Teacher Removed For Incorrectly ‘Labeling’ Child

A teacher is rightfully choosing to take legal action against the secondary school he currently works for. The reason is because he was suspended for referring to a biological female student as “girl.”

Joshua Sutcliffe, the teacher who was suspended, is saying that he was not trained in gender politics and shouldn’t have to accept the new age transgender ideology as his christian faith doesn’t support it.

He was suspended for saying “well done, girls” to female students which included the child who “identified” as male.

In a letter to his higher up’s the teacher wrote:

“As a Christian, I do not share your belief in the ideology of transgenderism.”

“I do not believe that young children should be encouraged to self-select a ‘gender’ which may be different from their biological sex.”

“Or that everyone at school should adjust their behaviour to accommodate such a ‘transition’; or that people should be punished for lack of enthusiasm about it.”

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  • DaveyJ

    If it went to the US Supreme Court, he would be reinstated!

    • Elaine Blackman

      It shouldn’t have to go to any court. What is the school saying? That teachers need a prepared script on what to say? That’s not freedom of speech. I’m okay with people being gay, but if that’s a springboard to Nazism, I’m not okay with it.

      • DaveyJ

        You are right of course! As a former high school,teacher and college professor I must say that many of my professor’s years ago said that public education was failing in the USA! They are very old now, or deceased, but they saw this coming faster and harder than they could believe! This of course is heading towards a future that is very bleak, and extremely dangerous!

        • ekim

          IT should be ” nipped in the bud ” !

  • guest

    Schools should not be forced to enforce this evil, sick law because the LGBGQ wants them to. Something needs to be done to protect normal people.

  • guest

    These mentally ill politicians are going to H-ell in a handbasket.

    • gunnygil

      True…Right back to where they came from. The offspring of Satan himself.

  • Frank W Brown

    There are TWO, count em, TWO genders, EVERYTHING else is mental illness that needs TREATMENT!

    • hdrider

      yes and that gender is set at birth, you can’t arbitrarily select what you want to be any more than you can arbitrarily selrct what race you want to be , unless you are a Dem Senator

      • George Rowe

        Gender is set BEFORE birth as ultra sound clearly shows.
        Otherwise good comment.

    • Marina M Kalugin Khan

      see above

  • Frank W Brown

    Trangenderism is Child ABUSE, plain and simple, parents should be ashamed of themselves!

  • gunnygil

    The order of the PC world….TOTAL P E R V E R S I O N…And when the American Communist Party aka the U.S. Democrat Party gains control of the House, Senate, White House, and the U.S. Supreme Court in 2020 not only will this be the order of the day but the U.S. Constitution itself will be retired as the “archaic, meaningless document” that The Hillaroid has called it for over 25 years

  • Marina M Kalugin Khan

    Gender is set but not always, in the Toxic US of Z/V the toxins of the parents create a lot of issues…
    actually the idiots aka white and jew boys who came and crapped up this
    lovely land which used to be WAY better when it was part of MX are the
    only ones at fault. . try to do some REAL research in pubmed, and u
    will find that for at least the last century, there are more testtube
    babies with clones and genes of more than 2 parents, and actually there
    are now XXO and all sorts of variants.. it is no longer simply XX and
    XY…. not kidding….don’t blame the children, for the crimes of the
    idiots who create them…

    • Shirley H. Greer

      Males have male parts, Females have female parts!!! This is true for humans and all other living things. It never has changed and never will!

