Security expert warns of ISIS’ plans for America

In the wake of the horrific suicide bombing in Manchester, England last night, Mike Opelka welcomed public safety expert Kevin Mellot of Erase Enterprises to “Pure Opelka” today. The attack at an Ariana Grande concert killed 22 and injured more than 50 people.

To prevent future attacks, Mellot says “we still need to have a conversation on what are we willing to give up in civil liberties from an intelligence collection” perspective because most of the perpetrators in the last few terrorist attacks had “already been in contact with law enforcement.” They were set free because they exploit America’s civil liberty protections.

He said additionally that we need to have a “better political conversation” about the public’s expectation of safety versus what they will tolerate in rooting out likely perpetrators of terror violence.

The safety expert also said that to be effective we must “take care of the ideology” that creates terrorists. He felt that President Donald Trump’s meeting with leaders of the major Islamic countries during his Middle East trip is bad news for terrorists.

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