What Obama Did Just 3 Hours After Benghazi is Raising Eyebrows Everywhere

Barack_Obama_20110501Yes, the grilling of Hillary proved little that wasn’t already known about Benghazi.

However, as everyone except liberal Obama and Hillary lovers know, this attack was never about some YouTube video.

Now, here’s hard evidence.

Judicial Watch released proof that The White House contacted YouTube within hours of the Benghazi attack to fix blame on a video:

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released new State Department documents that raise more questions about the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. Special Mission at Benghazi, Libya.  The documents show the White House contacted YouTube over an Internet video as one of its first moves after the initial attack.

The documents, from the agency’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, were provided to Judicial Watch in response to a court order in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on October 16, 2014, (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01733)). The lawsuit seeks “any and all logs, reports, or other records” the Washington-based Diplomatic Security Command Center produced between September 10, 2012, and September 13, 2012, relating to the terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya.”

The documents detail that only three hours after the initial attack on U.S. personnel in Benghazi, the White House contacted YouTube in an apparent effort to initially blame the assault on an obscure “Pastor John video,” rather than filmmaker Nakoula “Mark” Basseley Nakoula. The administration falsely claimed that Nakoula’s video, “Innocence of Muslims,” provoked the attack.  The email also references the involvement of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Judicial Watch, through separate litigation, previously uncovered documents that show Obama White House officials set Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi response):

This evidence also provides the link between The White House and Hillary Clinton.

Isn’t it sad.

Liberals will ignore the facts and blame the Benghazi hearings on a Republican attack on Hillary.

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  • k9

    what can you expect from a liberal social democrat, they will let a fart and blame it on someone else,
    probably blame it on Bush like everything else

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    What ever happened to the 20+ survivors that were saved and and moved? I haven’t read anything about any type of testimonies from any of them who are direct witness of what went on over there. We only read about people who are 3000+ miles away from where the attack happened. How about testimony from some Libya government official that has no bias, no reason to lie and conceal because they don’t need any votes in this Country. The only way we are going to get the truth is by getting the truth from people who have nothing to benefit from nor lose from this. Anyone in the military or in DC are not going to be straight forward and 100% honest and truthful because they are not going to jeopardize their military or political career.

    • dcfla

      You Truly “answered” your question, as well as the Same Many of us have Had since the DAY ONE….But, again, those of us WITH A working Brain & Common Sense, know Exactly WHY this is so FOS…SPUN Just the way “They” Planned it…part of it’s backfired, as in the “RICE” BS<, YET SHE TOO STILL HAS "HER" J O B! SO..Kind of tells you a lot there, again though, ONLY for those With a Working BRAIN & COMMON SENSE….NO OTHER ADMINISTRATION/AKA….REGIME, WOULD have COVERED UP, BLEW IT UP OR SCREWED IT UP…LIKE THIS CURRENT ONE!…WE KNOW WHY….Why the "AMBASSADOR & Others were "SACRIFICED"…if you just put 2 & 2 Together..it's Easy to Figure out, along with "ALL THE REST"…All the "TRANSFORMATIONS< ALL THE OTHER …LIES, ALL THE "DIVIDE & CONQUER "Routine"…& ALL THE IMPORTING, WEAKENING, & FURTHER…DESTRUCTION….JUST "ADD" It ALL UP…EASY TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT, WHY, & WHERE IT EMANATED FROM..

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        I agree, you can’t just look at any one incident alone. You have to look at all the pieces and put them together. Ask what are the motives to the actions of Washington, the media, the liberals and the Democrats all across this nation. In order to answer that you have to educate yourself and be informed and be watching, something in which most people are not doing. They are too engulfed in their video games and reality TV shows to see what’s going on with their Country and those they elected to run it. Much like kids sitting in the back seat of the suv with the DVD player playing a video game or cell phone texting in their hand. They are oblivious to what is going on in the drivers seat in front of them because they trust the driver and trust their life is safe with the one who is in the driver seat. They elect these people and put them into the driver seat and pay no attention to what the driver is doing in Washington. Why do they trust them? because they have the same skin color or the same gender with the same single letter (D) behind their name. They have no idea about that driver they have elected, all they know is they share a common skin color of a common gender with them and that is all they need to know to trust them.

        As far as putting all the pieces together, this all started (what we are seeing play out today) well over 50 years ago.

        • biilyjoe

          And they share a common religion , anti-Christian, pro-Islam.

