Right-Wing Pastor Calls Trump “The Antichrist” – But Then Makes a Profound Leap of Faith

trumpmasterDonald Trump.

It’s hard to pin a label on the guy who’s been called everything.

So how does a conservative pastor label, and attempt to define Trump for his fellow conservative Christians?

According to Rick Joyner, Trump is the antichrist. On the other hand, he sees Trump as Christ-like.

Check out this article on Raw Story that explores the morality struggle mature Christian have in supporting Trump:

A right-wing pastor who prayed for the military takeover of President Barack Obama’s administration said “mature” Christians should vote for Donald Trump — even if they think he’s the antichrist.

Rick Joyner drew strong praise from Sarah Palin for promoting what she describes as the “golden wrecking ball” theory of Trump support among conservative Christians who suspect the Republican frontrunner may be the biblically foretold harbinger of apocalypse.

“Most seem to think that Trump is either a messenger from the Messiah or from the antichrist, and few are in-between,” Joyner said. “Some Christians are shocked that other Christians would vote for Trump, yet polls indicate that more than half of evangelical Christians are voting for him. Why?”

Joyner said many Christians were backing Trump because they realize they’ve been conned for decades by Republicans who claim to share their beliefs but are unwilling or unable to pass their rigidly conservative agenda through the U.S. Congress.

Is Trump the Messiah for America?

Or is he the Antichrist who will destroy us all?

What do YOU say?

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