Supreme Court Slaps Down Obama on One of His Pet Issues

Recently, The Supreme Court slapped down President Obama on one of his signature issues- climate change.

Here’s the report at The Hill regarding the ruling regarding power plants:

The Supreme Court has blocked President Obama’s landmark climate rule for power plants, dealing a major blow to the president’s climate agenda.

In an order released Tuesday night, the court said it is placing a stay on the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut carbon pollution from power plants while industry and state lawsuits move forward.

The court granted the request in a 5-4 vote on Tuesday night, saying the rule was on hold until the circuit court reviews it and Supreme Court appeals are exhausted. The court’s four liberal justices dissented from the decision.

The rule — the Clean Power Plan — is the main plank of Obama’s climate change agenda. It’s designed to cut carbon pollution from the electricity sector by 32 percent over 2005 levels by 2030 by assigning states individual reduction targets based on their energy mix.

Now, with the recent death of Supreme Court Judge Scalia, this ruling could be reversed.

Yes, the battle over the next Supreme Court Judge will have significant consequences.

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