Saudi-Born American Spy Caught in the Act Doing the Unthinkable

FordThe Navy Times has reported that a Saudi-born engineer working for the Navy has been arrested, accused of treason. The crime involves one of the country’s most powerful nuclear vessels. According to the newspaper:

According to documents from the Justice Department, a federal grand jury on Dec. 3 indicted Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, and charged him with two counts of attempting to export defense articles and technical data.

According to a redacted affidavit from federal agent James Blitzer, Awwad was born in 1979 in Saudi Arabia. He married a US citizen in May 2007 in Cairo, Egypt, and later became a US citizen.

At the time of his indictment, Awwad, of Yorktown, Virginia, was working as a civilian engineer in the nuclear engineering and planning department of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, where he had been hired in February. He had been given a clearance of Secret.

Awwad was captured as part of an undercover FBI “sting” operation. He attempted to sell the technical details of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to the government of Egypt. He obtained the plans working as a civilian engineer on the USS Gerald R. Ford.

The plans involved a ship under construction. It will be one of the lead “supercarriers” employing the Navy’s newest technology. Awwad thought he was selling information about the nuclear carrier to an Egyptian government agency. In truth, the “Egyptian” was an undercover FBI agent.

A Department of Justice document stated:

During the meeting Awwad claimed it was his intention to utilize his position of trust with the US Navy to obtain military technology for use by the Egyptian government.

(The information concerned) the designs of the USS Gerald Ford nuclear aircraft carrier. Awwad agreed to conduct clandestine communications with the undercover FBI agent by email and unattributable telephones and to conduct “dead drops” in a concealed location in the park.

(Awwad) and the undercover FBI agent met at a hotel where Awwad described a detailed plan to circumvent US Navy computer security by installing software on his restricted computer system that would enable him to copy documents without causing a security alert.

Awwad asked for a false passport so he could leave the country clandestinely and go to Egypt. On at least one occasion, he delivered classified plans through a “dead drop” in exchange for cash.

Media sources have identified Awwad as a Muslim, but that is unconfirmed. Ninety percent of Saudis are Muslim. It is unknown whether he has ties to terrorist organizations or was motivated entirely by financial considerations.

America’s silent parasite: 250 million Americans infected?

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  • silvernotes

    For starters, he better be stripped of his citizenship! Treason is certainly in the cards, and an extended stay in one of our nice jails. Now, about the secret clearance procedures…..was this guy a Muslim???

    • Richard Mellick

      If convicted of treason, he needs to be transferred to a muzzlim country that still has the death penalty. He should be publicly beheaded with his family forced to witness it and never be permitted to return to the US. When are we going to realize that there is no nice in war and we are in a state of war. God Bless America.

      • Name

        If he is beheaded, he’ll have a hard time returning to the U.S. … even if he is permitted.

        • lrn2play

          That’s what I thought at first. But then I read it again. lol

          • Name

            And when you read it again, you figured: “You never know … better safe than sorry”.

          • Ken Walker

            LOL “with his family forced to witness it and never be permitted to return to the US” The writer is saying that the family witness the beheading and never be permitted to return. But the wording does make ya say wha??

          • Name

            Now I get it. Thanks!

          • conservative since 1962

            Barring the family from returning to the U. S. as part of the penalty for the man’s treason sounds good but is probably contrary to the second paragraph of Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States.

        • Richard Mellick

          The returning to the US refers to his “family” which would be ideal but probably not within the scope of US laws. My references were to what I feel would be ideal from my perspective.

          • Name

            Got it. Thank you!

      • lwainscot

        I agree that he deserves the death penalty if convicted, but why send him to s Muslim country for his execution? Terminate him HERE, Muslim style, by beheading him, make a video, televise it both here and overseas, and make it well known, that any Muslim found violating our laws will be handled the same way! What’s good for them, should be good against them.

        • Al D

          And bury him wrapped in a pig’s skin.

        • Sam W

          obamy will pardon the traitor. Send the traitor to a place where they will behead him/it within 30 days…..

        • teachersaide

          WHY a Muslim country? So, we don’t have 20-30 YEARS of delays before he’s executed!

