Stunning New Account of Killing Osama bin Laden Exposes Obama Deception

Obama_and_Biden_await_updates_on_bin_LadenRemember the staged “war room” photo of Obama and his “underlings” watching the Navy Seals finally capturing and killing Osama bin Laden?

Remember how Obama used this event to secure his 2012 re-election?

Well, what if the REAL story is that  “brave Navy SEALS” murdered an elderly invalid in cold blood, then their crime boss made up a pack of sleazy lies.?

Acclaimed investigative journalist Seymour Hersh exposes the blatant lies about how Osama bin Laden was located, and how the U.S. mission to kill him was misrepresented.

Many wonder “what difference does it make?” We got the guy. He’s dead.

Look who had a front row seat in the Obama “war room” photo…

Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, now the front-running and anointed 2016 Democrat candidate for President.

Will we once again elect a President based upon a pack of sleazy lies?

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  • doormouse

    Did Hillary and Osama ever hang out together?

    • MARYANN33

      Sure looks like it….Is he squeezing her fingers to cut off circulation…Makes her look away for once.


    Oprah had big big part in Obama’s election…BOYCOTT OPRAH for that…Lead her to pasture never to be heard of again.

    • 1ukwildcatfan

      Mary Ann, as soon as Ovamit was elected, he and Michelle turned their backs on Oprah (because they said she is fat!) and she has not been allowed in the White House since! They USED her for their purposes and then “threw her out…like yesterday’s garbage! If you will look back at her shows you will discover that she has not mentioned his name since his first inauguration. Typical for the two of them…and Hillary, too!

      • MARYANN33

        Oh they are still using her and she is glad to have them in her life no matter how demeaning…Oprah is a racist and an Obama supporter still..Not as public as it was…They called her in to make deals just recently…I Boycott Oprah….she is one ungrateful black.