  • samnigromd

    In a genderless age, the CHASTE GENDER must be acknowledged, protected and treated equally without hate or prejudice. Call all civilized people CHASTE GENDERED….”CHASTE” –THE MISSING GENDER–the missing sexual orientation…
    by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, Copyright c 2016
    retired, Assistant Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry,
    Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
    ad hominem deplorable pamphleteer

    “Feelings” now determine “gender”–which means that “you are what you feel you are.” Gender is no longer biologically and reproductively defined as the Oxford English Dictionary did for 500 years: male–the producer of sperm…female–the producer of eggs. Instead, almost all gender is now the emotional psychosocial presentation of one’s identity as the preferred way of masturbating–any way, any place, any time, with any other or any thing. Your gender is “how you squirt and how you slime.” Resulting are now 53 “genders”, no doubt to increase as other genital based novelties become so emotionalized and legalized (see Addendum). However, “gender” must also include those identified as CHASTE : sexual privacy and naivety for developmental integrity of children/adolescents with traditionally married men and women committed to virginity before marriage and faithfulness thereafter. Chaste too is an absolute gender as currently understood, promoted, and needs legal protection from suppression, harassment and violence which occurs whenever other genders impose themselves. Instead of “chaste gender,” one could use “natural gender.”

    Against chaste, and nature, genders are now taught detrimentally influencing suggestible youths immature and insecure in their biological development and psychosocial identity (chaste-phobia). Thus, educationally and informationally, gender options whenever offered must include chaste–which still is the most common gender for most lives, is the gender all are born with, and it offers the best childhood leading to a “best” adulthood and overall better life. Chaste offers the healthiest childhood and thus the healthiest adulthood. This should be common knowledge for everyone. (Actually, the sexualization of childhood is not merely the destruction of the definition of childhood but is the creation of post-traumatic stress disorders in the children so abused–violating the rights of the chaste is discrimination.)

    The most common “gender”, as defined in Nature, cannot be overlooked or ignored: the chaste –those psychosocially committed to reproductive consistent sexual intercourse consistent with “Nature’s sexuality–which is between adult mature opposite-sexed members of the same species at a time consistent with reproduction.” In Nature, pheromones control sexuality as traditionally understood–granted that there are infrequent biochemical disorders and erratic exceptions consistent with the nuances of nature’s innumerable creatures. Regardless, the norms of Nature for sub-human animals are overwhelmingly limited to biochemically controlled sexual intercourse between adult and mature opposite-sexed members of the same species at a time consistent with reproduction (Got a cat?). It is obvious that animal species would not well survive without the species protecting limits of pheromone controlled sexuality. As Shakespeare noted: “Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles”, something obvious in every example of human pollution, which now includes “gender”. In addition, it would be animal cruelty if current human gender metastases were also forced onto the animal kingdom by the current U.S. “established religion”, better known as the U.S. Supreme Court, as it continues to destroy the other learned professions: Medicine and Divinity.

    On the other hand, the lack of biochemical pheromones for humans allows humans to have love which does what biochemical pheromones do–limits sexuality to the unity and procreation of marriage, now finally recognized to be the “psychosocial pheromone” for humans. If biochemical pheromones controlled human sex, there would be no love. Indeed, every human culture with love has adopted marriage-like limitations on sexuality–except now wherein gender is determined by masturbation preferences rather than genuine nature-based identity with one’s innate biology. Thus, today’s gender/genital manias presented as legal categories must include all people and not just the emotional masturbators redefining themselves by political expertise and so-called “free press” advertising by gay cult controlled editors who are First Amendment frauds by printing only what they want you to think and do. Indeed, all categorizing or mentioning of gender must include the chaste–which encompasses most people for most of their lives, certainly during childhood, adolescence and traditional marriage. Chaste should always be listed first because it is most common, most developmentally sound and natural, and deserves equal rights and respect as all other genders (even in bathrooms). It just may be that to promote one “gender” is to discriminate against another “gender”–a contradictory outcome typical of all laws offered to regulate medical care, which is so changeable and complex that even medical textbooks are filled with exceptions and alternatives (It is irrational and impossible to regulate each brain’s trillion synapses, three billion neurons, thousands of interconnecting neuroregulatory systems, hundreds of neurochemicals, and millions of variable stimuli. Medical care is artful educated guessing and the law could better regulate the weather).