        • brian James

          hell yea, put it on you tube and show a party in the back ground of soldiers and the American flag waving in the wind.

        • Richard Olsen

          Just think we might get some economic stimulus here for manufacturing jobs by starting a guillotine factory. The way things seem to be headed, such devices might be in great demand if we are ever able to restore a lawful constitutional republic again. I’m sure that there are some American engineers who could gain employment designing automated guillotines to take care of the mob of traitors in Washington, DC and the New York financial district bankster types.

        • Jim

          Hell no! He is guilty of treason, in a time of war no less. Take him 15 miles east of USA or 15 miles west (depending on A or P ocean) and hang him. I would pay to see his sorry ass hanging from somewhere. Saw the Turks do that…..

      • Louise Goins

        If he is transferred to a muslim country they will celebrate him…

        • TonysTake

          No room for discussion here. Stand him in front of a firing squad after a fair and speedy trial. Nobody who worships Mohammed, the son of satan, should be allowed any kind of security clearance and be allowed to serve in our military or any other government agency.

          • Tim Edler Sr

            Amen!! We need to put the fear of God into these people…

    • Jackys

      With DHS/DOJ/DOD today….you have an easier time if Muslim than Christian than even keeping your job….never mind a security clearance…..Jarrett personally approves/disapproves all of that now…..sitting in the “white house” war room, surrounded by 100 or so unknown Czars who run all the Agencies….(they at about 200K per year)

      • Stargazerlily17

        If anyone is dumb enough to think obama has anything to do with decision making shouldn’t be allowed to vote! David axelrod whose grand parents and parents were card carrying communists as is he, Valerie Jarrett, George SOROS, cass sunset in and his wifey Susanne Power, all with input from Al sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and most of the marxist czars in place in this adm are pulling Obamas strings, writing his bogus speeches, telling him what to sign etc.

        • Sluggo D. Mann

          You left out his mentor Bill Ayres

          • Andres Villamarzo

            You and Bill Aryes are two queer motherfuckers from 42nd Street Manhattan NY. go back to sucking dicks, this is something the two of you are probably good at, and stay with your bretheren while your at it.

        • brian James

          George Soros and his slut wife and big Al, Jesse Jackoff and all the czars should have a front row seat in the bombing test sites of our F-16 in the desert. I personally want our dictator to walk the gallows with his side kick biden, fienstein,pelosi and reed and hagan and the rest of the traitors. no trials just gallows for all of them.

        • Mitch

          and don’t forget louis farrankhan who is a devote muslim

      • brian James

        nuke the bastards, then start over again with patriots only.

    • Ddenney1

      JAIL?? Treason equal DEATH!!!!!!!!

    • Bill Meeker

      As Jackys suggests, I think our government uses a different procedure today. While serving in the Army, the FBI conducted a background investigation on me that went so far as to interview my friends and their parents living in a small town we left when I was fourteen. With a background of drug use or association with communists, EITHER condition would have rendered me ineligible for a clearance … but today it doesn’t appear to disqualify one from being President.

      • teachersaide

        I noticed that too. Apparently, selling drugs is OK too.

    • ipsd48

      Probably lied on the forms………………..and the details never checked. You KNOW Obama isn’t going to let a muslim be checked out.

    • Tatianam49

      How our president, who has the name Barak (which is the name of prophet Mohammed’s horse) and Hussein, and Obama could get clearance for the job of supreme commander? All he is doing is destroying American military, flooding it with gays, closing NASA, even canceling Blue Angels over the Golden Gate Bridge. Who need to sell secrets to Saudis or Iranians. They will not understand them anyway. For engineering jobs they usually hire Russians. .

      • brian James

        isn’t it the ass end of the horse, 99.9 % of our politicians are gangster and traitors so hang all the bastards and bitch’s. Americans need to do what our forefathers did and grow some naiads and kiss some treasonous traitors asses.

    • James D

      We have a muslim president, how hard could it be for this guy to get the keys to the file cabinet.

    • Doug

      NOPE, spying on a Naval Vessel is TREASON, and we are in a state of WAR!!! Treason in wartime is punished by firing squad!!!

