This is a Shocking Demonstration of Representative Student Government Gone Wrong

American-flag-2aStudents at the University of California, Irvine voted this week to ban the American flag. On March 3rd, the Associated Students of University of California (ASCUI) passed a resolution calling for the removal of the American flag, along with every other flag, from the lobby of the complex in which student government offices are situated.

The resolution, authored by student Matthew Guevara, reads:

Designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidentially.

The American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism. Flags not only serve as symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism, but also construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge nationalistic sentiments.

The vote was 6 in favor, four against. Two members abstained.

A representative of the University assured Fox News the school does not endorse the resolution. She said the executive board of the student government association plans to meet to discuss the possibility of a veto.

According to Fox News:

Reza Zomorrodian, the ASUCI president and a young patriot, told me he was very upset over the student government’s actions and will push for a veto.

“It’s an attack on American values,” he said. “A lot of people want to come to the United States for a reason – it’s because of the freedoms we have.”

Zomorrodian told me the legislation was the result of a longstanding feud over the display of the American flag. He said unknown perpetrators kept taking down the flag and he would put it back up. The flag is currently folded and being protected in a vice president’s office.

“I’m really disappointed in our legislative council right now,” he said. “I’m firmly against what they did. I think it was a horrible idea.”

Zomorrodian said he wants the American public to know that UC Irvine is a patriotic campus.

Zomorrodian reminded Fox News that UC Irvine is a campus with 22,000 undergraduate students, of which only six voted in favor of banning Old Glory. He said the elected representatives that made the decision will have to answer to the student body as a whole.

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  • Bobtrhn

    I hope no tax payer money goes to this damn idiots. What the hell do you think our soldiers are fighting for? Are all people in California nuts? No need to answer that because I think it’s obvious.

    • Rboo

      Yes all people in California are nuts. You did notice the student that authored the resolution is a mexican. I’m sure they’ll be hanging mexican flags instead of American flags.

      • Bobtrhn

        Could be a muslim flag too.

        • Rboo

          Very true.

      • dennis

        Yes I live in Illinois and liberals have ran this state into the ground

        • Rboo

          Obama and his liberal cronies are going to be the death of America if our Congress can’t hold him in check for the next 2 years!

          • Rosylin Goldstein-Friedman

            Dennis; were you dropped on your head when you were a baby? Your brain is definately scrambled…your Tea bag Repukelicans are trying their damnest to destroy these United States . Of America! Thank God our blessed POTUS, YES, OBAMA is accomplishing so much, dispute the obstructionism! Stop watching Faux News & learn the truth!

          • Rboo

            First off you are just as stupid or blind as the rest of the liberals. The only thing Obama has accomplished is destroying our country, he has needed any Republicans help in doing that. He is the one letting all these illegals in, he’s the one allowing all these Radical Muslims over here, unemployment is at it’s highest it’s been in 30 years. What exactly has he accomplished besides sending us back decades in racial divides? I do not watch any news, I can not stomach seeing our country being destroyed. Oh he also is the only president I have ever known that hates our military so much. Second you are on the wrong site to be spouting your liberal bullshit.

          • She’s obviously a troll who is here to provoke a ruckus. Her lies are so absurd as to make her post totally laughable. Learn to recognize them quickly, expose them as such and move on. They will self-destruct all on their own. Wicked fools always do.

          • RufusVonDufus

            Your name says it all!

          • Notice that her “jewish” name no appears as “guest.” I wonder why? Perhaps you got just a little too close to the truth.

          • Rboo

            My name is the same you idiot, that is someone else. It’s also not Jewish, I’m Christian. I wasn’t sent any where and Dufus boy didn’t get no where near the truth. I noticed you didn’t deny Obama did all I said he did. Just come out and admit it Dufus & Watchman you’re both Communist.

          • cardmaster1

            YOU are part of the problem! You Liberal nut jobs are the WHOLE problem with this country, and your Socialist Dictator in Chief has done Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to Help this country! Quite the opposite! The Tea Party people are doing their damndest to get this country Back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned and put in our Constitution! You Liberal idiots are the ones ripping this country apart and you are too Ignorant to see it.

          • America is a false idol. She was infiltrated, corrupted and taken over by a satanic cult of global elites over a century ago. Both DemonRat and Republican Parties are in on one of the greatest frauds and con jobs of all time.

            Even the Tea Party has been infiltrated and taken over by these Satan-worshipping Zionist psychopaths. Nothing is what you think it is.

          • Rboo

            Zionist: worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the

            establishment and development of the state of Israel.

