Senator Warns Illegal Aliens Could Pocket Thousands of Federal Dollars, Yet Never Pay Taxes

Jeff_Sessions_official_portraitIn an appearance at a recent Judicial Watch event, Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican senator from Alabama, issued a warning about ways President Obama’s “post-modern” executive amnesty could go wrong. Among other consequences, Sessions warned that illegal aliens could get thousands of dollars from the federal government, all without paying any taxes. He characterized Obama’s plan as an “alternative immigration system.”

Sessions said that once illegal immigrants are issued Social Security numbers and work permits, as they be would under the Obama plan, they could qualify for a tax credit of $1,000 per child, in addition to the Earned Income Tax credit, which averages $2,600. If these families have a number of children, they could receive as much as $5,000 from the federal government. Yet they would pay absolutely no federal income taxes.

The senator called Obama’s plan “breathtaking.” He said the executive amnesty is “bigger than just immigration,” because of its inherent threat to American institutions. He also stated there will be a “corrosive effect” because Americans will “lose confidence in government” and the legal system, which is expected to be “just” and “fair.” He also accused the President and others in favor of amnesty of living in a “post-modern world” in which the Constitution can be completely reinterpreted to “make it say what you want it to say.”

Sessions plans to counter the Administration’s “executive amnesty” plan by calling on Congress to refuse to fund the program. He says Congress and Conservatives have “great trepidation” that the President is setting up an “alternative” and “entirely new” immigration system. He said the framers of the Constitution would be “horrified.”

In his presentation, Sessions also pointed out that every day Americans, including workers, immigration enforcement officials, and “John Q. Public” are not considered stakeholders. That role is reserved for all the pro-amnesty interest groups that have helped shape the new Obama policy.

The Senator said of all presidents, “Doing things on their own is very tempting not just on immigration,” but “that’s not how our democracy works.”

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