as I could without the keys and drove home to call the post office. They sent someone out to shut it asap to deter any theft and then fired him. Turned out it had happened multiple times throughout his route. He was in a hurry to get to his girlfriend and would drive off, boxes wide open without a care. Remember the days when postal worker’s were proud to do their jobs, the right way.

        • Jeanne Stotler

          When we lived in Miami and had similar boxes, we found a lot of Mail in a dumpster, we called PD and had them gather it up, they in turn filed a report and took the mail to PO, Miami was a place I loved, but not anymore.

      • martymarsh

        My mail person was born here but she can’t read English either. By the way if you are missing any mail, I probably have it.

        • mustangsallyann

          How the hay does someone born here never learn English? Did her parent’s lock her in the basement throughout her childhood, no schooling or oral communication with anyone? There’s a thinker.

          • martymarsh

            That is all I can assume because I get everyone else’s mail, any other ideas?

          • mustangsallyann

            Yes, I’ve had the same thing happen and just had a chat with my own postman recently. It’s normally when it’s the off day guy is delivering although you’re reg can do the same and they just don’t pay good attention. He even dropped med’s to a neighbor as they also got them in the mail, so he just assumed they were for the neighbor without looking at all. Luckily our neighbor is honest so brought them right over but it did require a “little” discussion and hasn’t happened since. You might want to have a word with your mail guy or you can even call your local postmaster. I’ve always had great success if dealing with them due to any problem, so that just might work for you also. You skeered me a sec. I was thinking of a Stephen King movie or something. LOL

          • martymarsh

            LMAO, I actually know why this happens, but you wouldn’t believe that either, so I guess I will just keep being sarcastic. But I would like to ask you, why do I have to talk to them about doing their job right, none of these people are new at it. No one ever had any complaints about me doing my job, now why do you suppose that is?

          • mustangsallyann

            Well, in a perfect world you shouldn’t have to chat with them but we don’t live in a perfect world. But you don’t have to talk with them, that would be up to you and how much you want it to stop. Now if you think there’s something vindictive causing it, I’d certainly call the postmaster general and it usually only takes one call to get results, in my experience anyway. I agree, they should do what they’re paid to do without needing additional training from those on his route but sometimes you just don’t have a choice.

      • flybaby

        I had my brother-in-law paged at the Portland, Or. airport one day for something important (he forgot his cell phone). He never heard it because the “pager person” was a Chinese lady that barely spoke English. How’s that for brain-dead Operations at an international airport? (In America) His last name is “Wilson”.

    • MK MKM

      Nut Cracker, agree. Anybody else would be punished

  • WiSe GuY

    He was taking orders from 0bama.

    • DDofAL



      • WiSe GuY

        It’s called either a Communion, or an assumption. In an assumption the body is found. In a Communion the body can’t be found. Sound familiar?

        • DDofAL


          Subject: Re: New comment posted on Right Before Election Day, this Mailman Dumped Hundreds of Republican Postcards in the Trash


        The IRS tax people got Al Capone and they can get anybody they want or are directed to get by Obama and Holder. It should have been a wake-up call that Al wasn’t prosecuted for his violent crimes but was hit for “Incom tax evasion” That is a sick commentary on our society.

        • DDofAL

          Subject: Re: New comment posted on Right Before Election Day, this Mailman Dumped Hundreds of Republican Postcards in the Trash

        • mustangsallyann

          It was because they couldn’t ever get enough evidence to prosecute the violent crimes so they got him on what they could. Someone that dangerous is better off the streets than on, so you go for anything you can to accomplish it, and people were too terrified to give up evidence to the authorities. End result, the IRS at least got him off the streets so mission accomplished.

  • Johannes Perlmuther

    This postal worker should be immediately fired from his job. It is a crime to do this. If he expects any promotions, forget it. If he cannot be termined because of some union, then he should be downsized out of his job. Probably a Democrat who supported Barack Obama.

    • skipsart

      It’s called “Tampering with the U.S. mail” and is a crime.

      • MK MKM

        skipsart, we agree, but he will probably just get a slap on the wrist

        • old_salty_dawg99

          Sadly he won’t even get that slap since he is Union and they OWN the Democrats and have for many years.

    • Town Crier

      Agreed. If he can’t be fired, re-assign him to sweeping the parking lots, and maybe filling the trucks with gas, changing tires, replacing burned out lights…… ANYWHERE but handling mail!

      • theronald

        They should make him the PLO = Permanent Latrine Orderly.

    • MK MKM

      Johannes Perlmuther, maybe an Obama supporter throwing out the Republicans mail, though he could be an independent

  • vladilyich

    The predominantly Republican material was most likely because this was a Republican district. It’s not unusual for 3rd and 4th class mail (“junk mail”) to end up in a bin.

    • DDofAL


    • Ted Garrison

      Viadilyich – you might be right, but that is a reason to fire a bunch of people. They are paid to deliver the mail – deliver it. They don’t have the authority or the right to selective decide what gets delivered. Ten to one they delivered all the democratic flyers.

  • Neal Avery

    Yes, I think he was a lazy D-Bagger, government employee, White People hater. But all of that is redundant.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Lazy or in spite, this mail carrier should be punished and the Postmaster should be fired for condoning such action and not acting upon it……..

  • Janet Julien

    I thought that tampering with the mail and/or its delivery was a felony offense

  • DDofAL



    Many of them are lazy, but most of them are hard working. This person was just stupid.

    • Ted Garrison

      your forgot corrupt. He had to work hard to remove each post card from the mail for each house. That’s not stupid – that’s planned with an agenda. 1000 to 1 odds he wasn’t in favor of Walker being re-elected.

  • skipsart

    Just imagine the stink that would be raised if it were Democratic political mail.

    • patriot 86

      They would still be crying.

