Senator Warns Illegal Aliens Could Pocket Thousands of Federal Dollars, Yet Never Pay Taxes

Jeff_Sessions_official_portraitIn an appearance at a recent Judicial Watch event, Senator Jeff Sessions, Republican senator from Alabama, issued a warning about ways President Obama’s “post-modern” executive amnesty could go wrong. Among other consequences, Sessions warned that illegal aliens could get thousands of dollars from the federal government, all without paying any taxes. He characterized Obama’s plan as an “alternative immigration system.”

Sessions said that once illegal immigrants are issued Social Security numbers and work permits, as they be would under the Obama plan, they could qualify for a tax credit of $1,000 per child, in addition to the Earned Income Tax credit, which averages $2,600. If these families have a number of children, they could receive as much as $5,000 from the federal government. Yet they would pay absolutely no federal income taxes.

The senator called Obama’s plan “breathtaking.” He said the executive amnesty is “bigger than just immigration,” because of its inherent threat to American institutions. He also stated there will be a “corrosive effect” because Americans will “lose confidence in government” and the legal system, which is expected to be “just” and “fair.” He also accused the President and others in favor of amnesty of living in a “post-modern world” in which the Constitution can be completely reinterpreted to “make it say what you want it to say.”

Sessions plans to counter the Administration’s “executive amnesty” plan by calling on Congress to refuse to fund the program. He says Congress and Conservatives have “great trepidation” that the President is setting up an “alternative” and “entirely new” immigration system. He said the framers of the Constitution would be “horrified.”

In his presentation, Sessions also pointed out that every day Americans, including workers, immigration enforcement officials, and “John Q. Public” are not considered stakeholders. That role is reserved for all the pro-amnesty interest groups that have helped shape the new Obama policy.

The Senator said of all presidents, “Doing things on their own is very tempting not just on immigration,” but “that’s not how our democracy works.”

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  • tom2

    I know these guys wish to be good statesmen. But shouldn’t they also punish Mexico for sponsoring and supporting this swarm of their rejects who violate our borders?

    • J. Bailey

      We the People can do that … & more effectively than involving Big Brother errr Big Government … BOYCOTT – don’t buy anything Made in Mexico …

    • Elizabeth Fortin

      Send Mexico a bill for all expenses, i.e., food, clothing, rent, health care etc., for each and every individual one. If they won’t pay up then we systematically send them back across the border the same way they came here.

      • tom2

        I could not agree more. But I believe they should be deported in addition to demands for payment from their home nations.

  • Ddenney1

    This is ridiculous the system does work when we make people follow the law that is already on the books!!!! What laws am I able to ignore???? I want a list so I can start breaking them!!! Please look into the “IMMIGRATION” laws of ALL of these countries!!!!

    • Danny Postlewait

      This is a Republic not a Democracy. We are also a country of laws. We are one nation under God. Not a nation under idols. God’s… remember when businesses closed at noon Saturday and didn’t open again until Monday morning? Remember when the kids could play cowboys and Indians without being suspended from school? Remember when the kids could go cruising and enjoy one another’s company? Remember when the Federal Government wasn’t in the schools and we had corporal punishment?Remember when we said “yes sir and yes man “and respected our elders? Remember when you could ask these questions without being told you were out of touch?

      • Scarlett

        Yes, I’ve been told on here by liberals that I’m living in a world from 50 years ago.I told them it was much better then, and that is what shaped the country they were born into-or at least, I was.I wonder about them.

      • wjozier

        More wishful crap. How many have been slaughtered in the name of God?

        • Danny Postlewait

          I Will pray for you My brother.

          • wjozier

            Thank you, kind sir.

        • Jack Strohbach

          And millions are killed EVERY YEAR by those who do not believe in God! Hm, which side am I on? Grow up!

          • wjozier

            And just who is it that is killing “millions… who do not believe in God?” Are you going to say Muslims? Just who do you think they worship, quite passionately as well? Same god, God. All are children of Abraham, or did you forget that. It’s the human interpretation that suggests differing POV’s. God is still God.
            “Grow up!?” Really, Jack, aren’t we getting just a bit arrogant?

    • Glatik

      Especially look at Mexico’s immigration laws.

      • Danny Postlewait

        My point exactly.

        • Glatik

          Hannity had Jorge Ramos on the show. Jorge was upset that it took so long before obama took steps to make them legal etc. etc. etc He all but demanded action.
          . I so wished that Hannity would have asked that Jorge about the immigration laws of Mexico. Here was a good chance.

  • Michael Barrett

    Republicans are going to lose the house and senate before they even get started by acting like democrats and idiots. EWhat wprthless garbage they are. And the “tea Party” ones are now playing church mice…not a peep.

