Shameful: United States Ranks Dead Last Among Western Nations in This

220px-Election_MG_3455Do you think we still live in the Land of the Free?

Does your vote really count?

As millions of Americans are beginning to realize during this 2016 Presidential Primary season, the voting game sure seems rigged.

And now here’s proof that it’s the bottom of the barrel:

As if further proof could possibly be needed of the sorry state of the American electoral process, a new study just ranked the United States dead last in electoral integrity among established Western democracies.

The Electoral Integrity Project (EIP)’s 2015 Year in Elections report is an independent research project by 2,000 elections experts from Harvard University and the University of Sydney in Australia assembled to examine the world’s elections.

The EIP states that “the core notion of ‘electoral integrity’ refers to agreed international principles and standards of elections, applying universally to all countries worldwide throughout the electoral cycle, including during the pre-electoral period, the campaign, and on polling day and its aftermath. Conversely, ‘electoral malpractice’ refers to violations of electoral integrity.”

“The report gathers assessments from over 2,000 experts to evaluate the perceived integrity of all 180 national parliamentary and presidential contests held between July 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015 in 139 countries worldwide. These include 54 national elections held last year.

“Forty experts were asked to assess each election by answering 49 questions. The overall 100-point Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI) index is constructed by summing up the responses,” Salon explained.

So what’s the answer?

Term limits?

Open primaries held on one day with the same rules in every State?

Overturning Citizens United and getting the money out of the campaigns?

Allowing third party candidates equal debate and media access?

Or, just vote Trump and let him fix it?


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  • Kathy Sessler

    Yes, I like, “Just vote Trump and let him fix it!”
    Sounds like a “plan coming together!”

    • Nikita63

      Who are you, Hannibal Smith of the A-Team? I LIKE IT!

    • JDubya

      @Kathy Sessler: If it happens that Trump is elected, I predict that you will be one unhappy camper – just like the many who voted for Obama who found out what he meant was not exactly what he said, rather what they wanted it to mean. How disappointed were they – well, you will be more disappointed. Trump speaks to what you want to hear – no substance, just rhetoric. He has some papers, but most of it is mumbo-jumbo and too close to what a Democrat would want.
      Our country is already lost to the communists – they are in our schools, they are in the bureaucracy, they are in our media, they are everywhere. Just look at how absolutely uninformed that way too many of the students are. Just look at how your kids look at you as evil for wanting to be free of these relentless attacks on all we know as good – they now call it evil. Where did they get that? Who in the world rewrote so much of our history? If they can’t change it, they redefine it so that we think they are talking about one thing while they are actually talking about something else. A right to abortion, a right to marry? What they want is for everyone to bow to them – power.
      These kids will vote themselves into a communist country that will be taken over as an Islamic Caliphate – then we will find out how happy they are. The gay community will all be killed, the communists will become muslims (because that is where the power is) and all the Christ followers will be exterminated by then because they won’t convert (killing that many people might not sit well with the muslims so they will make Christ followers into slave labor instead).
      How is that for a prediction – I made it in 2007 and if you will notice, it is coming to pass. Why are the borders more porous than ever? Why are the refugees looking an awful lot like fighting men? Why are muslim communities allowed to make their own laws (Sharia compliant) rather than follow the Constitution, State Constitution, City Charter, etc? Why is our government riddled with muslims? Why are our schools bending over backwards to get along with the Koran and Islamic prayer, etc., but will have nothing to do with the Bible or Christians praying? Why are the text books teaching our kids how to convert to Islam? Why do the crony capitalists want single bathrooms and unisex? Why are they all persecuting Christians, true and not? Anyone who voices an opposing opinion is a bigot or a racist, especially if the person is a black, muslim, or a member of any of those who need special rights (gays, etc.), why is that? They claim they want tolerance, but are totally intolerant in their behavior.
      The reason for all of this is that the ‘they’ are really leftists – aka, communists, aka, socialists, etc., again all of them are only in it to get power and money. Obama and Michelle are prime examples. Most blacks, browns, whites, muslims, and gay (gender anomaly) people are not like that, they are being used. But, oh my, are they going to pay for it when the Caliphate is formed.