      • Um…news. Thirteen years after 9/11, there is still NO formal declaration of War!

        • Doug

          Ummm, did I mention 9/11? No, the war to which I’m referring is Afghanistan and all the other conflicts in which the terrorist-in-Chief has involved our troops

    • Carol Benson

      Obammy will give him a Medal of Honor & hire him for DHS.

    • Ludlow Porch

      Because he is a MUSLIM! Obama loves our enemies….hates our allies.

    • KJ

      How did we get stuck with Barry Soetoro in our White House? His vetting process was shabby, and all of his past personal documents have been sealed as a matter of national security.

      • silvernotes

        No argument here. I hold the GOP and media responsible. The question is why didn’t they do their job..that’s where the real story is!

  • WiSe GuY

    Muslim scum

  • wsurfs .

    Perfect example of taqiyya (deception associated with Islamic terrorism) ….Obama engages in taqiyya ALL the time..! Why hasn’t he been arrested for treason?

  • Eddie

    Not to worry..OHOMO will give him a medal and promote him to vice dicktater and then bring his whole famn damily here and give them all jobs in the government. With OHOMO the enemy always gets rewarded. So while we’re trying this scum for treason why not make it a double trial…..OHOMO is waiting in the wings.

    • Name

      What a great idea to have Soetoro lead by example!

  • liberaldisgust

    Obama will probably give this guy a pardon , hang a metal on him and buy him a ticket home ……

    • GrandmaAmerica

      How about we keep this guy, hang a crucifix around Obummers neck and buy him a ticket home. Obama is ten times more dangerous than this punk.

  • cherokeeman

    The only acceptable punishment is death by firing squad IMMEDIATELY after being found guilty. I VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • buzzbuck

      He’s a Saudi behead him and bury in infested sand within 24 hours

      • brian James

        hell no throw his beheaded carcass in a pig pen with boars and let them feast on his ass and show it on you tube.

    • Bama Bill

      I’m second in line! Some veterans know how to “Properly Handle” this BS! He won’t need to be beheaded, I’ll make a damn “Canoe” out of his “Melon”!

      • cherokeeman

        Sounds like a winner to me!!

  • Ray Copeland

    Blow the sorry ass b,astard brains out

    • gonzales27

      gets my vote

    • Bama Bill

      Aye! And I’ll volunteer to be on the firing squad! Bring my own ’06, and build a “Canoe”! Expedite!

  • Sheldon Lawrence

    Spies face a firing squad. Why is this any different

    • gonzales27

      because we have become a liberal country

    • Doug

      Because we have one of their own masquerading as OUR president.

  • Ddenney1

    What do wanna bet we hear little more of this and he just goes away??? I mean we have a Moslem Sec of Defense and several in positions of authority such as Chief of Staff Jarrett and of course 0 and Moochelephant!!!!

    • ipsd48

      Notice you didn’t hear it from the MSM THIS time.

      • Bama Bill

        The “Lame Yellow Stream” is a bunch of ‘Union Hacks”! You only hear what Obama feeds them. With their noses “Up his A$$” you know it will only be “Bull $hit”!

    • brian James

      Oslama has put eight in Homeland Security, our senators and congressmen let this panty hose wearing floppy eared fraud in as our dictator so they need to be hanging next to him on the gallows.

  • John E Strom Jr.

    What would the Egyptians need of secrets to build a nuclear carrier – or any other nuclear vessel? They’ve barely got a “navy” and aren’t a regional power nor do they have nuclear weapons. Perhaps this was a plot engineered by our “trusted ally” Israel? Something smells about this incident.

    • 58proudtobe

      Jr. Let me help you connect the dots, And it’s not to “build” a nuclear vessel. Classified information showed the weakness in the carrier. Egypt not so long ago was home to the mooseSlime brotherhood who in turn have extensive relations with, hamass, hesbollah and the iRanian terrorist regime. Get the picture, moron?

      • ipsd48

        ……………..and contacts in our OWN govt now.

      • John E Strom Jr.