          • mac12sam12

            How could the republicans be trying to destroy the United States when democrats have been blocking them since 2006? The democrats are doing it all by their lonesome, lowest workforce participation rate since 1978, 300,000+ a WEEK applying for unemployment and a shrinking middle class and small business sector. Obama has accomplished nothing, he’s spent more money that all the presidents put together only to make things worse. Pull your head out of the koolaid mothership and learn something, Gruber.

          • Don’t get too enamored with the GOP. Both parties are shams, frauds and charades to deceive the naive and the gullible. They are two branches of a one party system ruled by the shadow government controlled and directed by the 4,000 members of the CFR, the most publicly visible arm of the Satan-worshipping Illuminati in America.

          • Lee Warran

            So lets are up and march on them.

          • To what constructive end? The media is owned and controlled by them as is our entire government bureaucracy.

            No, that is not God’s sovereign will. We are living in the final days of the great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 for thousands of years. 546 days from today (April 5, 2015) it will be over. During the 45 days which follow, Christ returns to gather the elect and to marry His bride, the true body of believers from all time in the marriage supper of the Lamb. Right after that, He returns to tread the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God upon the wicked, as explained in Revelation 19:15. ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord.” Romans 12:19

            The “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist global elites and their fellow impostors posing as Jews are the Antichrist of these end times who are the ones guilty of and responsible for the false flag attack upon America on 9/11. Jesus identified them as the synagogue of Satan in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. It turns out that the Bible is, and always has been 100% trustworthy, reliable and true down to its every last jot and tittle. Imagine that.

          • Rboo

            Don’t pretend to be a Christian, if you were a Christian then you would embrace the Jewish people because they are Gods chosen ones. Are seriously going there with the illuminati and the free masons. The Bible is true and trustworthy, but you are not.

          • All you vile and wicked impostors posing as “:jews” are strongly delusional. God did it to you to fulfill end times Bible prophecy at 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

            “…those (Turko-Mongolian Khazars) who claim to be Jews, and are not, are the synagogue of Satan.” Yahushua at Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

            In other words, all those impostors posing as Jews are symbolized by the Antichrist of these end times and the first beast of Revelation 13.

            “We Jews do not like to admit it, but our God is Lucifer… We are his chosen people…” — Harold Rosenthal from “The Hidden Tyranny” (1976)

            We all know Obama is a tool and puppet of the “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist global elites who say that “Obama has the heart of a Jew.” that means he is wicked to the core, demon-possessed and a psychopath. So much for “our blessed POTUS!”

          • BruceInBaghdad

            Sorry, but I don’t know a single Free Mason that supports Obama or his policies.

          • sensrbtch

            free masons do not support Arabs of any kolor! or atheists!

          • Freemasonry is a secret society and satanic cult in which its lower level members are intentionally deceived and misled by its higher-level members of the Illuminati. Satan rules by lies and deception and this is the true lord of Freemasonry, cloaked in all sorts of occult rituals that few in it even understand. It’s ultimate aim is the total destruction of Biblical Christianity. This is why prayers in the name of Jesus Christ or Yahushua are not permitted or allowed inside Freemasonry, but prayers to just about every other demon spirit are both allowed and encouraged.

            The motto of Freemasonry, “Making good men better,” reveals how fraudulent their whole cult is and always has been.

            “The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked; who can know it?’ Jeremiah 17:9

            There is nothing new under the sun. Mankind has always been totally depraved. The default destination for all of mankind, apart from being born again in the Spirit of God, fully submitted to Yahushua as lord, is an eternity of torment in hell for our many sins.

          • At least that’s what they’ve convinced you they believe.

            Never does it occur to you that even the lower levels of Freemasonry are being deliberately deceived by those at higher levels in this same satanic secret society.

            Read Tom McKenney’s book, “33 Degrees of Deception,” to learn what Freemasonry is really all about. It is demonic from top to bottom and is ruled by the ultra-secret society of the Illuminati at the top.

          • BruceInBaghdad

            Interesting that you would automatically assume what would or would not occur to me. Considering I only stated that I didn’t know any Free Masons that supported Obama or his policies.

            I made no other qualifying remarks, but you decided you already know me, my thoughts, and all of my friends and acquaintances. Very interesting indeed.

          • I never made such broad claims as you make here. That reveals your character to be seriously deficient. It reveals that you are not at all as slick at sin and lying as you think you are.

            The bottom line is that YHWH (God) sees it all and He’s not at all amused. Soon, there consequences arrive. Brace yourself. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

          • BruceInBaghdad

            You stated “never did it occur to you.” That statement indicates you have knowledge of what goes on in my mind. Since we’ve never met, that would be doubtful. Also, do not assume I don’t already have a personal relationship with our Lord. I’m aware of the impending 4th blood moon. I am prepared.

