School Kids Mere Pawns in the Way of Obama’s Liberal Social Agenda

7950403522_75d556ae6c_bThis whole transgender mess clearly highlights just how sick and twisted the liberal agenda truly is in action.

Liberals don’t care about your kid’s safety. They don’t care about common sense or your own values.

The only thing that matters for liberals is to advance their agenda and lock up votes of victims.

Even if it requires using force and blackmail to get it done.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest is firing back at the Obama administration for what he says is the federal government trying to make states conform to its cultural agenda, threatening “extortion” to compel his state to abandon its new public accommodation law and comparing the debate over transgender access to the civil rights movement.

The debate expanded in two major ways this week after Gov. Pat McCrory rejected the Obama administration’s assertion that North Carolina was in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. McCrory also announced he was asking the federal courts to define what is meant by the discrimination based on sex in the law. The same day, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the Justice Department was bringing action against the state for denying civil rights to transgenders by requiring them to use facilities based on their sex at birth.

But Lynch didn’t stop there. She also said the state could be losing considerable amounts of federal assistance if it did not back down.

“We retain the option of curtailing federal funding to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety and the University of North Carolina as this case proceeds,” Lynch said.

Forest is appalled.

 “We sued first because they came through the Justice Department and said, ‘Unless you do what we say and repeal this law, we’re going to take away four billion dollars of tax dollars from North Carolina. We’re going to take away your education Title IX funding. We’re going to take away your [Housing and Urban Development] funding. We’re going to take away your transportation funding because we don’t agree with your law,’ even though it’s the same law the federal government has, along with 28 states,” Forest explained.
Obama and his DOJ cronies are nothing but a bunch of thugs.
Using kids as pawns in this whole transgender bathrooms rights is as low as you can go.

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