        58proudtobe, So you’re saying the Muslim Brotherhood is going to build nuclear vessels. Or perhaps Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran? And you call me a moron. YOU are the moron. So connect the dots for us because you sure aren’t doing a very good job this last time around. I’m still smelling an Israeli / Mossad job. And just where would these Muslims get nuclear material to power these nuclear vessels? Perhaps Israel? The USA? Heck, maybe Russia. Think before you engage the keyboard.

        • 58proudtobe

          I told you to connect the dots and they all lead to the iRanian terrorist regime by association. Yes, the same mooseSlime brotherhood regime our Clown in Chief put into Egyptian power and is allowing our US armed forces to cooperate with al Quds (iRan) forces to fight in Iraq. To your “where would the mooseSlimes get nuke material”? How about N Korea who’s in bed with iRan? Maybe Pakistan? Do you understand?

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Connect the dots? Iraq and Iran are enemies. One is Sunni Muslim and the other is Shia. I’m unaware [unlike you] that there is much happening between Egypt and Iran. If so it’s not made the news. Perhaps you can enlighten us with specifics?
            Yes, North Korea could supply nuclear fuel – but what good would it do unless to make a bomb. Which begs the question – why steal plans for a nuclear aircraft carrier if your objective is to make nuclear weapons or build nuclear naval vessels other than an aircraft carrier unless for Russia or China. The only country in that region that has a “navy” is Iran but they’re mighty vulnerable and bottled up. Especially so if we found they were building a nuclear aircraft carrier. Where are they going to build it? Certainly not in the Persian [Arabian] Gulf. So it would have to be constructed south of the Straits of Hormuz where it joins the Arabian Sea. Then where are they going to get the carrier based aircraft? They’re totally different than land based aircraft – and the pilots to fly them? Those dots of yours are anything but apparent – but perhaps I’ve missed something.

          • 58proudtobe

            As I stated in my first comment; the mooseSlime spy was supplying “weakness’ or vulnerable spots of the new carrier (not to build one). Do you remember the mock full scale US carrier the iRanian regime built? (in the news)
            iRan, hamass, the mooseSlime brotherhood and hesbolla have close ties and are known to be active in the Sinai peninsula and certainly in gaza.
            Iraq has both shia & sunni mooseSlime sectors. Haven’t you heard (all over the news) of iRanian fighter jets hitting targets in Iraq? Of iRanian troops in Iraq?
            Do you know why we have sanctions on the iRanian terrorist regime??
            The dots aren’t apparent if you’re only reading obama’ss pro-mooseSlime Pravda news sites…

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Iran and Iraq are still enemies and fought a very long war against one another. As for sinking an aircraft carrier they [the Iranians] have an existing range of missiles including the Exocet which can wreak havoc on any ship, small high speed boats that could be loaded with explosives and other weapons. Iraq has a tiny bit of water on the north end of the Persian/Arabian gulf. So again, why would this Saudi Arab steal plans for the Muslims? Far more likely they’re for the Chinese with the Russians in a distant 2nd place since they already have nuclear ships and aircraft carriers. As for my reading anything put out by Obama or his regime – not likely since I can’t stand him. And you would come off a lot more convincing if you spelled Hezbollah correctly along with Iran [not iRan] and quit trying to be cute by calling Muslims “mooseSlime”. So again, I don’t see the dots your connecting to arrive at either Iran or Iraq unless they’re, in turn, going to sell to the Chinese. Or perhaps even the North Koreans. As for Iranian jets hitting targets in Iraq, true, and Syria as well – aimed at ISIS/ISL not at Iraqis. So are we and I think even Jordan and several other countries.

          • 58proudtobe

            So, there is an iRanian terrorist regime connection by proxy.

    • ipsd48

      They may not be able to build one, but knowing it’s inner workings they certainly would be able to DESTROY one.

      • John E Strom Jr.

        ipsd48, A simpler [and cheaper] missile or torpedo could do the same thing. The best choice would be a missile at just above waterline. So why go to all that trouble to steal the plans to the aircraft carrier. I likelier scenario [if you don’t think Israel is involved] would be the Russians or the Chinese but not the Egyptians. Those two countries DO have a major navy, are nuclear and would love to get any of our technical data they can. Another country that steals from us is….. Israel. And sells that technology [often times] to the North Koreans.
        The Chinese are already flying an F-35 stealth fighter look alike they stole from us. I hope if flies like the Concordski the Russians built from stolen plans for the Concord SST that crashed at the Paris air show in 1973.