          • SpiderWatch

            Rather than discussing the facts or trying to look outside your own perspective, you mock those that question you.

          • Rboo

            He’s lost his mind. If you look earlier in the posts he was singing Obamas praises, as you go down he starts talking the illuminati crap and Jewish bigotry.

          • sensrbtch

            yada,yada, nasa schimultah! do u nore hoos to spek the camel spit” kahsumek”! u r an anti-zionest as is the obolah-nation.

          • Anyone who does not oppose the satanic fraud of Zionism is pure evil and has taken on the mark of the beast. After all, the impostors posing Jews are the Antichrist of these end times. Anyone of the truth already knows this.

            These are the bastards who really committed the atrocity of and false flag attack 9/11 upon America and then blamed it on Arab Muslim terrorists.

            These are the bastards who infiltrated and hijacked our nation and our world over a century ago.

            These are the bastards who injured up the lie and fraud of the holohoax to conceal and hide the greatest crime against humanity in all of world history during the 20th century: the extermination of 142 million (or more) non_”jewish” Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodians by their “jewish’-inspired satanic Communist governments in the interests of ‘consolidating political power.” Their plan is to bring this same mass murder to America real soon and Obama is one of their puppets, as have been every President since Woodrow Wilson.

          • Rboo

            You need to make up your mind. Earlier you were singing obama and the other liberals praises and now Obama is a Jewish illuminati. Seriously did you forget to take your meds. The illuminati play no role in the Book of Revelations. The Jewish people are Gods chosen people and who in the hell is pretending to be Jewish and why would they as badly as the Jewish people get treated.

          • sensrbtch

            u do not noe a member of the illuminate,masons,black-watch, npr, or crusaders! so hoos dah hell-o do u noe tuats goin ons? so tuat part of alls dis si the obolahminiks prez a memkber off? he is not in sckull n bomnies! he mite be in the n2acrap, or a membr of the black-suckuss?

          • When you stop writing in pigeon English, I might consider responding to you. Not until then.

          • Allen Kincade

            Brain washed lib Rosylin

          • Rboo

            Who the f*ck is Roslyn? I haven’t seen anyone with that name on this site!

          • sensrbtch

            wrong rozie 3 names! the obolah-nation has screwed u an mes! u ned to go to other sites and read the real truth, lick the government budget office,the dept of the treasury, and look 4 wer the monies went?!

          • Rboo

            You need to learn to type so that people can understand what you’re saying. I don’t think rozie 3 names can lick the government. You are right obama nation has left a big mess. Good luck with the English language.

          • Lee Warran

            Want a little cheese with that whine guest? Your end is closer than you think.

          • RufusVonDufus

            Are you kidding? Congress is a unique collection of eunuchs who have no desire or bells (sp) for the job of holding anyone in check because this “supposed anyone” has all of the dirt on the criminals we have sent there.

          • Rboo

            Dufus, seriously?

      • sensrbtch

        that has already happened 2 years ago at an high-schull. wer the mmexikans declared it national spangler day, and hauled down the Americana flag, and replaced it with the stinkin flag of messcekoo! and the schull admin did nuthin, and has dun nuthin since, the stinking cowards!

        • Rboo

          I know how bad that is, I live in Texas and they put their Mexican flag up everywhere they can. In the back of truck windows, on their license plates. I don’t think it should be legal to fly another countries flag except the USA flag and I’m sick of people getting made to take it down because it offends them. Too bad, if it offends you then you shouldn’t be living here. No other country would allow this to happen.

  • dennis

    As a vet I’m angry put it backup and buy them a ticket to the country in which flag they approve

    • Barbara Johnson

      If the Politicians there allow this to happen, I think that California should be given to Mexico, and let them worry about getting their future paychecks in peso’s! Pelosi ought to love that!

      • niko

        Hell yeah Barbara that was real good , thanks for the laugh. They can call the monetary exchange pelosi pesos, Lol

        • Barbara Johnson

          Glad I made you laugh, but I did mean it seriously.

          • niko

            I know, but it still gave me a good laugh. Facetious statements have their place, lol. Barbara have a Happy Easter it was a pleasure conversing with you.

          • sensrbtch

            muzzies,atheists,jerry brown,most all pols imn cal, do not recognize EASTER! onlies catholicks,jews,christians of all colors, n chickens!

          • Rboo

            California is a lost cause.

          • sensrbtch

            NO U DINT!? cuz no 1 takes kali-fornication seriously!?