      • skipsart

        And then some.LOL !!!

    • Ted Garrison

      It would be branded a right wing conspiracy! 🙂

      • Carol

        This may be a left wing conspiracy.

    • mustangsallyann

      No kidding. They’d try to burn us all at the stake. Salem witch trial’s begin…NOW!!!

  • Thomas

    Mail tampering is a Federal crime and maybe if he goes to jail the rest will realize both sides are entitled to their opinion without being discriminated against. Obama and Holder started this crap and Boehner lets them get away with it. He needs to go too.

  • John F Burns


    • Ted Garrison

      Yes – the local postmaster should get fired along with the postman who toss the mail. If it was private business government would want the leader’s head! So why not the other way around? The problem is too many federal works don’t understand they work for the public – they think they work for themselves.

  • hangman

    Ist, Was the mailman black? If yes, there is no doubt he is lazy, but then he would most likely be a Democrat, A.K.A. criminals, and what he did is a crim9nal act.
    Send him to jail as a deterrent to other ‘lazy’ carriers.

    • rosieb47

      We lived in an apaerment in LA once for a few months. The mailman there coujld not read English and could barely speak it. He would wait around until some tenant walked by and he’d say he’d just come in from the sun and it was too dark in the hallway to read the envelope. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get fired. Even the Post Office wouldn’t put up with someone delivering mail who can’t read English.

      • hangman

        L.A is in Mexifornia, where 90% of the residents will say, ‘No Sabe’.

        • flybaby

          Unless the return address is the “County of Health and Human Services”…..

  • Traditional Logic

    Doesn’t matter the reason. Reason enough to fire him. ( I believe he was biased )

  • Robert Pekarik

    He’ll receive a week off on Administrative leave, with pay, and when he returns will be promoted to a supervisor position.

  • irabelon

    This is a serious offense. Prosecute that Bustard.

  • elkhunt

    that’s mail theft..federal offense and minimum 60 years in prison

    • flybaby

      I wonder where he dumped the previous ads for Republican candidates. I doubt if this was the only batch.

  • DAY8293A

    That is all BS about being lazy! They get that stack of mailers addressed to the homes, and they are presorted by the new electronic bar coding machines, and are already in the stack for each house! I worked at the post office,, he was not lazy, as it took extra time to remove the mailers from the stack for each address he was delivering to!! That baxtard needs to be fired on the spot! I hope the folks that saw him keep pushing the issue! What he did was deliberate and took extra effort to remove them from each stack of addressed mail!! LAZY MY AZZ!! CRIMINAL !!

    • Ted Garrison

      good point

    • Candice Hiler

      I don’t know how this post office receives it’s mail, but I do know that we have a local post office where the mail does not arrive presorted. Every single piece must be sorted to either a route in the office or to the box section. If the mail is not sorted by the machine to each address, the cards would have come in one stack and would have to be sorted to each route. The other option is that the mail may be sorted to the route, but not in order of delivery to each house, in which event, the cards would probably be in one stack, not intermingled with other mail. I have several friends who work there. In either case, NO carrier should ever throw any mail away, as a sender has paid for it to be delivered and tampering with the mail is a federal offense. I trust my carrier, but I don’t trust people I don’t know, Carriers learn a LOT about their customers…if you vote early by mail, how do you know that your carrier isn’t tossing your ballot? ANY carrier who does not take his job seriously and work to do it properly should be terminated. There are always people who will do it correctly (and that is not to say that they won’t make a mistake now and then, but at least will not be involved in this kind of garbage!)

      • DAY8293A

        Having worked at the post office, I can tell you it is next to impossible to get rid of any minority, especially a black, from the post office. They place most post offices as close to the most highly black populated areas, so affirmative action can guarantee the highest number of blacks, based on the ”local” population! Hence, they wind up getting into the highest ranking positions in the post office, and running things. I have even seen them sleeping at the ”old” LSM machines, just hitting the reject key, and nothing was done the the black beeeach ! I don’t trust any postal employee, unless I know them personally. Because of this, I don’t mail a single item in my mail box. I use the multiple collection box across the street at some town houses to mail any bills I may have to send. I also have a security camera looking at my mail box. Almost all black postal employees are liberal democrap supporters and hate white people with a passion. I know, I worked with them. Don’t use your home mail box to mail anything. Use a public drop box or send it at your local post office where it goes into a big locked mail bin. Fortunately they don’t have the time to sit and look through all that pile of mail to pick out yours, so it is safe. It all goes to a giant electro/mechanical sorter that reads the address you print on it, and then sprays a bar code that then is used by BCS machines to sort the mail automatically. Most local post offices have them at the local branches now, that sort the mail for each route and individual, so you must have a very small post office not to have a BCS machine. This democrat postal employee should be fired immediately!!

  • Sheena1a

    If he tampered with US mail, prosecute him, lazy my arsh, he broke the law…..Period

  • DAY8293A

    My friend still works at the post office in Jacksonville Fla, and they are very jumpy about making sure all those mailers are delivered, as there is a lawsuit going on about something very similar to this… a candidate’s mailers did not go out on time, and this is just as bad!! Republican party should sue!!

    • photoguy1951

      He was a Dummycrap. He “did his job.” Exactly what he was told to do by the union bosses.

  • Mys77

    Lazy or not, he didn’t do his job..fire him. And, just for verification, I bet he was a demoncrat and he probably did vote! How low will demoncrats go?

  • donjusko

    Put the information on his job report and make him pay the cost of printing and mailing to the manufacture printers and distributors.

  • Clara Elton Sharp

    HAHAHA!!! Good for him!!!

    • Frank Welch


      • WhiteFalcon

        Because she is a commieonazi and is to stupid to understand that he violated a lot of people’s Constitutional rights. I hope he is FRIED.