    The chaste protect childhoods from adult sex and adult violence, avoiding the “yuk and work” of adulthood until sexual hormones are maturely present (Genuine pro-social developmentally intact “childhood” is love filled without adulteration). The chaste commit themselves by love to marriage, to unified personhood and to family integrity consistent with unition and procreation. The chaste have real (loving developmentally sound) childhoods undestroyed by press and media suggestibility and advertising for adult sex and adult violence. The chaste develop adulthood with occasional hormonal “wet dreams” (day and night) for nature based physiologic relief (a neologism of “sexcretion” is proposed) but with preservation of innocence and virginity (and not manic/obsession with genitals). The chaste understand the loss of dignity when exploited by those promoting sex so money can be made by doing abortions (Planned Parenthood school chaste-abusing sex ed programs). The chaste understand the loss of unity when fragmented by lesser human functioning (“jaculasis–squirting and sliming obsessions” from the gay cult). The chaste understand the loss of integrity when immorally treated (“Eight is too late” and anti-chaste “The Homosexual Manifesto” read to Congress in 1987 by the gay cult). The chaste understand the loss of identity when deviant unnatural sexuality is promoted (the need of street drugs by age 12 to “escape” from adulterated unchaste childhoods). The chaste understand the loss of spirituality when only the material life is embraced (as in pornography–Sigmund Freud pronounced and taught that “perversion” was anything other than traditional intercourse! Today’s “genders” do comprise what Freud called the “polymorphous perverse.”). The chaste understand the Catholic Mantra of “Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom, and Death without Fear”, knowing that unnatural sexuality can make you crazy–better to understand “why you are you” by repeating the Mantra over and over–which is the chaste gender.

    The chaste embrace transcendence: Being–confluence with existence. Matter–confluence with corporeal body. Identity–confluence with humanbeingness. Truth–confluence with reality. Oneness–confluence with reality-self and integrating/unifying with desirability. Good–confluence with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God as in the Declaration of Independence. Beauty–confluence with ascendancy. (See my article “Male/Female Differences in Natural Law, 1993–available from me at [email protected].)

    CHASTE is the missing gender as “gender” is currently presented. All intellectually and emotionally honest people will promote and protect chaste because it is the healthiest gender for all. Chaste is not pollution. To describe genders without chaste is pollution and unnatural.

    Addendum: Soon to become a “gender” is “minor attraction”–what used to be known as “pedophilia.” Websites delicately induce and rationalize “sex with children” as a right for those needing such allegedly for their mental health and psychosocial identity, i.e., their gender. “Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs)” have already been genderized by university informally-affiliated groups such as B4UACT. Universities and physicians have not yet been compelled to do so by the contemptible U. S. Supreme Court pontificating another irrational contemptible law outside law’s area of professional expertise, i.e., denying the medical professions’ definition of disease as “chronic abnormal functioning of body organ or part” which can be applied to most genders today. Finally, the gay cult and ILLs (Incorrigible Liberal Loons) of our courts, press, and media are very effective Adolf Eichmanns (ala’ Nazi days) eager to convince the people that “evil is good” when politicized and legalized as “obedience to the law”. “Minor attracted gender” clearly falls into that category as can most other non-chaste “genders” imposed as the greatest pseudo-social delusion of all time. Meanwhile, chaste are the most ignored, suppressed, harassed, and discriminated against.

    • old codger

      Take two GFY’s and call me in the morning!

  • Conscientious Objector

    I suport him 100%, his family suffers because of the insanity of the Globalist NWO agenda, when you go into the public are you supposed to verify with everyone what their sensitivities are? This has gone beyond insane. Doesn’t diversity include this man’s opinion?

  • Joe S Hill

    Rightfully said, Frank W Brown! because this farce has gotten so out of control and stupid, that they’ve resorted to exploiting little children in the same manner as a seasoned child molester, and the political correctness that is being indulged at the dearest expense of any and all little children has to come to a complete stop, because if not, the LGBTQs and their liberal supporters will taste violence when they start brainwashing children-that’s not acceptable, period! the Gender bullshi! is going beyond reality now, and putting innocent children in the crosshairs of these vermin is an act of war! time for people to start waking-up from this liberal fantasyland of non-reality and stay rooted in sanity and common sense!

