Sheriff Joe’s Common-Sense Solution to Protect Black Churches

Joe_Arpaio_speaking_at_Tea_Party_PatriotsSheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona, has gained a reputation of tough, straight talk… and uncommon, often misunderstood, yet common-sense… solutions to fighting crime.

In the aftermath of the Charleston shooting at the black church, Sheriff Joe has a new way to protect black churches in his area… armed posses.

IJREview shares the report of Sheriff Joe’s action:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be deploying his deputies and posse members to churches downtown and [in] South Phoenix on Father’s Day amid fears that copycat attackers would turn houses of worship into shooting grounds.

Activists in the valley’s African-American community have asked for protection from the MCSO.

Sheriff Joe explained:

“I do have thousands of volunteer posse, no cost to the taxpayers, they’re armed, well trained. Lot of copycats out there and there’s a lot of controversy across our nation today and that’s what I worry about.”

Isn’t this the appropriate, smart first response to the Charleston church shooting incident?

First, take action to protect innocent lives.

Then, we can debate all the other stuff like racism, gun violence, and the Confederate flag.

Thank you Sheriff Joe for your service.

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