      • ch2801

        I used to think Revelation meant communist but now see it is islam for the final fight.

      • Robert J Fritz

        Hey dubya , you are way to happy and optimistic. !!! my gosh ,can anyone be more depressing than you? You want to cry in your beer and curl up in pathetic cowardly blanket of fear ,go ahead , but we the people who want to fight for a return to American Spirit and Values don’t want to hear from you . You poor suffering child ,your problem is clear to everyone but you. In my opinion ,Trump is the only person in this election year who is a clear choice because he is an
        outsider like the rest of us and you find fault with him and compare him to obummer? Where do you get your information ? the Gop journals?, the next thing you will be saying is ” gee i’m scared , I guess I’ll just vote for killery klinton ” There is not one thing that Trump and obum have in common ,except that they are both human beings. Trump is so far superior to obum that it isn’t even measurable. One’ a man and the other is a coward in my opinion. One built an empire through investment savvy and negotiating skills , the other was a know nothing committee organizer who was pushed and pulled through the electoral system by scum like george soros ( misspelling intended ) The powers that be insulted obamma by choosing him to be their puppet ,they knew that a great number of people ,including myself were ready for person of color to be President . He had a chance to show himself proud and tell the powers to be ,to shove it you no good racist , I can get there on my own. But ,instead, he sold himself and his family out for money . he allowed himeself to be used like a pawn and he bowed down and accepted the racial insults for the money. However , his 8yr record shows him for what he is ,a bought and paid for puppet who was never able to handle any of the presidential requirements. BY comparison, Trump is his own man who tells it like it is. Sometimes I don’t like what he says, but I give him credit for being honest . At least I know where he stands . I like that. So dubya , just start backing Trump . It will give you a good feeling of backing a WINNER . Let’s make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!! ROB423

        • JDubya

          @ Robert J Fritz: Don’t worry, I will support Trump because a non-vote will be a vote for Hillary who will make all these things happen more quickly.
          __My main concern is that the impoverished wastrels like you (those who have nothing to do but to try to make fun or insult people of intelligence) refuse to recognize what Trump is – he is a model of the times to come. You are so blind that you cannot see what I saw almost immediately and Mr. Cruz has pointed out several times – Trump acts like a child, and he is a member of the Washington elites. He is just like Obama, only with a ‘conservative’ bent. Ask yourself why the media hasn’t gone after him? Because they know they have him, so he is the one they wanted you to think will be your savior and make the country great again. (My goodness, can’t you see all the parallels to Obama – you are being played again.)
          __If he straightens up, just maybe enough of the people will vote for him, but I am afraid alright (not fearful) – this is it for America as we knew her. He isn’t going to make America great again, he is going to be blamed for finishing the job of destroying her. I will probably not live long enough to see it happen – but I can foresee it without having to rely on a crystal ball. Sorry to bring you this bad news, It is already too late even for him.
          __Good luck. I pray that I am wrong, but I’m not wrong – you will see soon enough. Enjoy the last few years of relative freedom you have while you can.

  • regulus30

    there should be an allotted percentage of electoral delegates in every state that can only be assigned to the peoples choice, it should be significant enough to make a difference at the convention; big establishment manipulators should be treated the same as someone trying to influence a jury member.

  • Fedup

    The so-called quandary to implement campaign reform and eliminate all corruption in out government is not a problem that requires a lot of grinding thought and pondering. If the politicians of present and past can’t quickly arrive at a solution, it is obvious we need our nominees to come from other fields of success.
    This is the age of communication. It is no longer necessary for the candidates to travel for two years shelling the voters with crap, lies and just basically bullshit. Ban all campaign funding and limit the candidate to announcing his/her candidacy 9 months prior to the general election. The candidates will post their platform and stance on prevalent issues on media and social media. There will be 9 debates hosted by TV networks. The hosting network will reimburse each attending candidate for reasonable expenses incurred to attend and participate in the debates since the hosting network makes YUUUUGE profits as the host from advertising revenue. Then, ban all lobbying and contact by special interests and eliminate the house and senate chambers and send all elected employees back to their home states and constituents and all bills can be shared electronically and voted on the same way. Any committees have to have equal numbers of both parties when appointed The members will be appointed by the Vice President, not the speaker of any house or senate. That is just a start to bringing this country back on track to respectability and honor.