  • samnigromd

    The Transgender Phenomenon–the latest cultural contagion

    By Samuel A. Nigro copyright c 2016
    Original March 2009… , retired, , deplorable ad hominem pamphleteer, clinical psychiatrist, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland

    The people were induced to do evil like slavery, unnatural acts, and Nazism by the same suggestibility methods now used to promote abortion, contraception, a culture of masturbation instead of marriage, gender redefined as one’s preferred way of masturbating, childhood destroyed by adult sex and violence, family oneness mocked, male virtue rejected, males denied rape victim status, and feminists demanding equality to be men except in misery, fist fights, and engagement rings. Suggestible people have always been conditioned that “evil is good” by Solomon Asch’s groupthink, Adolf Eichmann ordering, Stanley Milgrim’s shock machine commands, and Phillip Zimbardo’s power corrupts. It is also happening now for transgenderism and gay cult genital manias.

    Until the 1950s, human sexuality was predominantly in concert with the planet and the rest of the animal kingdom. Sexual activity was a reproductive act considered part of adult spousal family life. Every culture saw to that in one way or another. Oh, there were plenty of exceptions but generally seen as deviations from civilized normality. But then the electrono-celluloid communications technology hit with the advent of television and all that followed. Sex activity became more than a simple biological act culturally controlled as essential for the survival of the species. Sex activity became a semi-mystical emotional selfish dissocial relationship phenomenon foisted by intimidating suggestibility to squirt/slime in a dogs-licking-genitals culture—in other words: a monkey see, monkey do communications technology culture of squirt and slime pandemonium. This was because the press and media found that it could manipulate the people by sexual titillation suggesting the buying of anything and everything, from junk food to junk ideas. Thus “sex” became a non-reproductive squirt/slime emotional relief (toileting—“sexleting”) satisfaction mechanism of selfish sexual relating in an anti-animal kingdom, anti-planetary, and, therefore, polluting way. Only mankind could abuse and imbalance the delicate natural processes of sexuality this way. By preying on people’s unsophisticated emotional lack of understanding of real natural sexuality, the suggestibility of the press and media became incredibly powerful and influential by virtue of the vulnerability of the people to the emotions of sex energy. Thereby, deformed sexuality has become everything that it is not in the rest of the animal kingdom. The use of sexuality is now intrinisic for press and media survival. Never more true has it been “If you cannot beat them, join them” as all the press and media depends on sexualization themes to attract, entice, influence and manipulate the people. Only when the people understand this, along with what sexuality really is in biology, will the people become immune, impervious and not so suggestible and imitative of all the unnatural, and therefore polluting, offerings of the press and media. Because of the power it will lose, the press and media will never “biologize” sexuality as I recommend and is appropriate for the people. All this became clear to me when I learned about “transgenderism” which prompted the writing of this essay.
    Transgenderism. If human pollution is being out of synchrony with the animal kingdom and the rest of the planet, mankind has reached a new level of pollution by the deformation of sexuality from what it is in nature. The phenomenon of transgenderism does exactly that by the cultic “normalization” of unnatural sexual activity, which is basically a denial of illness and of pathology by the creation of a world of intellectual rationalization and emotional selfishness. From the transgender glossary:
    Transgender: An umbrella term for people whose gender identity, expression or behavior is different from those typically (ADD: should read “normally”) associated with their assigned sex at birth, including but not limited to, transsexuals, cross dressers, androgynous people, genderqueers, and gender non-conforming people. (ADD: This broad definition of “not typical,” i.e., not usually normal in animal kingdom sexual behavior, therefore includes homosexuality, pedophilia and all paraphilias.)