      • sensrbtch

        go tak a look at the make up of the legislature of this state/sanfransiskoo,koo, it is 90% blacks,mexican/spanglers/n queers! so tuat do u expek to happen, and the govinour is a recovered monk?! wer is he with out Linda the stoned ponie?

      • Oh by all means, let’s finish the job and merge Mexico, Canada and the USA into one regional government and call it the North America Union, just as George W. Bush illegally agreed to do in 2005 to advance the New World Order agenda of the Satan-worshiping global elites!

        • retona4

          Prove it, false prophet.

          • Your stalking me as a “useful idiot” and troll of the “jewish” global elites provides all the evidence anyone of the truth with any integrity would ever need that everything I teach is the objective truth.

            You’re nothing more than a mocker and a proven pathological liar. You have no voice and no platform or credibility with anyone. You’re simply desperate. Everyone can now see this. You’ve made in painfully obvious to everyone. Good job.

    • Judy P Lathem


    • You need to follow the money to its source. Sadly, n the end, you will find that they are the same psychopaths that you risked your life serving as a vet.

  • Not_Easily_Impressed

    What have these “students” learned? And, who did they learn it from? Don’t they understand what the flag stands for? I guess there needs to be some re-education.

    • perry

      Yes our schools teach nothing so that fools can go to higher ed.

      • It’s much easier to control mindless zombies who cannot think for themselves than to permit them to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. Heavens no!! They might discover that all the world’s an illusion, a lie, and a colossal fraud, if we allowed THAT to happen!!

        Naw, let’;s keep ’em in the dark just a bit longer…

        • Allen Kincade

          Feed them bullshit WOTW

      • sensrbtch


    • Anthony

      You mean re-election, of the student body! And where is the faculty? Who runs the school!

      • Rboo

        The faculty are a bunch of liberals. I’m sure they are very proud.

        • Liberals = godless = liars = sons of the devil, the father of lies.

          Liberals are the “useful idiots” of the Satan-worshipping “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist global elites who are the metaphorical Antichrist of these final days of the end times. Things seem out of control today because the Antichrist and Satan rule the world today. Until you understand this, nothing makes any sense. When you do, it ALL makes sense.

      • Not_Easily_Impressed

        Not re-election, re-education. The teachers are not teaching sound principles of how to think clearly and discern right thinking from faulty thinking. How else can they be so messed up? Student body, yes, but teachers also. I think we are seeing a case of the uneducated teaching the uneducated and they are both stuck in a tar pit of error. As far as who runs the school, there are boards and commissioners for such things and they are AWOL. Students can have their organizations as long as they follow some reasonable and fair plan of organization, but it needs to be SUPERVISED, not micro managed, and it needs to be REASONABLE and LEGAL, not stupid or illegal. Look what Project Veritas uncovered, for example, at well-known large universities.

        • All universities serve to mind control program the next generation of naive and gullible youth to beiieve that snow is black, good is evil and evil is good. That way, they serve the almighty State as demon-infested fools and obedient brain-washed zombie robots. That’s the deliberate plan. It’s working pretty well, judging from how mad the world has become.

      • Satan does. That’s obvious.

    • dextermassolettisr

      We call it de-programming — one of the quickest ways is to put them out there where they have to earn a living for themselves and pay taxes out of their own pockets.

      • barry sharp

        And repay student loans immediately.

    • The public school indoctrination is accomplishing precisely what it was intended to produce: non-thinking zombies and morons who do the bidding of their “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist globalist masters who laugh uproariously at how they have fooled the “useful idiots.”

      This is all part of the unraveling and revealing of the fulfillment of end times Bible prophecy. Because we are at the end of God’s Biblical prophetic story (history). The signs are everywhere! But few can see them. End times prophecy predicts and explains this too.

      Let the wise understand. The wicked never will. Daniel 12:10 tells us this. God never lies, changes or fails.

      • Not_Easily_Impressed

        You might want to review some of the other things that are written in the Holy Bible. Satan may have had a hand in the creation of the public school, but he lost the war a long time ago. It is convenient, perhaps, to pick on some group and give them a label, but the real power behind evil is a defeated angel once known as Lucifer.

        • Tell that to the “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist global elites and their satanic secret societies which secretly engage in the occult to gain demonic spirit power over others. These devil-worshippers have hijacked our world in their satanic cult of total depravity. They are the Antichrist of these end times in which we are now living. In 18 months, the madness will end, because God is orchestrating everything behind the scenes toward this end. Anyone of the truth with any integrity already knows this. That fact that you don’t reveals that you aren’t one of us. That is all.

