Starbucks Just Upped the Ante in the War on Christmas

4146473576_af34ced7edApparently political correctness trumps profits for Starbucks.

One of Starbucks most successful mass marketing campaigns over the years has been their changing of cups from plain white to festive red Christmas cups.

Check out this amusing account of the evolution of the Starbucks Christmas cups and decide for yourself.

Is it about simplicity, or a conscious effort to join the War on Christmas:

Yes, I was, as most people are, seduced by modern, mass-marketing, which has trounced traditionalism and replaced it with corporate logos and non-threatening jingles. And today I returned to my old, caffeinated Mecca (and the crowds made it feel like I was on the Hajj, too).

And what I found was deeply disappointing to 17-year-old, macchiato-chugging me. The Red Cups (do I need a trademark symbol after that?) are now an anti-Christmas symbol, with Starbucks declaring their formerly Christmassy cups to be “holiday beverages” and shedding any sign of Christmas from them.

Have a look at what Starbucks Red Cups over the years looked like: 

To the right is the 2009 offering. You can see distinct elements of Christmas, even if that means Christmas in a modern sense.

They lean heavily on stars (you know, like in the Nativity Story) and the background resembles the branches of a Christmas tree. All in all, a pretty good and acceptable design for something that self-defines as a Christmas-orientated product.

But 2009 was a long time ago, and since then the company has slowly, but definitely, moved away from Christmas, and Christian iconography.

Here’s a suggestion:

If you love Starbuck’s over-priced burnt coffee, next time you visit…

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