    The closest readily seen nature comes to this are when dogs lick each others’ genital areas, but even that has biological purpose in contrast to the totally non-functional selfish dissocial squirt-slime release games of non-reproductive sexuality in humans. All transgenderism is nothing more than gender illness if biological and gender abuse if learned. The basic pathological denial is that it is not a sickness to have gender identity, expressions or behaviors “different from those typically associated with [one’s] assigned sex at birth.” But this is a denial of nature and all it represents. This is denial of normal and all it represents. This is a denial of one’s beingness as one is and supposed to be when one is freely born. The transgender phenomenon is a deformation of one’s intrinsic biological nature of “normal” activities with replacement by those which are basically anti-planet, anti-animal kingdom, anti-social, anti-family, and actually anti-self, all smothered to invisibility by overwhelming selfishness and egotism which are essentially and fundamentally features of an obsessional personality disorder at best.
    The reader is encouraged to review transgender awareness, training and advocacy, at http://www.tgtrain.org. Obvious is the change of “transploitation” (their word) to “transpromotion” (my word). The studied rhetorical intellectualizing is overwhelming. Anything and everything is analyzed into a rationalization promoting transgenderism in all its manifestations: squirt/slime defines you any way possible, any way you can get it to happen. And this is supposed to be “normal?”
    Critical commentary is appropriate and necessary:
    1. To an extent, the transgender phenomenon is culturally dependent. Open transgenderism can only prominently exist in a culture that is one of two extremes: (1) that of affluence which is so prosperous that extreme selfishness and anti-social features can be tolerated; or (2) that the culture is so impoverished in all dimensions so that the selfishness and antisociality make no difference. At either extreme culture, “normalcy does not matter” because the transgendered have nothing better to do and no one gives a damn, so the transgendered are laughed off as irrelevant, that is, until they start proclaiming “normal” but then in contradiction demand special considerations at the same time. But for cultures in the middle, wherein most people are struggling, the loud presence of transgender abnormalities is a disturbance and distraction from people’s own struggles, and they are generally offended and resent the imposition or proclamation of deviant unnatural sexuality.
    2. The phenomenon of normalcy cannot be abandoned even if many people vote against it. There is a healthy normalcy and healthy nature for all aspects of existence including sexuality. On the planet and for the animal kingdom, the norm of sexuality is controlled reproduction. This is true even if a culture has appropriated sexuality for recreational purposes, as is extant today, as made possible by contraception and abortion (both of which remove reproduction as the normal, natural end result of sexual activity as is the norm for the rest of the animal kingdom). There are supposed exceptions to sexual normalcy in the animal kingdom well appropriated by the transgender movement which basically denies any such deviancy should be considered abnormal. Three books erroneously promoting transgenderism as normal in animals are Evolution’s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender & Sexuality in Nature & People by Joan Roughgarden; Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity by Bruce Bagemihl; and Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation by Olivia Judson (Critical reviews of these books accompany this essay). In contrast, the real, appropriate, basic and natural biological norms of sexuality are accurately described in “The Childhood Manifesto” and “Sex Energy” also attached to this article.
    Rationally, “disease is the chronic abnormal functioning of body organ, part, or system not able to return to normal without treatment.” Rationally, “sexuality is reproductive consistent interaction between adult opposite sexed members of the same species.” Thus, all the promotions of the gay cult are “diseases” for which disability laws are enough. The allowing of the ill to act out, promote, and impose their diseases onto the general public is more abnormal and outrageous than then disease themselves. Such really is just another example of “pollution” with humans being “against Nature” once again.