      • sensrbtch

        hav u bin to the whaling wall? or the Hadrian wall, or the memorial wall in the d&c, or the wall that denotes all the innocents of 9/11? u wer to late to fix humpty dumpty stupit! wer did u go? u ned to stik u finger in the wall.

    • sensrbtch

      tuat the illegal aliens ned is to be sent back to their countries! and take away the scholarships,monies,and fire the administration o 4 bein anti-Americans!

  • Barbara Johnson

    California? Don’t you mean Mexifornia? Maybe that is why they do not want the American flag there!

    • Allen Kincade

      Stupid comment Barbara

      • sensrbtch

        ohhh alanne., hoos r u 2 judge the 3nAMES? ANY 1 WID 3 NAMES IN KALI-FORNICAT-ION IS A BORN N RAISED LIBERAL

    • paulrd

      They probably would like to fly a Karl Marx socialist flag. California’s so call progressive thinking ( socialist thinking ) that Hollywood scocial lights have pushed on television is one of the causes for our country’s deterioration since the late 1960’s Jane Fonda and free love, flower child, hippie movements.

  • The Fox

    Stop this PC bull crap, the kids are in school to learn not govern, put them in class and let real adults decide what is right and wrong, shows why California is call the land of Fruits, Nuts and Flakes, and no wonder God won’t give them any water.

    • sensrbtch

      ohhhh; well spoken foxxie! let them eat fruits,veggies,wine,aan sum special shite, wid out water?! am gona guess that nearlie everi 1 has a fren/sum 1 they noe lives in kalifornication. having sed that, we love them?;mabe, but we all wait for it 2 slide into the pacific ocean!?.

    • Where will you find any real adults in California? They’re all demon-possessed zombies and wicked fools. Same conditions existed in Sodom and Gomorrah right before God turned them into toast.

      How many signs do people need before they figure out that these are the unmistakable signs of the final days of the end times of Bible prophecy? it’s all pretty obvious… to anyone of the truth with any integrity. California has none of those… They are all of the lie and knowingly or unknowingly serve the devil, the father of lies.

      • retona4

        It appears you’ve officially jumped the shark.

      • The Fox

        Even in the land of evil California, God has a few, very few that belong to Him but, sad to say they don’t have much of a voice these days and it shows. God Bless and Shalom:

  • niko

    I Have to say that Reza the young Patriot is sadly mistaken to say that the University of Irvine in California is a patriotic College. 95%of the colleges today are run by filthy ,liberal ,brain dead morons. Example the Christian college in Florida which the name eludes me at this moment wants to invite Isis to come talk to it’s college student body, Cornell in upstate New York wants to send care packages to ISIS Fighters and so on and so forth.

    • paulrd

      We have faculty positions in our schools being occupied by Communists and socialist, who are teaching the communist and socialist agenda and we need to get rid of them and their destroy America teaching . There should be tests and interviews setup that insures that people who are Communist or socialist sympathiesers never get a faculty position in any of our schools or colleges.

      • sensrbtch

        noeing all this, r u a representative of the local peoples or parents against common core?

        • paulrd

          No I’m just an American who has watch our country go down hill since the early 1970’s to where it is today.The down hill spiral was caused by the changes in the American people’s thinking, morals and ethics. And those changes were the result of what was being taught in schools and colleges to our kids then to now , plus what TV was and has been pushing as normal and okay. Norman Thomas under the socialist party ticket, in 1993 ran for the presidency of the united states. After he didn’t do so well, he went back to the socialist party and told them, ” the American people. Will never buy into the socialist program or agenda under the name scocialism but they will buy every facet of of it under the name of Liberalism.

    • Judy P Lathem

      Send those students to be done in by ISIS if that’s the way they feel!!

      • niko

        I most definitely agree, thanks for the reply

      • sensrbtch

        RIGHT! CHICKS UP FRONT! just lick in the good ole dayz, wen we wer all stoned, and protesting the reign of king dickhed nixon!

    • Rboo

      Seriously, a Christian college wants to invite Isis to go talk to it’s student body? Course Florida is just about as screwed up as California. Every time you here about weird crap happening it’s happening in Florida.

      • sensrbtch

        not as bad sas it is in nys,kal,ind,mass,n.h.!

    • sensrbtch

      berry university and cornell r the 2 offending institutions that want isis intervention on the campussie?!

  • sturgis

    Someone should kick these students asses. along with some of the professors! In fact put all the left wing marxist democrats, progressives, useless republicans, soetoro, all his cronies, and his illegal emigrants, and nuke the dam state!

  • Sylvester Jones

    Kick them out of America.

    • paulrd

      We have laws to prosecute people for insurrection we just need some people to step up to the plate and file the charges on teachers or students alike.

