Teen girl pulls gun on fugitive

A 17-year-old girl came face-to-face with a wanted fugitive inside her Spokane County home early Monday morning, but the suspect was promptly scared away when the girl pulled a gun on him.

Kimber Wood told reporters she fired a single shot during the encounter, but only aimed to scare, not strike the suspect.

The incident unfolded around 5 a.m. after deputies attempted to pull over a car which was previously reported stolen. The driver of the vehicle led officers on a pursuit before ditching the stolen vehicle and fleeing on foot.

Authorities then set up a perimeter in an attempt to capture the suspect and local news station KHQ showed up at the scene in order to share details with residents during the news station’s morning show.

Kimber, was asleep and home alone at the time, but her parents and boyfriend both saw the news broadcast and contacted her to alert her of a fugitive on the run in her neighborhood. Kimber asked her father’s permission to keep his gun nearby, which he granted without hesitation. So Kimber tucked the gun under her pillow and went back to sleep.

A short time later, however, Kimber was awakened by the sound of someone in her house, so she retrieved the weapon and positioned herself behind a vanity in her bedroom. Moments later, the intruder – who was later confirmed to be the wanted fugitive – entered Kimber’s bedroom. She responded by pointing the pistol at him, asking who he was, and telling him to “get the (expletive)” out of her house.

According to Kimber, the suspect’s eyes became very big, and he promptly ran outside. The teen, noting that she did not want him to return, chased the suspect outside and fired a single shot into the ground.


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source: http://www.guns.com/2017/07/18/teen-girl-pulls-gun-on-fugitive-trying-to-hide-out-in-her-home/

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  • jreg9304

    She should have shot him in both ass cheeks, when turned and ran. Now that would have been excruciatingly hillarious to watch!

  • James Stevens

    Agreed, one in the buttcheek would slow him down for a while. jwstx

    • will

      You might have hit his brain

  • Bozo.

    Good for her.. But don’t try this in Browns Cal/Mexico. You will go to jail. For defending yourself.

  • will

    Oh my this criminal may be so traumatised he will be afraid to ever rob a person again. How will he live ! He should sue her for his loss to be able to make a living and she can support him for the rest of his life. That will teach her to defend herself.

    🙂 I am learning how to think like a liberal

    • Janelle

      Will, you are failing miserably at thinking like a liberal!

      • will

        Maybe a few years of drug therapy would help ?

        • Janelle

          It is a mental illness!

  • Shaft

    Great job little sister

  • teaman


  • George Rowe

    Where to aim? Center of mass to stop the aggression.
    Standard police question and answer.
    The ground wasn’t going to hurt her. Why hurt the ground?
    She waited too long and didn’t place the shot where it belonged.

  • coolman11

    Wonder if she used a Kimber .45!?

  • will

    I can tell you that all 4 who tried to break in my place are very lucky campers. The last one did allot of damage the door jam is split. I told the police I thought I heard a shot. Like somebody snapped a board. But it was night and you could not see it from the outside. Then two days later I was cleaning the garage and found it. Four attempts in just 3 years in this home. I live within two miles of several migrant worker trailer parks. They squat in foreclosed homes and strip them.