10 Terrifying Seconds Show Why All Police Need Body Cams (VIDEO)

Traffic StopIJReview is reporting on a piece published in Live Leak, and if you’ve been on the fence on body cams, this is guaranteed to convince you of their value:

“Officer Lou Golson pulled over Christopher Cook at around 2:30 AM Saturday morning (Jan 3 2015) for suspected drunk driving. Officer Golson, an Ex-Marine [Note: correct term is “former Marine”], walked up to the vehicle and Christopher Cook opened his door and started firing. The officer shot back, but missed. The Suspect then fled as Officer Golson calmly radio’d for help despite his broken femur from a gunshot wound.”

Thirteen shots were fired during this encounter, eight of them by Officer Golson, after he had already been shot by the driver of the car.


There has been considerable debate within the police community as well as civilians as to whether every police officer should be equipped with a body cam. Some police see the cameras as an intrusion and indicative of a lack of trust. Some civilians feel the idea smacks of “Big Brother.” But according to a recent study, wearing cameras resulted in an 88 percent decline in complaints against police, and a reduction of 60 percent in use of force by officers.

That is a clear win/win for police departments, and or citizens on the street. By the way, all respect to Officer Golson, who showed incredible presence of mind despite being injured and in pain.

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  • kranvornip

    This shows why there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. As much as I rejoice that Officer Golson survived this psychopathic attack, it shows why you never just walk up to a drivers window without seeing the hands of the driver. If he had demanded that the driver open the window and “show me your hands”… this would not have happened… the driver would have refused and then Officer Golson would have known what he was dealing with immediately. A mistake I hope he never repeats. And one more thing- there is also no such thing as a “former” Marine; Officer Golson earned that honor to be called a Marine, and he will ALWAYS be a Marine! Semper Fi ! Don’t ever forget that because of brave men, (and Women), like him, we all have been given the blessing to live every day of our lives in freedom, so don’t lessen his dedication by referring to him as “former” . God bless, Officer Golson, and stay safe.