  • Patrick

    feed back to the sea.!!

  • Barto

    You would think our illustrious Government would know better than to have a muslim working in such a sensitive area.

  • J_R_K

    Anyone want to bet on whether or not the undercover FBI agent get’s hit with an IRS audit in 2016?

    • teachersaide

      No takers! I only bet when the odds are in MY favor.

      • J_R_K

        Who knows, maybe an IRS audit will be the least of his problems.

  • pmbalele

    Blame that to TPs and Repubs. Thank God President Obama made easier for local kids to have college education. We had professional shortages because TPs and Repubs wanted only kids of the rich to have college degrees. This country had recruited processionals from England, Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Holland, Poland, China and even Russia. I did not know TPs and Repubs got professional from Arab countries too. TPs and Repubs are so dumb they do not know it is dangerous to have a country run by foreign professionals. It is these right wing-media that were pumping trash in people mind to hate Democrats. Well their tricks are not working with me and in my Black neighborhood. The country is on right track. We love our President and Obamacare. We are now living in heaven.

    • Brian Merriman

      You’re to stupid to be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Of course you’d think Obama’s a good president. He’s racist just like you, but he’s giving you something you don’t have to work for, and you don’t have to be responsible for anything. You’d be singing a different tune if this was a white president, or you had to be a responsible adult and earn a leaving. YOU DISGUST ME.

      • rosieb47

        Isn’t that disgusting? How could he get a clearance. Our security should be like it used to be a few years back. They only do a half-assed job running secuirty checks. Also they should shut down the border and quit letting anyone in for a few years. Too many bad people wanting to come in here and trying to change our way of life and security. Get rid of them and don’t let anymore in whether they have an American spouse or relatives. Get rid of them. That Sauda guy ought to be shot. We don’t need to pay for loadging and food for him in prison.

      • pmbalele

        I am not a racist nor is our President. We are just tell the truth. Did you see the economic report today? Even stupid Repubs and TPs are jealous.Loosen up. You have one life to live. Enjoy like with Obama as our President.

        • GrandmaAmerica

          No, your not racist! Just a very ignorant, liberal, sad, sad soul. Think of me when the shtf and your standing in Obamas FEMA line. Even then, I don’t think you’ll get it!! You will be standing in the crowd with drool coming from your lips. Bowing to your leader Obummer. Time to grow up honey!

          • pmbalele

            Obama is close to JKF or Jesus. Look at his family -very tight family give you and other TP morons example how to treat your wife and children.

          • GrandmaAmerica

            I don’t have a wife and neither does he. No not TP, more liberal crap to spew?

    • ipsd48

      Hate to burst your bubble, but it was Bush43 that increased the Pell grant so more kids could get into college……………………that, after 8 yrs of Clinton doing nothing while college costs skyrocketed.

    • Tatianam49

      In today’s America even illegal Mexicans are getting college degrees. Even homeless get education. One needs to be totally drunk and on drugs not to fill grants and student loans forms. The other problem that these college diplomas are not worth much. American kids from rich or poor families can not compete with Russian, Chinese, Indians, because instead of math and science they study socialism in schools with their mentally sick teachers. This is why Chinese, Japanese, Russian communities have their private Math and Science schools after American public schools. Even Russia, India, China have 3 times more students per teacher(Russia 48 per teacher, India 60-80 per teacher, China 80-120 per teacher) , their education is better and they have 3 times more hours of math and science. TP or Republicans have nothing to do with it. Teacher’s Union in US is taken by socialists and communists. Check, who were their last 3 presidents: all members of Socialist Party.

      • pmbalele

        You mean you’re illiterate compared to Chinese, Japanese,
        Nigerians, Indians Kenyan, and British etc. I doubt. We have the best brains of
        the world right here. The only problem is that there is a shortage of trained
        brains. As pointed before these stupid TPs and Repubs did not want other
        people’s kids have college education. Now we are paying for it.