    3. Transgender phenomena and all its manifestations are pathological whether it be homosexuality, lesbianism, cross-dressing, pedophilia or whatever because all treat sexuality as non-reproductive, non-unitive and non-marital. There is a projection of subjective self-definition which contradicts the reality of one’s biology. There is a massive self-shame forcing relief by reaction formation. One’s personality becomes unstable and fluid with obsessional doing and undoing linked to a need to emotionally conquer others into accepting any and every subjective sexual presentation offered. Clearly, the biologically natural and normal reproductive component of sex is irrelevant in this disordered state, accurately called “genital manias.” Thus these transgender behaviors are abnormal. They are deviancies. They are illnesses which should be attempted treatment. As all illnesses, condemn the illness and help the person. As all illnesses, the sick person can occasionally be cured but usually makes an adaptation of one way or another. But no illness, whether it be diabetes, seizure disorder, stroke or transgender phenomenon should be called “normal.” At worst, hopefully, the sick person can be treated normally and be seen as normal as he lives with his illness. But to call any illness “normal” is dissocial, dysfunctional, dishonest and actually a promotion of the illness which is anti-therapeutic as well as uncivilized.
    And it is counterproductive unless you want to promote it. Indeed, transgenderism offers and strongly suggests the creation, promotion and reinforcement of gender self-doubt, followed by sophisticated conditioning and reward for sexual deviancies together with a demanded lack of negative consequences and a demanded censorship of rational objections. By such cult sponsored suggestibility, transgender phenomena have reached such proportions that positive reinforcement of the disorder itself has acquired social acceptability. And, no doubt, the press and media, enslaved to sexual pollution, must accept it, so you will get little truth but much manipulative sexual titillation from the press and media, which obviously has its own repetition-compulsion problems.
    4. There is no doubt that all cultures have had individuals with transgender illnesses. However, the social suggestibility and reinforcement by communications technology during the last 50 years is new. This has resulted in an actual recruitment and contagiousness for transgender phenomenon, because people are very suggestible. Basically, if you see it or hear it, you will do likely do it—that summarizes human suggestibility—from soup to sex. There is a salesmanship component to all cults, especially those sexualized. And we know people can be suggested to run concentration camps, to blow themselves up, to run around naked and to buy almost anything. So it should not surprise that the sexual relief feel good component of transgenderism, deviant as it is, still reinforces peoples’ susceptibility to “try it and, since it feels good, do it again.”
    5. Etiological in transgenderism are the contraceptive mentality and contraceptive agents, especially hormones. DDT never impacted animals as much as environmental sex hormones have over the past 50 years of such, witness the gender warps in almost all inland bodies of water where sex hormone pollution creates bisexual creatures from trout to alligators. The generational negative impact of chemicals given to humans is also proven as when, many decades ago, the use of injectable hormones for bleeding pregnancies resulted in the born children having strong homosexual tendencies. To have direct proof of environmental sex hormones creating sexually deviant animals and then deny any impact on humans begs belief.
    6. Contemporary press and media communications technology has done much to promote the contagiousness of transgenderism. Indeed, most of the press and media have been actually corrupted by this cult to the abandonment of norms of nature. For example, the obvious impact of contraceptive hormones on future generations is rejected, denied, and ignored by the press and media, when potential adverse effects of almost anything else from cigarettes to trans fats are vigorously publicized. Never more evident is the self-serving failure of First Amendment addicts than the refusal to biologize sexuality to protect the people and bring them into concert with nature. Truly, most of the press and media are frauds when it comes to the First Amendment and providing full natural sex information in a fair and balanced way.
