Say What? Hillary Blames THIS for Syrian Refugee Crisis

9508174059_e280223d22_bHow stupid do Hillary and the Obama Administration think we really are?

The Syrian refugee crisis has captured lots of headlines and news space recently.

The reasons and cause of the crisis, as is the case throughout The Middle East, are a complex combination of factors.

But come on Hillary…


The Syrian refugee crisis is happening because of climate change”

Hillary Clinton endorsed an unfounded position gaining favor with the Obama administration on Tuesday when she said at a campaign event in Iowa that the Syrian refugee crisis is being fueled, in part, by climate change.

“Then we have to ask ourselves, ‘Why is this happening?’” Clinton said at a town hall event in Coralville. “Because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change.

Watch at 55:30


Apparently if you pin this on the catch all for all the world’s problems, climate change, it gives you perfect cover to avoid accountability for the REAL reason for the crisis?

The Climate Change Defense Doctrine- It’s the Progressive Democrats’ perfect cover up.

Even brilliant scientists can’t agree it’s happening, but politicians can use it as the cause for anything.


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