      • brian James

        givem hell, America comes first,that is all that needs to be said.

  • artarlo1

    I bet he will get away with it. If he is convicted Obama will trade him or pardon him

    • JohnB

      Or hire him as an advisor.

  • Sean Rickmin

    treason,death,this also include bottom feeding people named barry aka.

  • Stargazerlily17

    I will bet a winning lottery ticket this maggot will never see the inside of a prison. IF he goes to trial I have NO doubt obama will pardon him and every other black or Muslim convicted of any crime.

  • Whitelight32812

    Why in the hell are we allowing any muslim or any one from the middle east in our military or gov’t?

    • GrandmaAmerica

      How else is Obummmer going to get full control of the military. He’s already stripped it of funds and officers who refuse to fire upon American citizens have been fired. They have our government,our military, and now their working on our churches and schools.


    How can the traitor make any money when the traitor obama gives secrets away– re: top secret drone he gave to iran

  • 2duane

    The man should forfeit any and all ties to the U.S. While we’re at it how about letting him walk home. If he’s out-to-sea, I suggest he forfeit’s the favor of transportation back to main-land. Done deal, no fuss, no muss and we have one less jerk trying to take this country down.

  • Carolkitfox

    Punishment for treason is death, so if convicted he needs the death penalty, and there was a reason for public hangings and we need to start doing it again. We are at war make no mistake and our POTUS is not on this countries side.
    God bless our poor country, it is sad to see it being destroyed by liberals,and communists.

  • WhiteFalcon

    If this guy is convicted, it should be the firing squad and that is that. I doubt that they will have the spine to do that, but that is what needs to be done, unless they hang him. That would be acceptable as well.

  • WhiteFalcon

    If he is convicted of treason he should get the firing squad, unless they hang him. That would be all right as well. The thing is that I doubt that they have the spine to give him that. If they did that, it might cut down on a lot of that sort of feces.

  • Howie Subnick

    Take the traitor and cut his thumbs off just for starters. Life in prison is to good for him.

  • 0331Tap

    It doesn’t matter…we can’t interrogate him…We have to feed him, bath him, by him ice cream and tuck him in at night…Oh ya…We have to get him the best lawyer money can buy… And then of course , Obama will set him free…

  • Merlin

    Obviously he’s a friend of Obama.

  • tucson bones


  • aurora9

    Get these God forsaken muslims out of our nation and back to their own. They do not belong here and they are not welcome here. They are a pox on our nation, an insult to our country and a threat to our well-being. Who wants to look forward to their insane shariah and all of their bs? They have been indoctrinated to some sick belief and we don’t buy it. Take all of your mental diseases back to your sand dunes and fight each other. Americans don’t buy into your sick way of thinking nor believe in anything you have to say, as you lie constantly. You are ‘beating a dead horse’ and putting your own heads on the chopping block. You heathens have no idea what Americans are made of and will suffer a loss greater than you have anticipated, should you ever decide to attack us!

  • wdcraftr

    Obama has invited all of these criminals into the U.S. He says, you may get caught and jailed, but I may pardon you down the road sometime.. I mean, we put a Kenyan of Muslim background in the White House, so why not put Foreigners in jobs of Natl. Security too..

  • Frank J Panzer Jr

    should be shot now we don’t want to feed him for 20 or so years, treason is a crime and punishiful by death (hanging)

  • yourignorancesicifiesme

    Indicted on 12-3 and he’s still breathing ? They shoot traitors don’t they ?

  • Bama Bill

    I recommend a stay in a Marine “Grey Bar” hotel, followed by a military firing squad. Deliver his remains to Egypt. To hell with him be given muslim justice! He would end up pardoned and a hero that way!

  • yourignorancesicifiesme

    He ” might ” be Muslim. Heh,heh,heh . Is the Pope Catholic ?

  • Ovomit1

    ..of course this pig licking bas—d is a moslem

  • Eddie

    Treason warrants the death penalty. Kill this fucking Muslim

  • Duz2600

    Muslims are permitted in their belief system to lie, cheat, steal, and murder, to defend Islam.
    And, you can bet your life, they will!