    More important than that is the fact that the press and media actually censors the biology of sex—the articles accompanying this essay have been made available for years and ignored—I guess the essays should have been about global warming or the totally wrong “super bowl beating of wives.” Obviously, to promote the biology of sex as it really is would likely render impotent all the sexualized ads, etc. turning them rightfully laughable instead of the eye catching “buy this” suggestibility. Indeed the vaunted allegiance to openness to all things is made a myth by the press and media’s refusal to biologize sex and render it innocuous. The idea that a free and open press will give contrary, minority and different opinions to the people is shear nonsense when it may affect the frauds and tyrants of the press and media. “All the news that fits” is per the worst of the pack: The New York Times.
    Conclusion: Howling, panting and licking like dogs, imitating all seen, and buying whatever is presented as excitable, is not what mankind is about. Life is too short to be governed by anti-environmental false emotion which rewrites nature and history. Sexual activity is a simple biological function. It should not govern ones existence or be the main motivation in a culture. It belongs as a reproductive and unitive component of married life. This simple reflex needs natural understanding. One would be well served to read “Preaching, Teaching, and Living the Theology of the Body” by Perry J. Cahall, Ph.D. in Linacre Quarterly, August 2007, pages 213-229. Therein are four principles of healthy natural sexuality: “We are not our own…Sex is about a union of persons, not just bodies…Sex is about giving, not taking…Sex is meant to give life and love.” Transgenderism does none of that. Neither does the gay cult nor most of the press and media. Those with transgender problems need nothing more than disability laws unless they are disturbing the peace as by the gay cult. Transgenderism and all the gay cult genital manias are cultural contagions like abortion, contraception, concentration camps, non-marital unnatural sex and slavery.
    (1) Nigro, Samuel A., Jaculasis: Behavioral Pollution and Sex Abuse by Priests, Social Justice Review, Sept/Oct 2002, pp 133-138.
    (2) WWW. Masters & Johnson Study 1966.
    (3) “Philomena” is a Malicious Fraud, Catalyst 41 #2, March 2014, p 6.
    (4) Kevin McDonald, The Culture of Critque: An Evolutionary Analysis for Jewish Involvement in the 20th Century Intellectual and Political Movements, First Books Library, 1998, 2002, page 106.
    (5) Samuel A. Nigro, M.D., letter, New Oxford Review, March, 1993, Pg. 12
    (6) Judith A. Reisman, PhD, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, 2003.
    (7) William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson, Human Sexual Response, 1996 – a book which should be titled Self Taught Squire/Slime Jaculasis Disease.
    (8) Catholic Culture Library http://www.Catholicculture.org/library/view.cfm the Results of and Psychological Causes of Contraception by Samuel A. Nigro, M.D.
    (9) Samuel A. Nigro, M.D.: “Homosexuality: A Disease and For Gays, a Cult”, Social Justice Review, 1994, revises 2002, pg. 39. The removal of homosexuality from a “disease state” was a political move, not a scientific one. Indeed, the denial of it being a disease is totally pathological and clear indication of abnormal thinking often accompanying the homosexual disorder. “Normal people” with any disorder desire to blend in and be anonymous in their disorder as they try to function as everyone else without bringing attention to themselves. But the opposite is true for many homosexuals and the Gay Cult wherein homosexuals have a pathological need to identify themselves and have people “accept them” not in a “normal” way, but in a special pathological way by joining in the denial of their disorder – sort of a “most favored disease status”. This, along with parades and flags, is really proof of the pathology of the Gay Cult and many with the homosexual disorder.
    (10) Samuel A. Nigro, M.D., “Jaculasis: Behavioral Pollution and Sex Abuse by Priests”, Social Justice Review, September/October 2002, Pgs 133-138. This article contains a “Universal Sex in Nature Statement” from which the Sex Prayer was derived.
    (11) Sigmund Freud, “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality” SE VII, 125, 1905d.
    (12) Samuel A. Nigro, M.D., “Stop Sex Education and Start Marital Education”, Social Justice Review, November/December, 1998 Pg. 181-208.
    (13) David McHugh, “Surgical Sex”, Ethics Medicine, October, 2005, Volume 30, 10.

  • SJB

    How the heck was the teacher SUPPOSED to know how the student wanted to be characterized/addressed? Is mindreading now part of the job qualification as a teacher? Insane, absurd, utterly ridiculous–XX or XY matter, not someone’s Gender Dysphoria, or how they WISH to be called.

  • Ralph Richardson

    Suspended for honesty.

  • Ralph Richardson

    This issue is worthy of riots in the streets.