      • mustangsallyann

        It’s easy, she’s glad to see another Dem who won’t be able to vote in the future. GOOD JOB!!

    • mustangsallyann

      What’s so good about it. Your fellow Dem didn’t stop the voter’s from ousting the fellow Dem’s, and he’s now facing federal charges. Now I get it. You’re really a Republican and this will get rid of one more non critical thinking Dem, so you’re right. GOOD FOR HIM!!

  • WhiteFalcon

    I expect he will be fired or at least repremanded. I hope he will be fired. That would be good enough for him.

  • MKFlyboy

    There must be something in the water there in Wisconsin…look at the hell they put Walker through while he proceeded to keep all of his promises and turned that state around financially. Oh well…it’s what liberals do. If they can’t play dirty, they don’t want to play at all.

  • Carolkitfox

    Fire and charge him for tampering with mail, and I will bet he is a Demorat=Idiot..

  • robert wertman

    we all know this clown is a dem

  • dprato

    Doesn’t matter if he were lazy or not its against the law to tamper in any way with the US mail. He should be brought up on criminal charges and enough with the BS excuses. Between this type of thing and touch screen voting machines that added Republican votes to Democratic candidates, its all symptomatic of the corruption of the current Administration and the people connected with it.
    Its a national disgrace to have Obama as the President of this Country.

  • Art Hock

    He was a Dumocrap. He should be going to prison.

  • Socialism Has Failed

    Tampering with the mail (a Federal crime) and dereliction of duties. If this a-hole isn’t fired immediately, then something is seriously wrong with the system and changes must be made.

  • Ted Garrison

    A lying democrat! He is only lazy delivering Republican mailings – now that is a good one. He’s a government worker – what do you think he is. He belongs to the union that will not give up Saturday mail delivery, when most people think it is a good idea. And like practice said – if he’s just lazy he should get fired. We pay him to deliver the mail, so deliver it.

  • burnt press

    Is the mailman looking for a new job??

  • William

    Did the mailman vote? and for whom?

  • chali1092

    matters not if he is dem or rep, it is a federal offense to mishandle mail even if he is a postman


    Fire him, prosecute him and jail him NOW!!

  • kinsk kinsk

    I am sure and with out a doubt this for sure a case of politics pure and simple. carried mail for about five years and just on4e piece of mail was enough to be charged with destroying U S mail

  • robert

    special agent rukes we demand he be fired and take all the postcards and deliver them to were they were suppose to be going.can you read his mind.of wheather it was being lazy or politically motivated.either way isn,t messing with the mail a federal crime.then do you job agent rukes

  • Tammy Dorsey Berthaut

    Either way he should be FIRED! And charged!

  • J_R_K

    “What do you think? Do you believe the mailman was just “lazy” — or do you believe he is, perhaps, a Democrat?”

    There’s a difference?

    Yeah, I know, not everyone who votes for Democrats is lazy… but the Democrats are the party of “Ask what we can take from someone else and give to you”. … so, yeah.. the Democrat party is the party of laziness.

  • consRidyits

    LOL, sounds like poetic justice to me . . . right Daryll Issa?

  • Canistercook

    Well I got 4 Republican brochures the day after the election. Just wonder when they were mailed!

  • Sacred Cow

    Where’s the picture of the MAILMAN??

  • Carol

    Destroying the publics mail of any kind is a Federal Offense, or it used to be.

  • johnathon1234

    I strongly believe that the Mailman was DEMOCRAT — Noting more — He was not lazy – He was against anything Republican.

  • cjjf

    either way it’s a federal crime to interfere with the delivery of US mail!

  • Joe704

    With politics, I never believe in coincidence – this was a deliberate act, worthy of jail time. Not all a new thing, however. Just before the 1964 election, some 1500-odd copies of “A Texan Looks at Lyndon” were mailed from the main Post Office in Houston, then mysteriously “vanished”. No investigation ensued.

  • Kim Kimmel

    There are no more Democrats only progressive liberals!! Besides I doubt there are many conservative federal workers out there anyways especially in the post office. I am sure there is a record of how many liberal flyers he delivered that day.

  • Dick Anderson

    If you or I did this we would be facing Federal Charges. I see no reason why he should be able to avoid this, particularly as he was in a position of trust by us, the citizens of the USA, AND being paid $$ to do his job.

  • Tom Dorman

    i dont care what the reason he throw out FEDERAL MAIL AND THAT SHOULD COST HIM HIS PLUSH OVER PAID JOB

  • Malcolm Tanneryte

    To answer the question at the end of the article, well… aren’t they one in the same? Lazy=Democrat?

  • libsbite

    A good beating or fired! His choice!

  • ExLush

    Lazy? Politically motivated? Either way, it’s a Federal Job, and we know who’s in power right now! They’ll give him a raise and take him for a drink, and a couple of pats on the back later, it will all be swept under the rug.

  • lrn2play

    walks like a duck quacks like a duck its a duck

  • ganderdavis

    Isn’t this a wonderful country we live,where else can you find things like the postal service investigating the postal service and the IRS investigates the IRS and the Justice Dept investigates the Justice Dept and the President is investigated by ??? Oh yes he investigates himself.

    • mustangsallyann


  • ganderdavis

    Oh and lets not forget the VA or Hillary Clinton.Yes those democrats really know how to investigate their own.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ No story here folks just move along besides what difference does it make ?????

  • Dianna

    Refund the price of the postage for every piece of that mail. The postal worker broke the law, whether politically motivated or lazy – it doesn’t matter. What would happen to me if I disposed of other people’s mail. Case closed.

  • Gomer Wumphf

    He should be tried for treason. After all what could possibly be more treasonous than subverting the voting process in a Democracy!

