Teacher Risks Life for Students

A quick-witted teacher averted disaster when a North Thurston High School student in Lacy, Washington, brought out a gun and opened fire in the school. The 16-year-old student, who was new to the district, fired a shot at the ceiling in a second-floor hall, then moved into a common area and fired a second shot. Teacher Brady Olsen courageously tackled the gunman, and together with the principal, was able to restrain him until the school resource officer arrived to place the boy in handcuffs.

Here is a photo from the scene, as posted on Twitter:
School Tweet

IJReview reports:

Details on the 16-year-old student have not been released, but he was reportedly new to the school district, and officials said there was nothing concerning in his file.

Mr. Olson released a statement through the school district, according to King5 News:

“I would like to say how happy I am that everyone is safe after today’s incident…

I reacted in a way that any other teacher would react and at the sound of a gunshot had three other adults, including Tim Brown, Dean of Students, Principal Steve Rood, and Security Officer, Jim Beltico, going toward the sound of gun fire rather than away. We will all group together as a staff and community, like we always do, and continue to put kids first!”

In the video interview above, Olsen remained humble and explained the situation.

Students expressed their gratitude on Twitter:


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