    • Louise Goins

      The ones elected in Nov. will not take office/be sworn in until next Jan. Lets hope they take their elected positiin seriously and repeal EVERYTHING enacted over the last 6 years that goes against The Constitution and The United States of America.

  • sarge

    if they give the illeagles that much and they don’t have to pay taxes why do all of us stop paying the also and see what obama and holder do then.What we should be doing it deproting all of them even their kids and then close our southern borader and if they try to sneak in then let them be shot for trying it as that in an invasion of our country as far as I know

    • Spiritof America

      I agree. It is an invasion. It is our duty to protect the nation, no one else will.

    • Scarlett

      Thats exactly what we should be doing.I hope that all those who voted for Obama and his hope and change are happy now.Idiots!

      • Elizabeth Fortin

        The only way we can do that is if ALL EMPLOYERS will be willing to stop withholding the taxes from our paychecks. If they are all willing to do that then we have a chance to get somewhere with this.

    • John Keatts

      You would have to quit your job for that to work. And as you are likely not Hispanic, you would not be getting even a free cell phone. But it is a great thought.

  • Jim McCormack

    Obama and Holder don’t follow our laws. This adminisration is a joke. They’re all criminals. The blacks exploit this, saying “you shouldn’t be arrested for robbery ” -it’s out of control.

    • Scarlett

      They want no law to pertain to them, especially if its being enforced by a white person.Thats racist.(sarcasm)

  • Stan

    I thought only American Citizens could be issued Social Security Numbers, so how can these illegal invading immigrants get a social security card on a work permit. You people in Washington D.C. have really screwed things up, why should we the taxpayers even pay you for this bullshit that you are putting out. People of America, we should all stop paying taxes until they get their law making and spending under control. They are decreasing pension payments now. Why should we put up with this crap from capitol hill.

    • John Keatts

      Check out Obamas Social Security Number. He never lived in the state of Connecutt. Sorry about the bad spelling.

      • J. Bailey

        Hussein had several …

      • Jack Strohbach

        He is a 50% black liberal. Laws do not apply to him! Or do they? Let’s ask Michael Brown!

    • cae973

      since our taxes will be used to house, clothe, feed and try to educate the illegals and their families lets all REFUSE to pay taxes!!! I do not want to pay one penny to support lawbreakers who have no respect for our laws and our country!

  • Louise Goins

    Why doesn’t someone file charges against obama for destroying this economy
    which will cause the country to fail, like Greece, Spain etc. It will fail. Right now 54% of people currently living here receive entitlements/welfare/etc….this amnesty deal will bring millions more to add to that. Where does that money come from? We BORROW it from (mostly) China. This debt is using our national forests as collateral. Payroll taxes continue to go up, which is used to pay the interest on the debt. Is America going to have to be declared bankrupt, China come over and claim their collateral,etc before Americans wake up? This crap about changing the bill voted on should be null as it was not read before the vote. The book, ‘dreams from my father’ written by obama should be read by all….
    Basic Consumer Economics 101 should show ANYone on a fourth grade level whats coming. Our credit rating has already been reduced. This economy has NOT turned around. The job market is pitiful. Something needs to be done NOW! When the newly elected Republicans are sworn in next Jan. they need to get very busy repealing starting with the latest sham….

  • Jerry Hughes

    Okay, now, have you had enough?
    If not, when?
    Will this government have to come to your house and take the money out of your wallet, before you have had enough?

  • Finder1009

    Not a surprise to a lot of people. Its one of the reasons that a lot of people are against the amnesty. altho there are more than a few reasons to be against it.

    • wjozier

      Calling it “Amnesty” (the program to provide a path to a green card (or even citizenship)) is based on a factually empty premis. Amnesty is, by definition: “a general pardon, [sic] granted for a past offense.”

      Much like bankruptcy, all is forgiven.

      Clearly, by definition, the rather tortuous path of fines, taxes (if any are due), and numerous steps to be executed, fails to correspond to the Right’s factually challenged accusation of giving amnesty,

      Tell the truth. Deal with reality, not belief-driven or ideologically-driven illusions.

      Elizabeth Warren does both. Listen to her.

      • Tom

        to be executed. I know one who this applies to he is in Hawaii

  • joão cezar

    NO! NO! NO! All the Democrats, all the Liberal pundits, they ALL say this will NEVER happen! They all say that these new “Immigrants” don’t use Social Welfare Programs, and they don’t WANT WIC, subsidized housing, etc! Only the fat, lazy Americanos want that free stuff! Even Bill Maher says so, and, you KNOW he’d never tell a lie!

    • Louise Goins

      That is why they come. Free medical, free food, subsidized housing. And a huge check every year as a bonus for having children that without taxpayer subsidys they can not afford.

