Syrian immigrant mayor won’t allow his town to be a sanctuary city

Mayor Michael Ghassali of Montvale, New Jersey has stated that his town will not play host to any illegal immigrants.

This is especially interesting, as Ghassali himself is a Syrian immigrant whose family had fled Aleppo in 1980, just before the Siege of Aleppo that would leave hundreds dead.

“I will not be signing any executive orders that will ask our employees to defy federal laws. A mayor should not be advocating the defiance of federal laws,” said Ghassali in a Facebook post just last week.

“Montvale is not a Sanctuary City under this administration,” he added.

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  • Bruce Walters

    This is the U.S. of A. We don’t do sanctuary cities. Honor and respect our way of life, or GET OUT

  • Boyd Herrst

    Good 4 him ! welcome 2 the United States of America, Mayor !

  • David Fox

    Bravo Mister Mayor… you know what you are doing is RIGHT and you know who is coming here under disguise of “refugees” – these very people who you fled from …

  • Howard A. Forschler

    This man is the kind of immigrant we can use more of.

  • Dan

    The irony can only compare with liberal policy.

  • David Renaud

    Good for this mayor….Sounds like he is a real AMERICAN…. Muslim or not…. He believes right is right.

  • Albert Maloof

    Kudos to Mayor Ghassali !!!!!

  • Ed

    Sanctuary cities are a violation of federal immigration law and the federal government is charged with immigration, NOT the states and cities. Any public officials wit the power to declare their cities to be sanctuary cities, and do so, should be subject to arrest by federal officials for federal law violations. The prisons would be full of well-deserving Democrats.

    • Jon Exner

      People should read the Constitution of the United States of America.
      All judges all elected officials Federal, State and Local take an oath to defend the Constitution of the Untied States of America and the laws of the land, by enforcing the immigration laws they are not defending them they are in violation of their oath of office and should be arrested and removed from office.
      For this very reason it is evident the Supreme Court once again erred in their decision against Arizona.
      This is where the Federal Courts are wrong in charging Sheriff Joe Arpaio for doing his job in enforcing the immigration laws.

      • Ed

        Right on! All presidents swear an oath upon a sacred bible (Koran or life or their first-born) “to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign an domestic.” Obama was the worse violator of that oath, ever. He himself was the “domestic enemy” because of his unconstitutional actions and executive overreach. Any politician who violates a sworn oath, federal, state or local, as you stated, should be impeached and/or removed from office for cause. If that isn’t done, the oath of office is meaningless so why administer it? Violation of the oath needs teeth and penalties so A–hole politicians cannot do as they please and are constrained and have to live up to the oath they swore. Good reply. Good thing Hillary was defeated. As a confirmed serial liar she would have run amok, no oath would have stopped her.


    Well we have one Muslim that has assimilated to the American way of life.

    • Morgan23

      He is a Christian and shares our values making it easy to Assimilate and leave the homeland behind.. These are the people we should allow in, not radical Muslims that follow the Koran and who want to subject us to their laws from the Dark Ages.

      • mallen11

        Being a Christian makes all the difference where muslims are concerned with their assimilation to our Nation. Thank God for him.

      • Pforfreedom for all

        AMEN, there are a few good ones

    • George Jetson

      Give it time. Eventually all or most immigrants assimilate as true Americans. In most cases it’s the second generation and they also lose most of their cultural ties. The religion is usually the last thing to change especially if it’s viewed negatively by their close friends.

      • willi6

        ” most assimilate ” that means you’ve never met a Mexican

        • mexfortrump

          Not only that, but third gen muslims are ripe for terrorism

        • George Jetson

          Kinda late on responding, I know. And yes I’ve met plenty of Mexicans. I’ve lived in El Paso, TX, San Marcos, TX, Las Cruces, NM, Albuquerque, NM, Roswell, NM (lots of aliens here, no pun intended), Santa Fe, NM and Tucson, AZ. I’m originally from Michigan. And you’re partly right in assuming some don’t assimilate when it comes to the older generation, however, the generation born here and in most cases the second generation start to shy away from their origins and their culture. They in fact feel forced to be more Americanized by those who’ve been here for many generations and eventually give up speaking spanish even as a second language. They’re no different than the oldest immigrants that arrived here 200+ years ago. It’s more difficult on them due to what you and I see on the national media.

  • jlcham

    Federal Law does not allow any mayors to nullify immigration or criminal statutes. Any mayor that does declare his city to be a sanctuary city is breaking the law of the land. They should be arrested and jailed by the AG.

  • R Beardall

    It is My firm belief & history has now began to show it! This started with states declaring they were going to allow Marijuana sales and recreational consumption in VIOLATION of Federal law.Now, We have come to the point as they all do(Democrats) when Given an inch, Well they want to take 10 miles!The results of recreational marijuana have been (According to REAL studies)A significant decrease in Productivity,Drastic increase in claims of disability due to being a drug addict!As well as what the libertards! Call ludicrous, increase in harder drugs by people showing no inclination of ever wanting to use Heroin or cocaine until using the Yes here it is!GATEWAY DRUG!MARIJUANA!) Obviously the 1st thing that needs to be done is Federal DEA seizing and raiding all STATE declared Illegal drug facilities & dispensaries!Taking all monies and property related to the owners of it & putting that toward the national Debt & providing treatment to allow pot head system milkers to be forced to be productive to society once more!Maybe California could pay it’s own bill’s then!Now, the immigration issue! HALT,CEASE & DESISTS ALL IMMIGRATION!Set strict guidelines for all legal immigration with only allowing those with a intent to learn ENGLISH as well as have skills needed to be a productive and valuable addition to American society.All elected officials whom have chosen to not obey the Oath they have taken to uphold the laws of a nation founded by law should be immediately removed and tried!Swift solution & time to reaffirm the foundations of this I hope!Great nation once again