  • MK MKM

    If anybody else tampered with the voting process, they would be facing charges. It is illegal to tamper with votes

  • SiRobertson

    Was he a black turd? I’d bet on it.

  • SpartanA2

    Crazy liberal cheat! Its a felony. See18 U.S. Code § 1708 – Theft or receipt of stolen mail matter generally

  • Snaps

    Just lazy? This is standard Democrat criminal activity, he probably received instructions to do it from the local party leaders. After all, Democrats have been caught instructing people how vote in two different states, they’ve been voting the graveyards for decades, in 2012 there was a district that voted 107% of the registered voters, all for Obama. The whole DNC ought to be charged under RICO as an organized crime syndicate.

    • mustangsallyann

      One can only pray for that justice.

  • ralph

    Either way he should be fired and his pension taken for if he was lazy or tired then he has been doing that to mail for ever and we don’t know how much important mail he has trashed and if he is a democrat he would do the same thing for any reason that he diemed fit

    • sandyinindy

      Their Unions (Fed & State) should be abolished, too.

      • ralph

        That’s an awesome response thank you have an awesome Thanksgiven

  • cherieloren

    Of course he was a democrat, it’s a no brainer, as is he. There wasn’t any other pieces of mail in his dumping so it doesn’t take an Einstein to see his political motive. He should be fired immediately and there should be charges brought against him for tampering with the US Mail, it is a federal offense. If they don’t prosecute him, who ever is over him should be prosecuted too.

  • Brad Bryant

    More Democrat’s fraud!

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Heh! Ironically enough, I confirmed my voter registration through the Democrat Party mechanisms, because I’m already aware of how they operate…But I’m registered as an Independent & there was not even a single Democrat that I actually voted for. The irony is that I *USED* them in order to vote *against* them.

  • sandyinindy

    There are a LOT of our tax-paid servants that should be fired and prosecuted after ovomit leaves offices so that nobody gets “pardoned” by that butt-wipe! Starting w/Holder, Lerner, Selebus (whatever)…many. This bipartisan behavior will only grow, get worse if we do nothing. I’m tired of paying for these criminals!

  • old_salty_dawg99

    I think it was done deliberately but nothing will be done to the man since he is Union and Democrats are in the Pocket of Unions. Had the mailers been for a Democratic candidate there would be no end to the SCREAMING and yelling to hang the man who did it. I hope they will stand up to the man and his Union and FIRE him as well as banning him from any work with Mail ever again.

  • Frank

    The RAT needs to be tried in court jailed, fined (if possible) and fired.

  • TexasTeddy

    Yes, DEFINITELY was a Democrat. Yes, he should be fired immediately. No matter the excuse (and “laziness” might be the worst), it’s illegal to tamper with the mail.


    This has been done before an a woman who did it was fired an an lost everything including her pension.

  • Charlesandlauna Larson

    It’s a federal offense to tamper with mail. It doesn’t matter what his motivation was. He should be fired and prosecuted!

  • James Maxwell

    Regardless of who this individual supported or his political leanings, his dereliction of duty call for his period not excuse is
    acceptable. We depend upon his integrity to do the job he is paid to do. If he dumped because he was lazy or because
    he was trying to support the other candidate there is not excuse. His job is forfeit along with any benefits he may have

  • smithleeroy21

    The mailman should be fired. The inspector Robert Rukes should be fired and have his pension taken. That will get some of the federal idiots attention. Do your damn job or loose it and the pension.

  • Call your district’s Postmaser General’s Office……..report to them, and they will get on it right away…….happened to me personally……I called that office right away. And they were on it immediately. Mareman


    Makes no matter his motivation, the PUBLIC TRUST was violated amongst other regulations. Prosecute and 2 free years on the chain gang.

  • Syd Hatfield

    Pay someone to break some bones.

  • runnindeer

    I believe he needs to be fired. No excuses, he discarded mail that was paid for by the Republican candidate and the cash that went for those post cards came from Republican supporters. The United States Post Office has a responsibility to the public to deliver the mail and that is all of the mail regardless of the person who delivers it following a political party or their being a sorry, lazy person. This is on the Post office. Fire that carrier!

  • Lawrence Young

    Someone purchased a service from the USPS, paid for it and didn’t receive it. If the carrier isn’t prosecuted, just what is wrong with this picture?

  • E.L Gloyna

    If he is lazy,fire him. If he is a registered Democrat, he should be prosecuted, fined then fired.

  • brian James

    I agree with “Practicedcynic” if this would of been some Democrat flyers all hell would be raised this jerk I would bet he knew what he was doing and got caught , firer the douche bag no matter how much time he has in. I think this is a Federal crime if I am not mistaken. show him no mercy. he knew what he was doing and got caught, now he is whining and afraid of losing his federal job. this to me is what the liberals would go nuts over but if it is about the Republicans candidate ha its no big deal. this is a federal crime and should be treated like one. if the shoe was on the other foot what do you think the democrat’s would be doing. calling for his head on a plate. how would the spin be if the Democrat’s on the other end.

  • J. Harp

    Fire the son-of-a-bitch postman!

  • Mo

    A DemoCRAP, pure and simple!

  • Ellen

    Probably both. He is lazy and a Democrat. No matter though, the Republicans are now the majority in the Senate. As for the mailman? I think he should be thrown in the garbage bin or deported with Obama’s illegals.

  • Lummi

    I’d be curious to know if he sorted out all the GOP mailers, but actually delivered those of the Democrats. In my area, we get mailers from both parties, although I immediately dump them myself. However, I have found that those printed on card stock make handy shims in the shop, and target backers at the range. It seems hard to believe that anyone but the most gullible and naive would be influenced by that crap anyway, any more than the thousands of campaign signs that sully the landscape. Which begs the question of why in my state can you be given a very costly ticket for littering if you toss a gun wrapper on he street, but political candidates can put thousand of signs on he street with impunity. Some are still up weeks and months after the election.