  • paulrd

    Tell the greasy Spock’s like Mathew Guevara to go back to their national country of origin if they don’t like our country, way of life, culture and flag.

    • Judy P Lathem


  • Pcriqui

    I do believe that all student aid should be shut off to that school and all diplomas null and void untill they recongnize thier obligation to this country that gives them the freedoms that they want to exploit.

  • jaydee

    The drought in CA is not only on the farms but in the colleges too. A drought of American History…unrevised.

  • Doug Powell

    used to work at a UC and it is getting bad plain and simple. I agree with Bobtrhn. There are monies that come from state and federal coffers that augment the education that Mr. Guevera is receiving. I recommend that HE and not the state or any other organization put up 100% of his education or he can just keep his subsidized lip shut. He has no idea of what he is committing to or if he does is either a true imbecile or a terrorist instigator. Get he out of here!

  • ABBAsFernando

    Excellent example of the extent of the communist brainwashing of young people today from communist agents pretending to be “educators” in our School systems. Senator McCarthy should have deported all the damn communist scum or worse.

    Time for We the People loyal to the United States Constitution to identify and remove all communist agents where ever we find them. From Public Schools to High governmemt levels.

  • James in Texas

    That would be the state that banned White and American high school students from wearing T-shirts with American flags or any patriotic messages on the school grounds on Cinco de Mayo day because it “might” cause some of the illegal students to be upset! And, then the U.S. Supreme Court refused to take the case, Period! As you may know, California is an Amnesty State, and most of the larger cities are also Amnesty Cities! When La Raza finally takes California back to Mexico, in about 2-3 years the entire state will be nothing less than Tijuana, which is a toilet without a sewerage plant!

  • barry sharp

    Here we go again, another California college being run by the minority students. Simple fix, stop all Federal funding, any student owing Federal loans or grants immediate pay back. Send Matthew Guevara a one way ticket to Mexico City or Guatemala he can go to college there, wont have to worry about the American flag and try to convince others to remove their national flag. We will wait to see how many years he has to stay in jail without a trial or a court hearing with a jury of his peers.
    As a retired VET: Viet Nam / Gulf War, I am getting sick and tired of seeing my years of service as a waste. To return to civilian life and being spit on again by illiterate little pukes, who have never done anything for anyone but themselves, on my tax dollar, makes me sick. But I realize that these are the children of those who dodged the draft, never cared about their country only about their pay check, I am sorry I served my country so you parents could prosper and raise indignant little worthless POS.

  • Greg Geitner

    you sick f**ks, give up mamas titty and get a REAL idea of what it means to be an american. while you sit around being bored, grow a f**king spine. i sincerely hope i run into[possibly literally] you people. i promise you wont like it. not all californians are total asshats.

  • Jimh77

    Removing the Flag should be considered unconstitutional. These 6 that voted should be deported.
    They obviously do not like America. They are free to get out!

  • Dons621

    sex and drugs that is about all these kids learn in the so-called Institutes of Higher Learning.

  • David

    Bobtrhn, you took the words out of my mouth…….They will end up stew in their own sewerage….

  • Tony

    Matthew Guevara and his acolytes should be expelled from UC Irvine. They don’t belong in the USA so send them to Mexico, one of the most corrupt countries in the world. I’m more shocked by the stupid, inept, unpatriotic administrator who allowed this vote to take place. If I ever saw a foreign or American student remove the American flag, I’d punch the crap out of him. If they replaced Old Glory with a different country’s flag, I’d remove it, urinate on it, and hang it in a cesspool.

  • Matt krapish

    Only in America can people get away with that stupid shit those who don’t like America and what it stands for then get the hell out of this country

  • gmhunt4

    The student government building should be closed. The students that voted for the resolution should be deported.

  • Michael Valgos

    If this group of morons do not like our flag, then they can go to another country that our flag will not be flown. These punks don’t care of the lives that have been given for this flag. I am a disabled 10 year Marine veteran, and this pisses me off to no end. The little bastards don’t have to salute it, but it better remain flying at U C Irvine.

  • djw663

    “Designing a culturally inclusive space” Remember we are in the United States of America, not any other country and those people here are here by choice. They can have their own flags, ceremonies, traditions at home but in tax payer funded public lands and building we are “the United States of America” and should be proud to fly the flag of our country. The people offended by our flag are welcome to do as they please on their private property but if our money is paying for it FLY THE FLAG, RESPECT the flag, HONOR the men and women who paid the price for us to have the FREEDOM to fly our flag!

  • Adolf

    I vote that Matthew Guevara and the other 5 who voted to remove the flag be hung by the neck until dead from flag poles and the 6 corpses be dumped unceremoniously in international waters.

