School Warns Students Not To Chant ‘USA’

Administrators at a California school are warning students not to chant “USA!” because doing so could be viewed as offensive and intolerant.


Officials at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, not far from Sacramento, say the chant is divisive and inappropriate at sporting events.

Said Folsom Cordova Unified Communications Director Daniel Thigpen: “To practice empathy, to practice kindness and to practice patriotism. You can do both.”

The California Interscholastic Federation, which oversees high school athletics, addressed the concerns with local districts, according to CBS 13.

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    “IF” I lived there and my child “HAD” to attend one of those schools, I think that would in doing so could be viewed as offensive and intolerant.

  • Wayne Buck

    If ANYONE is offended by the standards and freedoms here in America.I would suggest YOU and your misconceptions move YOUR asses out of America.If any school in borders of United States of America,stops it’s students from chanting USA,NEEDS A HISTORY LESSON !

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