Russia Just Dealt this ‘Death Blow’ to the U.S. Economy – Here’s What You Must Do Now to Prepare for the Fallout…

Russia Delivers this Dollar ‘Death Blow’… But Some Americans Are Protected… Will 2015 Be the Year Gold Finally Gets the Respect It Deserves? Let’s Find Out…

The end of the currency wars is now in sight.

For many months, Russia has been slowly moving away from the U.S. Dollar. When they started, they made only small moves mostly in secret.

But all that has changed because… Russia is now openly and brazenly dumping dollars.

This move is historic. It is monumental. It is nothing less than the final stake in the heart of the petrodollar system.

Discover how to save your savings with Gold as the petrodollar dies.

So What Exactly Did Russia Do…?

Russia has long planned to move away from the U.S. dollar’s stranglehold on international commerce.

This is why last year Russia made an agreement with China to trade oil directly without using dollars. It’s also why Russia has been using their dollar assets to buy hundreds of tons of gold.

But when the U.S. imposed economic sanctions against Russia last summer, it forced the nation to accelerate its plans.

Now for the first time, Russia has unlocked $88 billion in reserves and is actively converting it to rubles. Once their exposure to dollars has been fully eliminated, they will be ready to make their final move…

Selling oil directly to any country who wants it… in rubles or gold.

Here’s how to protect your savings with Gold before Russia makes its final move.

What Happens to a Currency the World No Longer Wants?

Once Russia begins selling oil for rubles (or gold), demand for dollars will go down while demand for gold will go up. Gold is in somewhat limited supply, so its price should rise with demand.

But there are hundreds of billions of dollars currently held by foreign countries. And when those dollars are dumped (because they are no longer needed to buy oil), they are going to come back to roost – right here in the good ole USA.

A tidal wave of dollars coming back to the U.S. could cause severe inflation. And as you might already know, gold is virtual necessity to preserve your savings during times of inflation.

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The Time to Prepare is Running Out…

Right now Russia is doing everything in its power to support the ruble and get out of dollars completely. The year 2015 is their target year to pull the plug on the petrodollar, which means the time to prepare is running out.

Protect your savings now by investing in real physical Gold.

Because when the petrodollar dies, Gold is going to be one of the few safe havens for what you’ve worked so hard to earn. You’ll be protected while average Americans suffer catastrophic losses due to runaway inflation and a currency the world no longer wants.

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