  • Teddy

    I thought tampering mail was a federal offense so prosecute the jack ass.

  • LC

    Mail tampering – he should be prosecuted. (I think it was political as the pieces favored one party.)

  • 10-Nov-1775

    If it were the other way around, would he have been lazy or RACIST?

  • James in Texas

    Lazy, Stupid or Political, what he did was a Federal crime and he needs to be arrested, tried, sentenced and jailed if found guilty. But, it will not happen, the Employees Union and the Obama DOJ will not allow it, Period!

  • Diane Moudy

    He should lose his job, benefits and pension and it wouldn’t matter if the party was reversed the end should be the same. The boss who lied for him should go too.

  • Chief47

    I retired from the U. S. Postal Service. This postal employee should be immediately fired, regardless of his motivation. We were taught in the postal service that it was our duty to ensure that each and every piece of mail reached it’s ultimate destination in the fastest manner possible. Whether he was just being lazy or dumped the post cards in the trash as a vendetta against Republican candidates is irrelevant. He didn’t perform the duties that he was entrusted with and was being paid for. He is not worthy of being called a postal service employee. But you can bet one thing for sure. the union will go to any lengths possible to protect him. Unfortunately, that is what the postal employee unions generally do: ignore the employees who work hard and do their jobs while they go to extraordinary lengths to protect those who are lazy, won’t do their jobs properly, or cause problems in the workplace.

  • Suzanne Bell

    He has to deliver other mail to those addresses so i call him a LIAR

  • donnieboy1

    WOW!!! Another liberal coinsidence. LOL

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    He went non postal?

  • Buckindaburg

    Worked as a postal clerk in the military. It isn’t hard work. In the military, the work was spiced with collateral duties, so it was not as redundant as simply delivering mail or selling stamps.
    As in any other part of life, the other people working in the postal service was made up of good and bad.

    Too bad that the union steward defending this guy’s actions believes that he is doing the right thing in defending a slug. Workers such as this one, lowers the bar for what is acceptable in the way of service.

  • Buckindaburg

    While this has nothing to do with the article…I wish that people would stop referring to this country as a Democracy…mainly Democrats that want to avoid correctly referring to it as a Republic, since that sounds like they’re indorsing the other party.
    Also…the two parties should be referred to as Democrats…not Democratic…and Republicans.

  • Ken Barber

    Someone paid money to have them delivered. Postman should lose his job.

  • francesca9

    either way i believe he should be relieved of duty!

  • JJM123

    Lazy? Not if people on his route receive mail of some sort EVERY day like I do.

  • captainmvh

    Lazy enough to sort only republican mailers? Fire both the mailman and the inspector for dereliction of duty. Dirty politics in action and support after the fact? This would appear to be theft of federal mail – so prosecute.

  • bub

    Effectively a Government-sponsored employee … dependent on the work of others. Sounds like a likely Dem to me. I’d bet a year’s-worth of stamps on it.

  • Walt

    Even if he isn’t a Democratic hack, he tampered with federal mail and should b fired forthwith. If he’s just a lazy slob, he should still be fired for not doing his job. There are lots of people out of work that CAN do the job and would be happy to be working…

  • Ddenney1

    It does not matter if he is lazy or Demon Rat he probably has done this or other things just as bad FIRING him might not be easy with a government job and union!! One more reason for citizens oversight panel just for things like this!!!!

  • dane

    Do you think a Republican Postman would dump these!

  • scubamass

    No I don’t believe it , the liberal machine brainwashes these workers for the fed and the state that if a R is elected layoffs and other be bidets will be lost , these guys then use their jobs to squash the R from being elected ! Fire him and strip his bennys

  • Eric Belko

    He was a lazy Democrat.

  • rightsmite

    He was politically motivated. Look at who postal workers are 1. Minorities. 2. Government workers. 3. union! 4. All of the aforementioned fit the profile of a Democrat!

  • Dannie Poe

    If we can not trust that mail is delivered then we can not trust our bills are paid. No excuse. Fire postal carriers who do not do their job. Someone paid for these mailings. There are many people who would like this carrier’s job. Probalby do a better job as well.

  • Disgust

    Too bad we are not in the 19th century West, then he would never do that again.

  • milmac

    The mailman is both a democrat and lazy, or just a lazy democrat. The postal service should fire him. He should not be able to collect unemployment compensation if fired.

  • vettevet

    Call the D.A.!

  • This “LIBTARD PUPPET” needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!!! This is a prime example of the “DOUBLE STANDARDS” our GREAT COUNTRY is being subjected too!!!! If these would have been democratic flyers it would have been all over the “LAME-STREAM” media and there would have been calls to lynch the idiot!!!! When are the “FREEDOM LOVING” patriots of this country going to wake up and put an end to this crap????

  • ernaldin

    Fire and charge the pig. This is getting old, fast.

  • ernaldin

    Laziness is okay with special agent Rukes? Abolish the entire USPS, they’re all of the same mind anyway. Why does a federal worker need a union?

  • James C. Featherston

    Privatize the Postal Service and watch how quickly it becomes profitable.


    The USPS & the I R S are 2 agencies that need to be ABOLISHED. In the Real World this P O S Worker would have been FIRED and Charged with a Crime the same day !!

  • bigjack1

    Certainly this buffoon should be terminated and it will be interesting to see what really happens to him or her. There is no excuse , period. But this is just a microcosm of our federal government. How often do we see examples of waste , fraud and abuse but nothing seriously done about the culture of corruption in our government. It all gets swept under the rug or white washed .

  • Guy Felix Vuillemin

    fire Leftist infiltrated US mail remember how may cadriges and guns they received and Teatchers typic .