    • Dale Gary

      Good ideas, all. I’d add one thing. Debates would not have a host asking the candidates who is Democrat or Republican. Maybe a trio of factory workers – the people, not someone who wants to favor a single person or something they stand for. Someone else said term limits; I agree with that as well. And, based on this years campaigning nonsense, maybe we, the people should suggest all the candidates take a lie detector test after the debate, results to be published.

      • Fedup

        We the people on these sites and everywhere have been advocating term limits for decades and I see no point in that if we keep the politicians in their own venue rather than in DC, insulated from reality and their constituents. .They need to be insulated from lobbyists, graft, corruption and special interests.
        Speaking of lies and defamation and slander. It seems both parties not too long ago during a previous campaign period, voted in unison and passed a law that disallows any candidate from suing an opponent for any statement made during a campaign. This law precludes any candidate from suing for defamation of character, slander and character assassination. What does this mean? It means both parties agreed to make it legal to lie to “we the people” without fear of legal consequences. That is probably the last time our elected employees actually passed a bill into law with bi-partison support. If the elected employees are operating within their own territory, obligated to hold weekly public forums so they are in tune and touch with the wishes of their constituents, then, they would be informed and would be valuable assets to ‘We The People” and could stay on till they proved themselves less effective than a campaigning opponent. We the people need to get actively involved and make our voices heard by those we are paying to represent us. They need to be subject to all laws they pass. They should not be vested in retirement till they have served 20 years like our military or any other factory worker. If they had to produce to be reelected and therefore move toward being vested, they would be much more interested in what we want. Want me to go on??? With other ideas?? I live by the motto, ” don’t complain unless you have a viable solution to offer.” everything I have just suggested could be implemented within an hour of the swearing in ceremony with a stroke of a pen as executive orders.

      • Marlene Binger

        AMEN, DALE!

      • Jeannie

        There should also be a limit on campaign contributions and definitely a spending limit on campaigns. The money spent on campaigns could pay off our National Debt, don’t you know, or at least put a dent in it. It is absolutely shameful that candidates go from city to city or state to state spending outrageous amounts of money, when we have television and the Internet to hear what they have to say. Maybe with spending limits, the election could not be purchased by the George Soros of this world. Contributions from any foreign government or foreign persons should be outlawed, We need to put a stop to lobbyists, who buy their way into our government decision makers decisions. We definitely need term limits. We need to put a stop to the government giving themselves raises (such as obama’s proposed 18% raise for himself and former presidents) whenever they want and we must also hold them accountable for their spending so lavishly whenever they decide to treat themselves to some resort vacation or trip. WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE!!!

        • Fedup

          Jeannie, read my post above. Limits?? as long as there is any money involved, it will still allow corruption. In this day of multi-media, there is no need for money to campaign, nor to travel around for 2 years campaigning and causing voter fatigue. We elect them and before they get settled in office they are out for the last half off their term campaigning for reelection.

        • slidenglide

          My neighbor said she didn’t vote in the last 2 presidential elections because she didn’t see THAT much difference in the candidates – I couldn’t argue with her, she was right!!!.

  • Don Dunn

    doesnt surprise me..out of all running for pres right now..Trump is only one i would believe can do it..every office term limits is good all suggestions stated would help correct..thats exactly why it isnt happening

  • CaptTurbo

    Cruz is the only one who could fix this. He’s not thee most hated Senator in DC for no reason. DC is a corrupt cesspool and Cruz is the bleach.