      • Elizabeth Fortin

        How about implementing the FAIR tax? No more income taxes and no deductions at all. I know American citizen families that get every penny back by being able to deduct the children and then again through the EIC deductions for the same children. They end up with more money while those with no children or other deductible expenses get the shaft.

        • Louise Goins

          All for that. The government will continue to fight it. After all if fair tax went through then where would they get the money (currently ‘taxes’ from earned income from people who actually work), to pay for votes to keep them in control? Besides the fair tax would be fair. I am sick of having the money I work and earn taken from me (entitlements/rent subsidys/welfare/foodstamps/etc), and given to people who can but wont work. Whenever I look at someone driving a really nice car, yet paying for their food with foodstamps I know I helped pay for their car. I am so disgusted with this ‘welfare system’ that I want it to be stopped completely. Which if the fair tax were implemented that would be a great first step…..if you dont work you dont eat! If we need to build orphanages for children then fine-but this supporting entire families needs to end.

  • danstewart

    The bummer is desperate to fulfill his mission of the destruction of the US. This is just another nail in our coffin.

  • snowyriver

    obama is feathering his own nest… Please Mr. obama show me a non fraudulent birth certificate. Thank you please show me that you are not an illegal that has hoodwinked the American public. Because being such you are not a president, but a usurper.

  • elmcqueen3

    Yep…All of a sudden their cousins in Mexico will become their dependents…We’ve seen how this has played out before and still is!

  • Huffer

    Obama is totally lost when it comes to humans needs and personal responibility. Because, he never had to work to earn anything, he believes wealth is there for the taking. People who work for their keep are fools and the needs of the lazy opportunist are just good for votes!
    To him, life consists of self indulgence, golf, bathhouses and drugs, all while being told how brilliant he is!
    If you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always vote for the robber. That is America today…

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    We must fight now for our FREEDOM like we’ve never fought before.The Democrats have screwed us long enough nd if we don’t stop Obama now our country is gone. HOPE YOU WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE ARE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO THE REST OF US YOU’VE HELPED OBAMA DESTROY US.

  • Pamela Rather Powell

    O-Whine-Baby has screwed the American people in so many ways. I am done with this moron as a so called “president”. He hates America and what it stands for. He was planted in the WH to destroy America and is doing a wonderful job of it. If he won’t deport the illegals we as Americans need to do something about it. I don’t know exactly what but I am thinking about it all the time. Today I am going to write to congress again and tell them that if they do not stop the illegals from getting rewarded for being criminals I am going to stop paying federal income taxes. I don’t know what else to do. But if enough people stand up and stop paying federal income taxes as a protest that might get some folks up and doing their jobs. Why should I be forced to pay for illegals and all their kids when I am struggling myself and having to go without things my family needs so the illegals can have all their needs handed to them for free? I am not doing it anymore. There are so many Americans families in need and are not getting anything and Vets going hungry and homeless so O-Dumbass can hand freebies to illegals and bail out big businesses. NO MORE!! WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE – AMERICA WE NEED TO GET THE MUSLIM-LOVING, LAW BREAKING, AMERICA HATING, NON-CITIZEN, GREEDY BASTARD O-WHINE-BABY OBAMA OUT OF THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT!!!! He is not a leader and does not have Americas best interest at heart. In fact it is the opposite, he wants America destroyed so he can hand it over to the cronies who got him on the ballot and in office as “president”. Anyone who supports Obama is a treasonous traitor as well and should be exiled from American soil right along with all the Obama’s. Barry, Michael and the two daughters.

  • John Keatts

    And we are called Racist by a Racist in the Oval Office. And the Socalist Democrats are hopefull of getting yet another Socalist/Communist from their Racist Party in after he has left the White House.

    We have to be ever watchful of those who are greedy, wanting all of our money.

  • J. Harp


  • Missy

    It’s an initiative plan for illegal aliens and rewrote the warning that we’re living in a post-modern world.

  • Joe Toland

    I think before they even think about giving amnesty to anybody they need to stop and think about all these things. And for gosh sakes, CLOSE THE BORDER!

  • cae973

    wonder how long it will take them to sign up for social security disability

  • Mark

    Just tell Sessions to try passing an Immigration Bill end of story…….

  • jaye

    What does he mean “could”? They already are receiving millions without earning one bit of it. And the monies they are getting are coming from the Working legal citizens of this country along with the rest of us tax payers.. When oh when will all those in Washington decide to do the job they were elected to do and serve the LEGAL CITIZENS of this country and cut the funding Almighty Obama is doling out to them.?
    I supposse that is wishful thinking, inasmuch They (those in Washington)) are hopeful they will also benefit from all those illegal votes!