  • 19mad74

    Even if he was just lazy, how would you feel if that was your mail he dumped? He should definitely lose his job.

  • rwp24382

    I doubt very seriously there would be such a response if there were Democrat postcards dumped in this fashion. We would now be hearing of voter suppression and dirty tricks played on the public by the GOP. There would be talk of how voter ID laws should be made unconstitutional. The story is being told from the wrong side of the fence. The mailman is definitely a Dem.

    • mustangsallyann

      You are so right. Oprah would already have someone on her show, Obama would be making speeches on how wrong it was and he’d make sure the mailman would be punished to the full extent of the law. You just know what it all would’ve snowballed into and how it would have taken on a life of its own.

  • johnanaguski

    Should be immediately fired.

  • Ole SC

    I don’t care what his motive was………he is a worthless employee and should be fired……period!!!

  • runing


  • Americanwithattitude

    No I don’t think he was lazy. I think he did it so that the mailers did not get to whom they were supposed to. I think he should be arrested on a felony for mail fraud and destruction of mail. That my opinion, for what it’s worth.

  • neilgoeckerman

    What’s the problem? Lazy/Democrat what’s the difference?

  • Mr. Patriot

    The problem with this scenario is that this mailman will probably only get a week off without pay and retain his pension and life insurance… The dummycrats have tried everything they can.. They brought in oudsiders to seed Wisconsin elections, had illegal aliens voting, fixed ballots, fixed counting machines…. AND THEY STILL LOST… What you sow is what you reap… so says the Bible… Don’t expect God’s blessings on your efforts when you are going to cheat lie and steal…. As for this man, if you ever wondered why our country is bleeding arterially, this is a good example… These postal workers, like anyone else working for the government , when they retire, they get a full pention, full medical (paid for!!! regardless of cost – no contributions!!!) and they pay for their wives as family as well!!! This man should lose ALL OF THOSE BENEFITS but he won’t.

  • Carolann313

    Fire his asz!


    Anybody else want to bet NOTHING happens to this LAZY MANGY DOG !!!

  • texas1

    Just lazy. Don’t believe it. Yes most postal employees are lazy, but then it would have been both Democratic as well as Republican mailers. This bastard was a Democratic operative. Just more Democratic dirty tricks. Hope it can be tied back to some leader in the Democratic Party. Regardless, he needs to go to jail for 10 -20 years. Just another reason this country needs a French style revolution including the Reign of Terror. Long Live the Revolution!

  • J Ernst

    For most of my life, mail carriers have been “dumping” mail. 60 Minutes did a show of compiled newsreels from around the country right after the USPS decided to carry what is considered “junk mail”; post cards, advertisements, local flyers and such. I received such crap at my PO Box all through this past election…from both parties. I still consider it crap regardless of my parties conservative values. YEAH, they WILL give this employee a “lateral opportunity”. That’s what UNIONS DO!
    THE IRS was caught LOADING/STORING checks, money orders, CASH and such mail from citizens who OWED back taxes and the like. These IMPORTANT MAILINGS were stored in 40 FOOT LONG, DOUBLE AXLE OVERLAND “SEMI TRAILERS”!!!…Around the country!!! NO ONE WENT TO JAIL FOR THAT!!! These “stored mailings” allowed IRS AGENTS/AUDITORS to literally steal properties for back taxes owed due to the lack of RECEIPT of said mailings!!! … When in fact, these checks, money orders, AND ACTUAL CASH languished in storage in these 40 foot long semi truck trailers. This happened long before Clinton came into office. What did president Clinton do about it? He passed legislation/executive order to allow RETIRED IRS AGENTS to be sued for such fraud ONLY if they were retired and were found possibly culpable. THE US GOVERNMENT IS A UNIONIZED INSTITUTION when it comes to employee relations. There’s NO FIRING for outrageous behavior!!! You and I would be EASILY PROSECUTED for anything remotely similar to what ELECTED OFFICIALS, GOV’T EMPLOYEES get away with EVERY DAY. They get to retire or quit WITH PENSIONS if these employees are on the edge of indictment. These exemplary priveleges are also AWARDED to your local officials and law enforcement. So when f’wits around you say things like, “Walmart is the largest employer in the USA.” Remind them that the Federal Government is the largest employer in these United States. AND, that you and I pay for it!!! Fast & Furious, LIBYA, BENGAHZI and such are a drop in the bucket of what these “unions” are LEGALLY ALLOWED to get away with.

  • George

    Yes, he is a Democrat, and he should be fire from the Post Offices, including the special
    agent. How can you believe anybody today especially when everything is acceptable

  • 77099

    and this could just be the tip of the iceberg. Maybe they really got “thumped”. If Liberty is on here, in your face.

  • LCpl

    I believe that this mailman was politically motivated but in either case it doesn’t matter this piece of crap mailman needs to be FIRED ! He is being paid to deliver mail to the address intended not to deliver it to a dumpster.

  • Jack

    they may not be able to fire the mutt, but they can lock his ass up!!

  • Gabrielle Holland

    Probably both! Usually you can’t have one quality w/o the other. Lol.

  • William I. Fahey

    The one thing he should be is UNEMPLOYED!

  • Daniel from TN

    Not a chance this was laziness! That type of mail, whether political or commercial, is the bread and butter of the postal service. He should be given a choice: quit or be prosecuted. Either way, he never touches mail again, except his own.

  • hickory mick

    He’s lazy? But he could take the time to separate out the Republican mailers from the others? Doesn’t sound lazy to me. He’s a bigot.

  • jaydee

    He should be fired and made to pay restitution to the candidates whose mailers they were. Printing and postage.