    • oldschoolpatriot

      Your premise is wrong here. Under the Constitution our states are responsible and of right in charge of certain aspects of law – that is to say almost all of them. A state is free to enact any particular restrictions that are not in contravention of the Constitution itself. The Constitution does NOT mention marijuana. It does not mention alcohol (when it did it was a major disaster and was repealed). However, immigration is another matter. States should be standing up for the rights and responsibilities they have under the Constitution. We should expect our state legislators, municipal and county governments etc., to nullify unconstitutional restrictions. The matter of immigration has always been and must remain a federal one. The federal government must be shrunk back to what it was when America was a going concern. The growth of federal government has added to the problems. True – a sanctuary city IS illegal under constitutional law. The people responsible for it should be tried for treason and endangerment of public safety and the members city government of a place like San Francisco who advocate for being a ‘sanctuary” should be tried personally for the death and destruction which comes about as a result of their views prevailing. They young woman shot and killed randomly on a pier there a couple of years ago should have been considered the victim of these people, these elected officials. And they should have been put on trial as accessories to her murder. But cities, counties and states must also stand up for their actual proper rights and duties.

      • R Beardall

        As stated Marijuana is illegal under Federal Law!Alcohol is not!while I do agree certain, many actually federal agencies need to be eliminated or dismantled period.However if You fail to recognize the true intent of what I have said I am sorry!While I feel there may be?Very select medical uses that marijuana is & possibly could be beneficial to a truly select segment of society.The data supports what I am saying!As well the oil used for medical purposes is free of the TCH Psychoactive.

        • Grammaof4

          The production and sells of Alcohol was ILLEGAL! Whereas consumption was not.
          Marijuana is not a “gateway” drug, as you called it. I know growers, sellers, and users that have no wants or desires for anything harder. They seem to like their “short-term” buzz more than drinking alcohol.

          • R Beardall

            Hey man.I am not here to argue with You or spread hate and discontent as a part We all know! I have no doubt, there are legitimate medical uses.All I can speak of is what I have seen and heard with My own ears and experience trying to Help a nephew I had.So in the Years I held his hand going to NA, I was able to speak with a good number of the people there outside of the vile Bill W. Cult.From My own experience now! After talking to all of them a length not hours over weeks and months! I mean there were those who ya said they stole a loratab out of a parents bottle & all that crap, but eventually it always not sometimes came back to what started Illegal drug use was friends in school & the line We all here it is natural & bla bla!Regardless it always led back to there.Now I was there in the days when REAL cocaine was available,the Colombian stuff heard all the same arguments,natural safe non addictive? I will not go on and on!But a drugged sedated nation is an easy thing to manipulate, all the Hillary voters have proven that & I am called horrible things each day & told the Clintons are saints and Obama’s administration was not corrupt!As well as CNN & the network media tell only the gospel truth!! Good day to You Sir & thanks for Your view as well

        • oldschoolpatriot

          My point is that laws regarding marijuana are outside of the federal government’s proper jurisdiction. It is okay with me when a state nullifies an illegal federal law or policy. It is not okay with me when the violate legitimate federal law within federal jurisdiction. Immigration is properly a federal issue. Now, when the federal government will not back up local and state jurisdictions that are attempting to enforce federal law I have a serious issue with the federal government there as well. Let’s face it, our federal getgovernment is not doing its job and is trying to take over states’ jobs. That is the point I am making. Sorry if you didn’t it, Mr. Beardall.

          • BearFlagNative

            ONLY if the “illegal federal law or policy” has been “vetted” by the US Supreme Court as being unconstitutional. That being said, IF that has not happened, then the law or rules as WRITTEN must and should be followed.
            Obama and his administration was going out of their way to place the federal government in charge of everything. THAT is a Socialist/Communist government, when the government is in charge of everything and everyone.
            From what I am hearing right now, President Trump has said “he wants the States to have back their RIGHTFUL place in the scheme of government”. That means he WANTS States Rights back for them.
            We saw the takeover happening, because CONGRESS, BOTH the Senate and House; and BOTH political party members there in abrogated their MANDATED responsibilities to the Executive Branch WITHOUT question and NO oversight of what was going on. NEVER should that happen in our form of government.

        • Tim


    • Micky Mikutowicz

      so marijuana is a “gateway drug” and the marijuana law is a “gateway law”?..hahaha…sorry,bud, but you know not of what you speak….

    • Grammaof4

      Nah, give them an inch and they will take at least 1,000 miles. 🙂 Or how ever far they can stretch their hypocrisy.

      As far as marijuana goes, I agree with the other comments being made here. The federal government has overstepped their own boundaries in restricting what states can have policy over.

  • mexfortrump

    How in the world did this sanctuary city thing ever get started? I can not fathom how this practice was ever accepted. Sure it started years ago, but how? By whom? A bunch of socialist democrats that have loyality to what? Illegal immigrants are all criminals,every day they commit a new crime, a new felony, so why are so many “Americans” so willing to give it all away and support these welfare, resource wasting, job stealing, geez I’m running out of gas here. USMC Vet
    God Bless President Donald Trump

  • Henry Bernacki

    I have to reply to George, 2nd Gen Muslims have proven to be far more radical than 1st gen immigrants. Islam is not compatible with western culture period. The goal is to infiltrate not assimilate read the Koran it’s all in there they even have a term for it FYI it is the second best way to enter heaven after Martyrdom.