  • RufusVonDufus

    This is a perfect example of the type of morons we are paying to educate. They would be better served if we sent them to education camps and taught them respect for their country rather than how to destroy it. Obama has divided this country so much I doubt we will ever recover from it, and now a vote for Hillary is a vote to continue the progressive destruction of America which Obama started.

  • cardmaster1

    Those that boted in favor of this are, in No incertain terms, TRAITORS. They should be IMMEDIATELY expelled from this school and the school have Any and All public and/or government funding Immediately ceased until they can Encourage and foment AMERICAN values and policies.

  • Peter Smith

    And people wonder what’s wrong with our country? All of this in the same state were students can’t wear T-stirts with the US flar on Cinco de Mayo. It is time for “the big one” along the San Andreas fault and California to slide off into the Pacific. I sure as h-ll won’t miss them.

  • sensrbtch

    be aware that these students do not represent the school or the student body! they r illegal aliens , given scholarships ovr other disadvantaged AMERICAN STUDENTS?! how can this be u ax u r sef. ax the prez of the USA, oOBOLAH-NATION! THESE VERY SAME FARIES HAV GIVEN away the schulls to the illegals! these people r not citizens! go chk it out!

  • dennis

    All christains boycott NCAA until they come out and stand behind christian rights also.Boycott sponcers.also. I would rather honor God than watch NCAA that backs up sin.STAND UP AND DON’T SHUT UP.

  • Sean Rickmin

    I fly my AMERICAN flag for two reasons,one to remind me of what our country was before Obama and his liberal bottom feeders started their war on American ideals,and second to piss Obama off,he hates symbols of our AMERICA.As for the socialist territory of California,it’s been said that living in California is like living in a bowl of granola,”WHAT AIN’T FRUITS AND NUTS IS FLAKES”.

  • EdChoate

    What is expected from a person with the last name of Guevara. Remember Che?

    I bet he thinks that he is related to Che Guevara and wants to continue his socialist
    murderous agenda.

    Matthew has to remember what was Che’s end. Beheaded by the Bolivian military in the
    border of Bolivia and Brazil.( Thanks in part to my father, but that a
    different story)

    Stupid naive liberal socialist leaning Matthew, do you think that by taking the
    flag out of the lobby of your liberal California University you will make America better?

    Let us analyze your reasoning for taking the American flag down.

    “Designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidentially”.

    Matthew, where did you learn that naïve thinking that by taking down the American Flag (the representation of FREEDOM to millions of Americans AND legal immigrants) there will be a safe place where everyone can participate equally and confidentially in your university?

    Who are the everyone you are talking about?

    The illegal’s that are studying in your university?
    The Muslims at your university that are demanding sharia law?
    The gay and lesbian in your university that are there to find and “train” new recruits to their sick life style?
    The local ISIS American Association recruiter that studies in your University?
    The black students in your university that naively believes that Obama(Damn him) is Black,
    Democrat and a Christian, when in reality he is half white with no real racial identity, a socialist and with no real religious beliefs, (but surely leaning towards Islam).

    The world is a dangerous and sick place, naive Matthew.

    If a person comes to study or live in America they have to UNDERSTAND that we have our culture and laws. If they do not like our culture or laws they can go to Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela or Cuba.

    Stupid naive liberal socialist democrat Matthew, America has ALWAYS welcomed everyone regardless of their races, religion, etc.” And we treated them better than their own country did”. What we are tired of, is that some of the new immigrants and illegals want to change our laws and constitution (Damn Obama) to meet their selfish needs like:

    a) sharia law (to give power to Islam and their followers so they can charge us a penalty tax for not being a Muslim or kill us if we say anything bad about their fake prophet Mohammed that by the way according to the Bible, is now in hell paying for his sins because he did not repent from them and did not accept Christ, the only mediator between God and man as his Savior and Lord.

    b) immigration reform law, (so they can stay in the US after breaking all kind of laws like using fake or stolen social security cards, using free schools, health and other social programs (paid by Americans and legal immigrants)

    c) Gun control law: So this new socialist leaning government together with the United Nations can control us so we the people of this United States cannot fight against our enemies “outside and within our country”. Obama, (Damn him) his corrupt government and the UN are purposely helping disarm us while preparing the world for a new world order, thinking that this New World will be of peace when in reality will be a world governed by the anti Christ and later Satan himself.

    Now let us talk about our Great American Flag. You said that:

    “The American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.
    Flags not only serve as symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism, but
    also construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge
    nationalistic sentiments”

    Dear stupid naïve Matthew, I can see that you are just like Obama (Damn him), you do not love America.