  • Pat McVeigh

    Why wasn’t he fired? It seems to me that would meet the qualification for firing him. This is the very reason I drove to the main post office to drop in my early vote, as I wanted to make sure it got at least THAT far. You never know who you can trust these days. Was that special postal inspector a Democrat, that the employee got away so easily? You DO KNOW THAT IS GROUNDS FOR CRIMINAL CHARGES, DON’T YOU?

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Well there went a job that he didn’t deserve in the first place. I worked for USPS for 35 years doing everthing from rual route,city route and office clerk. Am proud to say I always tired to do an excellant job.

  • Wendy French

    Fire him, do not provide him with any retirement benefits, do not provide him with any unemployment benefits. It’s people like this that reflects what’s wrong with America……lack of honesty, lack of respect, lack of ethics,

  • Smitty434

    Destroying U.S. Mail is a federal offense lets see what happens>

  • martymarsh

    Just the fact that he is union speaks for it’s self on both counts. But, even if it was lazy and I wouldn’t believe that for a minute, tampering with the mail is still a federal offence, or has it come down to the mail carrier can decide what will get delivered and what won’t. Because they fail to prosecute, they are proving just how corrupt they are. Of course the union has no integrity, so they probably promote this kind of behavior.

  • flybaby

    Lazy? NO WAY! If it were laziness, how is it that mailers and ads were probably delivered before and after election day? This is mail tampering with this guy’s fingerprints all over it. The campaign PAID for the ads delivered and it wasn’t done and the carrier got caught. If these were democrat ads, Eric Holder would have been on the scene and demanding prosecution. This outcome will no doubt be buried by the media. Let’s see what happens………….probably nothing.


      Yep; that’s why he is Eric “the enforcer” Holder. Obama’s Frank Nitti

  • max buck

    My father was a letter carrier in the 50s and was in the union. He actually chaired the letter carrier convention at the Fountainbleu in the late 50s. Surprisingly, he was a Republican (Thank God).

    • mustangsallyann

      Back then most were Republican’s. It was a time when they were actually proud to hold those jobs and were very loyal to the country. Things sure have changed.

  • jackass1059f

    He needs to be fired. Either way because he didn’t do his job. Either politically motivated are not.

  • jackass1059f

    NJ I P
    I am curious why he could not be fired

    • mustangsallyann

      Mail tampering is a Federal crime. You seriously didn’t know why it might be wrong?? He can also be criminally charged, so firing alone would be a blessing for him.

  • jackass1059f


    Answered my question

  • LarryAndy

    This is not just a question of being fired, an example is also in order and what he did is a crime, a felony and he must be punished according to that law. Every law needs to be followed in order for all citizens to know our mail is secure and guarenteed by this government. This man must have his day in court too. Let it be broadcast and pubic.

  • James D

    Which candidates did the postal workers union support. I bet none of their stuff was in the dumpster.


      You are flippin right it wasn’t

  • William Keeney

    This anal sphincter should not only be fired, BUT, tried, and sent to jail, plus, forture of all retirement gained thru his employment!!!!!!!!!!!

  • enubus

    Recycle the little asshole.

  • Leo Sebastian

    He was “lazy ” towards republicans only .

  • Ken Praeger

    he will be fired , but that is about it . This was junk mail and not 1st class or else he would of gotten jail time..

  • akoby

    Do you even have to ask the question? Either way, all I want to know is that he was fired. He tampered with the mail. It’s a federal crime.

  • Marie Doyle

    Lazy? NO! Dem demon – should be fired and prosecuted.

  • pingjockey

    firing squad.

  • pingjockey

    It doesn’t make any sense to replace a black ag with another black ag??? It’s obvious, to stir up the racist blacks and create more riots! This however is what Al and Jesse want from our black obarfo president.

  • Mathematical certainty

    Just another lazy-left-wing-democratic-slug. Fire the nitwit!

  • manuel rosa

    you better believe he is both a democrat and a nigger………

  • barry sharp

    his job is to deliver the mail, what he has done is a federal crime and he should be prosecuted.

  • Beverly Evans

    He was a democrat.

  • James Seidel

    Robert Rukes, a special agent with the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General, said the mailman was not politically motivated, but was just “lazy.” Dumping the mailers was easier than delivering them. I think Rukes is a lazy investigator.

    Robert Rukes needs to be investigated… Where is Tray Gowdy when you need him.


      Yes he does

  • Michael Valgos

    It is hard to believe that this idiot would put job on the line, and a federal indictment for mail theft to help out a bunch of people that would not let him in the front door. That includes if he was delivering mail. It is employees like this individual that are causing the Postal Service to lose so much money.


      He knew nothing would happen to him. Union thugs would see to that

  • disqus_ThExsc38Pe

    That is a federal violation, and I believe a prison sentence is in order!

  • John Thomas

    Politically motivated after all Governor Walker has taken a stand when it comes to unoins. However it doesn’t matter he broke the law he should be punished.

  • LibertyLover1776

    If he was lazy wouldn’t he have dumped all of his deliveries? Since when is lazy and dereliction of duties not a terminational offense.

  • disqus_iCgF4UjXVT

    Well this is typical Post office tactics, after all they got their jobs through politics and like the welfare people want to keep the politicians that let them get away with doing almost nothing. A few weeks ago, I went into my post office to mail an oversized letter. There were 5 people ahead of me and 3 more came in after me. They had one clerk working the rest were in the back room. No one came out to open another window. Finally when I got up to the window it cost me $1.85 to mail an 8X11 brown envelope with 4 pages in it to a city 40 miles away. . No wonder they are going out of business. .