    • gvette

      He’s a do nothing senator. Has accomplished very little. Everything he knows about business fits in a thimble!. Oh well, free country, for a while, so vote what you know.

      • Rodney Steward

        We’ve put up with a thimble 1/2 full for over 7 years, and look at what a mess we have! But the main difference, the person holding the title right now hates this country and it’s Constitution, Cruz don’t!

        • gvette

          Funny. Your pal Canadian Cruz, just picked the person that has shipped more jobes off shore then anyone, for his running mate. Another poor choice by Canadian Cruz!

      • CaptTurbo

        It’s exactly because Cruz isn’t a member of the RINO club that the low education lackeys put such a label on him.

        • Maxine Smith

          Sorry CaptTurbo but we Trump supporters are not low educated. In fact we know Cruz is a liar and not a Natural born citizen and therefore will never be POTUS because of this very fact.

        • gvette

          It’s the low information people like you, that support Cruz!

      • JDubya

        I agree with CaptTurbo and Rodney Steward. Besides, because he would not ‘play ball’ and sit down and shut up, they made it very hard on him. You can always tell when somebody is doing right when the people doing wrong hate him. Cruz beat the establishment pick for Senator in Texas, he has lots of background, especially in the Constitution which we really need now.
        Even our senior senator John Cornyn is a lying *$% and will not support Cruz because Cornyn’s conservative label is based on fake deals where he votes one way to prevent a win and to force 60% requirement, and then votes conservative when they no longer can win. Cruz pointed that out – there are a bunch of them who do it – and they all hated him for showing them up. They tried to make it sound like he was a liar, too, when he did something similar to show their fallaciousness; but if anyone is paying attention, Cruz offered an amendment and played the game, pointing out what these scoundrels were doing, but of course the media left that part out. We don’t need any more deal makers like the no-win Republican senators. Too many of them are only interested in the status-quo they now have, not in winning for us.
        Nor do we need children who go about name calling. Everybody thought Trump was so cute when he went after everybody with cutsy, child-like names, but as soon as Rubio did it back – bam, down on Rubio they descended. Cruz, by contrast, never did respond in kind (although the media tried their best), but yet is accused of acting like Trump. Cruz’s response was always ‘Trump is scared, and when he gets scared, he lashes out’ ( and I would add, ‘like a child’).

        • Maxine Smith

          GCruz is part of the very party he is putting down. Trump is the only outsider running. Cruz will say whatever he has to say. Nobody knows just how he will stoop to win. He is a Lying snake in the grass. He is just what God told us to be aware of, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is good at deceiving people. You have the future of you and your families in your hands. Vote wisely and vote TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!

        • gvette

          Well, that was a nice response. Lots of nice words. Most mean nothing, thank you. How bout when Canadian Cruz says audit the fed, then doesn’t show up for the vote. I guess you missed that one. His one vote might not of made a difference, but his is paid to do a job. He’s an attorney, nothing more. Never really held a real job, nor does he know what it takes to create them.