    Muslims are even happy to DIE and murder others in their suicides, to bring more souls to their moon god.

    “Moderate” ones will never alert on the radicals, nor, will the “moderates” combat them.

    If you see war amongst any of the 80 Sects of Islam, it involves the radical “Soldiers” of each.
    Their idea of paradise only has adult males. Women and children are animals, to be used, traded, abused, enslaved,
    raped, murdered.

    Sad, I know. Don’t let them into your neighborhood, or prisons. In both, they will deceive, like satan.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      It’s a wonder I survived living in Muslim Saudi Arabia for nearly 2 1/2 years or survived my travels in Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Philippines, Bahrain, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Pakistan, India [Delhi] and a few other Muslim countries. Perhaps they’re not all blood thirsty terrorists? Maybe just a very small number are. You sound Jewish with your attitude – and not very well traveled. A shame as you’ve missed a lot.

  • doctorbob

    In what alternate universe does anyone think it’s a good idea to hire some guy named Mostafa Ahmed Awwad to work on a U.S. military nuclear carrier, and to give him Secret access to documents and technology? Weren’t there any guys named John Smith born and raised in Springfield, Illinois to work on that project?

  • babsan

    The catering to Muslims and other questionable people has to be stopped.Especially now that they have an ally in WH who sympathizes with Islam/Muslims this is becoming rather dangerous for America.The FRAUD doesn’t care for America.Americans so we better wake up

  • LHTwist

    First reported on Dec 7th, this “breaking news” is nearly a month old already.

  • Tony Pogue

    Well maybe we can pay some muslim country like Qutur another 5,000,000,000.00 dollars to take him off our hands like we did for the 5 gitmo terrorists.

  • Girlie58

    any muslim working on any military capacity should definitely be watched at all times. they cannot be trusted because their loyalty lie in their religion which is also their government, “shariah”. call it profiling, whatever. better profile than have countless americans killed because of political correctness.

  • Louise Goins

    They arrested obama? Never mind that’s Saudi-Born not Kenyan born…. seriously why are those who have declared themselves as enemies of The United States of America allowed within 10 miles of anything to do with our military? What would anyone expect…. my statement that although all muslims are not (yet known) to be terrorists during the last decade all terrorists have turned out to be practicing islam, and now obama plans on bringing 75,000 “refugees” here from Syria-per u.n. orders….. lets see how that turns out for us

  • dangerouspatriot

    I’ve always maintained and stated that our real enemies are the Saudi’s. What nationality were those bastards who crashed those planes into the twin towers? They were Saudi nationals. what nationality was Osama bin laden? Saudi. Where do most of the al queda and isis terrorists come from? Saudi Arabia. Need I say more??? They’re also the ones who run opec and control most of the oil production in the world. Keep your guns Americans, keep your guns, be prepared to very possibly defend your homes and our country since these isis pricks say they’re already here. We need to seek out their training camps located all over this country, infiltrate into them and destroy them before they get too powerful and take us over. I’m telling ya one thing, I’m prepared and ready for these f***s to come out of hiding. I pray for them to change their hearts and minds and turn to Jesus Christ, be baptized and repent of their murderous ways and be saved but I don’t think they want any part of that so I’m well prepared to send them to hell where they’re destined to go when they die, where there will be eternal torment and burning that will never ever end. Are you ready??? L&L

  • joão cezar

    Doesn’t matter, at all, if he’s a Muslim. He’s an American citizen, committing espionage and treason, during a time of declared war! That’s a death penalty case…

  • Di

    Put him on TV and have someone behead him…tit-for-tat. We should also cut our ‘dancing through the tulips holding hands’ diplomacy a la Pres. Bush. Saudi Arabia has caused us nothing but grief. Nuke the Middle East sandbox of in-bred fuktards into a sheet of glass.

  • Iwasyoungonce

    Feed him to the hogs.

    • brian James

      in the Corps 45 years ago over seas he would be skin alive and stake to a ant hill with honey on him to give the ants a real treat.