    Our flag was flown in many countries and instances but ALWAYS with a noble cause.
    We have always been the Good People.

    In Germany when we won the war against the brutal Hitler and after that we helped rebuild that country.
    In the Philippines when we helped their military save their country.
    In Japan when we won the war and also helped rebuild their country.

    Check your history books (prior to 1973) and you will see the atrocities made by your friends like: Russia, China,Japan, North Korea, Iran etc. We NEVER did or acted like they did. Why? Because of our Judeo-Christian beliefs.

    America used to be a country where:

    The universities where places of real learning environment where
    the student learned a real profession that could sustain him and his family for
    life, making the nation strong and rich, instead of learning liberal agendas that
    destroys a nation within, making a nation frail and poor.

    The Universities had teachers that had character and loved our
    nation. Where the faculty took care in teaching the students morality, character
    and Judeo-Christian ethics so they could become the best they could be,

    The Universities had their own values and rules that could not
    be changed or broken by a stupid liberal naïve student that believes that by
    taking the flags from a room it will make it a better place for peace and
    harmony among the multicultural and multi sexual genders in that “no cohones” university.
    (Let us all sing the UN national hymn)

    Where your religious beliefs were protected by the constitution.

    A country where the government had no business telling you that:

    o That you should not tell your members who not to vote for
    because that would give you a hint on how the church wants you to vote for.

    That you should not witness or say anything against Mohamed to
    Muslims because they are a “religion of peace” and it could offend them and create
    a problem like it happened in Paris.

    o That you should not preach against the homosexual life style because
    this is now the norm in America and proven by the recent Indiana Governor
    cowardly retreat of the law protecting religious right.

    o That you should not preach on traditional family values, because
    the new family values in AMERICA are either

    § a single women with 5kids of 5 different men, on welfare because the government is too lazy to go after the dads and make them pay child support so their children do not have to
    depend on the government system. (could it be that the reason the government
    wants them on welfare is because they want their vote?)

    § a married homosexual couple, with adopted children teaching them
    their sick and sinful life style.

    What iswrong in charging the nationalistic sentiments if the country is the United
    States of America?

    We were and STILL ARE the strongest nation in the world, not only by our military power
    but by our benevolence to the world. What would it be of many countries if the
    United States of America did not help them?

    We as citizens of this country need to be less like Obama (Damn him) (that finds all kinds of excuses to tell the world that we are sorry for the past mistakes we made) , and be more like a LOYAL AMERICAN that believes in our constitution and is willing to die for it.

    America is in a mess where you cannot trust either the democrat or the republican
    elected official.

    They ALL want the same thing; keep their job and screw the people.

    Why can’t they serve the people instead of serving themselves?

    Loyal Americans, we need real change. A change from Obama (Damn him), the democrats and the republicans.
    We need new people in government that cares for this country and for what we used to care about. We are becoming a weak nation, with liberal laws that will destroy us.
    Let’s get out and find ourselves someone to vote for that is an, American born, with both
    parents born in American soil, with character and conviction, to help us change America back to what it used to be, a nation that cares for its people and its constitution.

    God bless America and that Obama be damned due to his liberal, America hatred agenda.

    PS: Because I believe that Obama (Damn him) believes he is the New Prophet of the Black
    people and the white liberals, (even that he is half white, not fully black) and that Islam is the choice religion of his government, I decided to add (Damn him) after the name Obama as a joke, imitating what the Muslims write after writing the name of Mohamed.

    I hope that Obama and the FBI, understands that my hatred is not for the men Obama but for the liberal agenda of his administration and the lack of respect for the constitution of this
    United States of America.

    I pray that Obama accepts Christ as his savior and changes his way from Islam (the false
    religion) to Christ (Not a religion but a personal relationship). That would change America for better.

    • dennis

      Well put Ed .I’m a vet and apauled at them taking that flag down
      STAND UP AND DON’T SHUT UP. VOTE THE BIBLE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drake Travis

    tired of them wagging the dog? “The High Road Show” is coming. Hosting will be done by us; Drake & Serena Travis. We are smacking this type of baloney the way it ought to be. The liars are put on notice – and they are running out of time.

  • roy lembke

    So exactly what colonies did the flag fly over? I guess one could make the argument that the Hawaiian Territory, Alaskan terroritory was a colony – though it wasn’t. Or maybe Puerto Rico. What “empire” did the US have – I missed that history lesson. The US did take the land from the Native Americans – but it wasn’t a colony or an empire – it ended up being the country. Of course, to the progressive globalist, why let facts get in the way of a great marxist communist narrative. Perhaps California should be a part of Mexico – the land of utopia.