    • Maxine Smith

      Cruz is smack dab in the middle of all the corruption! You all say you want change but you are continuing to put people that are already a part of the problem and part of the system that is part of the crap going on today that has destroyed our economy through unfair trade deals where only the other participants prosper and we get draper and draper in the hole. None of these people in our government represent us any longer. They represent themselves and their control and profits. Cruz and his wife have already worked tho destroy America with the attempt to change America into part of the Nirth American Union which if accomplished our Constitution will be destroyed. I am not willing to give up my Constitution or my freedom. These people are working to institute a New World Order. All you people that the GOPs are different you are wrong. Both the GOPS, the Democrats, and our elite are behind the New World Order because they (all involved) will be the rulers. We will be their slaves. You have your future and the future of your next generations in your hands now. Cruz is a very sneaky snake. He has played his cards well in trying to make you think he is an”outsider”. He is not. Why has his records been seals? What is he hiding? Must be something that will prove that he is NOT A “NATURIAL BORN CITIZEN” and not even a Naturalized Citizen of the UNITED STATES. There is no record of him becoming Naturalized citizen. There is only one record and that is that he denounced his Canadian Citizenship and that was only done in 2014. His teacher in law school has even stated that he is not a natural born citizen and that he is legally a Canadian Citizen because his mother had to choose which citizenship he would have because Canada, at the time of Cruz’s birth, Canada did not allow dual membership. His mother chose Canadian Citizenship and Cruz’s birth certificate is of Canadian Citizenship. Constitutionally Cruz is as of this date NOT an America Citizen and will never legally be able to be POTUS or VICE PRESIDENT. Note I said legally, but with all the illegal activity and all the crooks in our government they will do everything they can to get him in there. After Iowa and all the crooked activities I’ve and others have seen, what he is has shown it’s ugly face. How low he, and now Fiorina and the GOP, will stoop will come to light in the future. Look what has happened at Trumps last rally in Indiana. The protestors were there and created havoc again. They don’t like Trump but they get paid by Soros and the GOP to go there and creat havoc then they blame Trump and his supporters. Then the media gets on TV and blame Trump and the supporters. Such hypocrisy. I am an educated woman and I am realistic in thought. I read and I research an will continue to support TRUMP 2016. As I said, your future 👍🇺🇸❤️👏and the future of your generations are in each of your hands. Vote wisly for TRUMP 2016!!!!!! Vote for our AMERICA!!!!!!!

      • CaptTurbo

        I see the parrot … or is that lemming? … is crapping on the keyboard again.

        • Maxine Smith

          Very educated reply.🙏🏼

  • Milton W. Lowe

    The Whole political network should be ashamed of them selves.

  • Nikita63

    FORGET THE BULL CRAP AND RETURN TO constitutionally compliant GOVERMENT WHERE LAW IS EQUITABLE ENFORCED. PERIOD, END OF STORY. SIMPLE, CLEAN AND PREVIOUSLY PROVED BY HISTORY TO BE EFFICIENT UNTIL WE BEGAN AMENDING IT AND RE-INTERPRETING IT. Enforce ands abide by it as written by those who set the example for all those now ahead of us on the integrity scale. They were not the Founding Fathers for no reason and: they took 7 years of compromise to construct the document which has proven its worth time and again when adhered to!

  • Progressive Republican

    Or, just vote Trump and let him fix it

    Never let it be said that the author so cowardly he won’t sign his work has no sense of humor.

  • John Edward Blake

    Elections are big business and nothing at all convinces me that elections are fair anymore because there is too much technology and it is so easy to beat any system set up.You could tell in 2012 .

  • apzzyk

    Trump is not a problem solver, he is a problem maker because he cannot anticipate the consequences of his policies. Ever since the USSR got the bomb, the whole world has been against nuclear proliferation, and we signed a treaty just a few months ago with Iran to try to at least postpone their getting the bomb. His great foreign policy idea is to pull our troops out of S. Korea, Japan, and Germany and let them defend themselves – all have access to the technology and the materials to make one and delivery systems, and if we leave they will, and that could easily be the start of WWIII – the last possible war. One of the reasons that we signed the treaty with Iran was to keep the Saudi’s from using their technology and resources to keep up with Iran. Then there are his great policy proposals on immigration and Islam which will make the US less secure. He want to create more enemies rather than reduce the potential for even more. Even his past public ventures have not come out that well – the last seems to be Trump University, and before that Trump airlines, by isolating himself from his corporation he has increased his personal wealth at the expense of the ones who took him into bankruptcy – a really bad track record, which he hides well by keeping others from hitting him back by just being loud.

  • Howleyesque

    Our electoral system’s very BASIS is a corrupt joke! (aka “the electoral college” THAT left over dinosaur needs to come to an IMMEDIATE end!

  • Gen11American

    The Republicans know exactly how to fix the problems with electoral lack of credibility, including the massive voter fraud being perpetrated in this country, but the Democrats block them every step of the way because the Democrats can onlly get their candidates elected via massive voter fraud!