  • Marilyn Z

    And this surprises anyone?

  • govtrumbull

    So what else can be expected when a Muslim is given access to “Secret” and “Top Secret” information. Islam and Jihad are the first priority of people from the Middle East. Just because he married a foolish American woman, does not make him a patriotic American. It’s idiotic at best, for those who hired him to think he was to be trusted. And maybe there is a second layer of people who hired him who are less than trustworthy as well. Dump and investigate the people who hired him. I doubt if it was an honest mistake.

  • brian James

    first hang the bastard then have the drones wipe out Egypt the back stabbing camel fucking ass holes. we have help those camel fuckers and now they send a spy to steal our tech work for a navel ship. make Egypt a golf course then send our dictator there while its still radioactive and give him a crown to wear along with his skirt. It is time for America to hang all these traitors from DC to wall street and all the corporations and the lobbyist. one more thing get rid of all Muslims in the US either by deporting or by the gallows, don’t really care which one. America has to fight fire with fire and that means a bigger fire than our enemies. ISIS and Muslims SUCK BIG ONES and Allah does to.

  • Mitch

    treason is punishable by death. can I shoot him please?

  • billdeserthills

    Just one more criminal that “coulda been obamer’s son”

  • Stephen McElroy

    Nothing will happen to this traitor. The king of Saudi Arabia and Obama are relatives. The only reason the Saudis are friendly to the U.S. is because we purchase their oil and sell them military arms. Someone was about to blow the whistle on something here and this guy is the fall guy to create the smoke and mirrors diversion.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    Hells bells we have a Muslim living in the White House committing more treason on a regular basis. Time to indict there too.


    That’s why we need to get rid of the Dune Coons, Chinese communists(ChiComs), North Korean Zipperheads, Somalian Skinnys and other potential saboteurs. It’s the fault of the US Government Dune Coon Lovers.

  • Art Hock

    You can’t trust the Saudi’s so why do we continue to allow them in secret positions???? Remember 9/11 and how many terrorists were Saudi nationals. I believe 19 out of 20.

  • Huffer

    Anyone who is Muslim must follow the Quran which qualifies them as an enemy of the USA! Why our career congressmen and judges continue to assist in our destruction, by ignoring this fact it puts them in the category of “Fools”, or they worship Satan and expect him to make good on his lies he’s leading them with!!

    Satan wants us all under his control or dead! With this traitor in the White House, and his appointee’s, Satan is going to get part of his wish!

  • artarlo1

    I did not think about that, after all he has Sharpton

  • Leslie

    how many more?

  • Jimmy A Faircloth

    goes to show you cannot be nice to these people or trust them

  • Up Huff

    Since he carries citizenship, albeit naturalized, that means he’s clearly subject to our laws. Which means he can and should be tried for treason and the appropriate penalty applied IF he is found guilty: DEATH. It was applied against the Rosenbergs for their theft of nuclear secrets, and it should be applied here as well. Just be careful to make sure his sentence is NOT announced until after Obama has left office. That way he cannot issue a Presidential Pardon. On the other hand, if a “Guilty” verdict, and a death sentence is rendered, and Obama issues a Presidential Pardon, then BOTH should be executed.

  • gizmo

    I thought all spy’s that were found guilty of treason were executed??? When did that change? Why not just hang him and get it over with, so the American people don’t have to pay for his keep???

  • Cindy

    terminate him here and execute him here.

  • Arizona Don

    If convicted it is time for a firing squad! To bad the electric chair is no longer in use. Shooting is to quick.

  • 19mad74

    I want to know why our government allows any foreigners to work at our military installations? God help us we have idiots running this nation!

  • eagle keeper

    Knowing Obama, this guy will probably be offered a job in the white house. They are cut from the same cloth, both are Muslim. Neither one cares what happens to this country. As viewed through the eyes of my father and uncles, there has been a lot done to this country that wouldn’t be tolerated in their day. This guy would be given a fair trial, if found guilty, firing squad. NO QUESTIONS! Get it liberals? We used to have a country that stood on values, and we lived by those values. Touchy feely is going to get this country destroyed.