  • Joe

    Lazy—no kidding! The whole usps is full of lazy union sheep. They make fantastic money for doing a job that requires no special skills or training. They get paid with tax dollars. Their pensions are loaded with with more tax dollars and what do we get? We get idiots that are lazy and know how to play the game of benefits and time off to get all they can get from us the taxpayers. This union is also another dumping ground for affirmative action malcontents. There are some great postal employees but the vast majority are simply not worth anything. How can we pay $50,000 to $60,000 per year and a great retirement for someone to just deliver the mail. If these people were to look for employment in the private sector and use the USPS as a qualification for a job they would be surprised. All they would be good for is a mail room clerk position. I hope the USPS fails and we get to see what a well managed company can do with our mail etc. I once met a guy in Dallas and he claimed to be rocking chair retired from the post office. He told me this means that since he has only 3 years left to qualify for full retirement he goes in at 8am clocks in then goes back at 4-5pm and clocks out. This way he still gets paid then he will fully retire at full benefits after he rips of the tax payers for 3 more years. I can also remember when they had to wear uniforms and now some of these loons look like bag people. Since this system is not part of the federal government lets not keep bailing these people out financially. This poorly managed system is trying to compete with Fed-ex and UPS but can’t even come close to their efficiency etc.

  • William Wiles

    I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past “DIM”-OCRAPS” & Their ALLIES ! This Carrier should be SUSPENDED w/o PAY, for Deriction of Duty/being Lazy, I wonder of WHAT Ethnic Background this Carrier is.

  • Rufus Saunders

    Why worry about the reason? He didn’t do the job he was paid to do and in fact used his position to sway election results. Don’t send him to prison, fire him. I don’t want to support him. I’ll bet his next job won’t pay as well or have the retirement benefits and insurance he has with this one.

  • Typical democrat.

  • chilitom

    Are there still Postal Inspectors? Then why is it when I complain at the local USPS Office that stuff of any worth I mail to my daughter on the West Coast is always looted unless I send it in a manner demanding hand delivery, they just sat “Tut-tut, what a shame!” ?

  • phxgeo

    In either case he should be fired. I doubt he is lazy. After all 879 pieces of mail is not a large percentage of his total deliveries. Just another cover up by a libatard! Privatize the postal service because it will bring better service at a lower cost to the taxpayer.

  • Preston22

    I think he needs to be fired immediately and he could be both lazy and a democrat

  • Americans Wake Up

    Guess lazy is okay and Republican is not. Either way he is typical of government “workers”… I mean “employees”. Can’t make it in the real world? Get hired by the government.

  • Tom Curtis

    Needs to be PROSECUTED ——NOW!
    If he was dumping Democratic mail he WOULD be prosecuted.


      You are correct

  • Wayne Forkum

    Mailman should be fired and pension taken away.


      Thats right. If the union doesn’t like it thats too bad.

  • Years ago I contacted the postal inspectiopns about corruption . Before I arrived back at my office the manager who I complained about called asking me why I ratted him out . Then I contacted the office of the inspector general an d I ended up losing the account . Corruption is the name of the game . No wornder the post office is going BROKE

  • Walter H Richters

    Now let me guess, the investigator was also a democrat. What the mailman did was a felony, and he isn’t being prosecuted? My guess is he will not be fired either. He may even get a job at the white house if Obama finds out. He is just the type of person they like.

  • dick63532

    Back when I was a postal person that would get you fired on the spot. What color/sex is this postal person???????

  • Robert Rukes, a special agent with the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General your full of shyte

  • 1ariczoe2

    Looks like Rukes is ALSO a Democrat. Or rather, a “special agent” for the D.P. I agree w/Karen Lee King. First impeach Obama. Then fire those in complicity.

  • steven.60

    Well DUH!! of course the mailman was Democrap. Now fire the “DA”

  • Hikerdudette

    Same thing happened where I live, but it was Democratic campaign ads. Campaigns should use UPS or FED Express. Oh, they won’t take junk mail.

  • Jonalan

    It required as much or more effort to sort out the Republican ones than to deliver them. Therefor the mail carrier is a partisan operative.

  • Capn Jack

    Did he dump any Democrat voting material ?

  • Ibcamn

    lazy my ass!this mother f**ker did it because he was most likely a liberal POS and didn’t want the name of his liberal buddies opanant to be on the minds or lips of voters!!and most likely this is not the first time it has happened because as we know,almost all this type of political mail goes out at about the same time as to not give one runner a boost over the other runner for that office!this is just the mail carrier being a liberal ass hole,period!!..(or,the regime or union told him to target these flyers personally)unions do this all the time!look at the MSM,they didn’t want people to know ron paul was even running for president back in the day,so they would always edit him from pictures and even on debates,they cut him off from the video view on the far right side of stage,so you couldn’t even see him on the stage with other candidates!!?!!aint that messed up?!?!but this has been going on for a long time people,it’s the only way liberals win anything,is by hook and crook!(fraud and lying)

  • HardingDies

    As a letter carrier I know this is strictly prohibited! We had a carrier fired for dumping 3rd Class circulars, and since ALL POLITICAL MAIL is considered 1st Class, this carrier should be dismissed. And I can state that although this carrier may not be a Democrat, over 95% are.

  • Tom Townsend II

    Dumbocrat operative. Likely only one of many.

  • Patriot954

    Left Wing politics , as usual. No prosecution for this Obumma supporter!!!

  • KWG


  • You are asking for my opinion you know I do not lie about anything nor will I support any lying democrats, well here goes first the inspector is a liar this man is not lazy dumping mail that is supposed to be mailed after all he is getting paid to deliver them to the addresses on the cards. If he is not going to fulfill the requirements of his job then he should be fired and the inspector should keep his personal comments to himself and do his job, they all sound like lying democrats not doing their jobs. If they do not do their jobs then why are you keeping them after all sitting on your ass and putting mail in a box is a lazy man’s dream, maybe you should take away the jeep and let them walk to deliver the mail, I don’t live in Wisconsin but if I did I would be telling you to fire him.