        • Eric Hurt

          That was a lot of words to make such a simplistic generalization.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        As far as putting all the pieces together, this all started (what we are seeing play out today) well over 50 years ago. When I come across a list of goals, “45 Communist goals” which originated from a book called the “Naked Communist” and a short time later was mentioned on the Senate floor and entered into Congressional records on Jan. 10th, 1963 by a Florida Senator. Upon reading these goals especially reading goals 11 through 26 or so where it talks about gaining control of the schools, control of the media goal #15 gain control of one or both political parties and reflect back over the last 50 years of how America has changed and see the direction in which we are going is proof positive of where we are heading, it is as clear as day. Back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s it was absolute taboo to speak of Communism in this Country though there was people who supported it such as Hanoi Jane, for you younger folks, that is your beloved Jane Fonda that you grew up to jerking off to her workout videos and likely don’t know she was /is a Communist supporter. Then you have the likes of Bernie Sanders and so many others who are openly either socialist supporters or straight up Communist supporters. Socialism is the stepping stone to Communism. The only way to get to Communism is through socialism and they have been working to put us in that direction for years. Then look at the pieces of the puzzle that consist of Obama and his background. He was raised and surrounded by self proclaimed Communist supporters and sympathizers, anyone think none of that rubbed off on Obama? Furthermore, he was also raised as a muslim and even listed himself as a muslim on his school admission papers in Indonesia. Not to mention he has stated something to the effect of “If the political winds turn ugly he will side with Islam”. He holds multiple events at the White House for Muslim Prayer and celebrates multiple Muslim holidays and does a bare minimum just for show on holidays such as Easter and then uses that time to degrade and denounce Christians past as being evil. Yet he claims he is a Christian while he being elected and as a President but his actions show he is not a Christian. He is a muslim in his heart, his proclaimed Christian faith is just a ploy, a show.

        Then look at the CPUSA. The what? The CPUSA, (Communist Party USA) yes it is a party just like we have many other parties in this Country. It was founded in 1919 and is stronger than ever today. Look at their website and read their vision, their platform. almost identical as the Democrat platform. Now the Communist party cannot get much support for their party because even the most uninformed person frowns when they hear the word “Communist party”, most of which don’t even know it exists in this Country. What the Communist party has had to do is infiltrate and take over the Democrat party and operate under the guise of the Democrat party. (Refer back to #15 goal of the 45 Communist Goals). Where are all the openly proclaimed card carrying communist supporters in Government, and there are many? They all belong to and were elected under the Democrat party position.

        There are all sorts of facts and pieces of the puzzle that can be mentioned but this would turn into a novel which wouldnt get read anyway so no need to spend more time here writing. I would suggest though for those who may not have heard about or known about CPUSA or the 45 Communist goals to look them up on a simple google search and read them for yourself and reflect on them.

        CPUSA.org and also type in a search for “45 COMMUNIST GOALS”

      • RMCSRET

        Yes and you will also notice and Ms Rice who what originally slated for the
        Secretary of States job after Hillary left was relegated to a job where she did not
        have to go under OATH and get approval from Congress.

    • bxarmybrat

      During the hearings ranking minority member Cummings wanted to release the entire testimony of Clinton aide Sid Blumenthal, countered by saying lets release all of the transcripts including those of the survivors and Cummings immediately shut up, some have surmised the reason is that they all CIA employees and their info may be classified.

      • Rodney Steward

        Is cover up considered classified!

        • marihia

          To them it is

      • biilyjoe

        Cummings– another major agent of islamobama.

    • Chuck

      The fact that the Administration lied and continued to do so in the face of clearly contradictory evidence is possibly prosecutable, but the following post that I made on another website strikes me as more pertinent to the matter than the lying done to pursue a political narrative:

      The Donald is way off base. But the investigation, it seems to me,
      has gone on somewhat of a wrong track. We know that Hitlery and other
      members of the Administration deliberately and calculatedly lied about
      the Benghazi attack in order to pursue a false political narrative that
      O’whatisname had successfully created a “safe” Libyan state by
      overthrowing Khaddafi. That is known to be a pantload. The really
      important issue is once the attack began why reinforcements THAT WERE
      AVAILABLE were ordered to stand down, why prior to the attack were
      600-hundred-plus emails begging for increased security ignored (Hitlery
      says she never got them which is a load of crap). Therefore Hitlery and
      the O’whatsisname Administration are responsible through acts of
      omission for the deaths of Ambassador Stevems, his aide and two Navy
      SEALS and other casualties in the compound. And THAT should be a major
      feature of the investigation.

      Does the stink of dead fish not trouble you folks?

      • John Cherish

        It doesn’t trouble liberals because they live in and are used to the stench of dead rotting fish. I pegged Obama as a communist a long time ago. He even declared what he was when he said that ” he wanted to fundamentally change the US”. That is politic speak for I want to change the US into a socialist nation with me as dictator. He has made good on every part of that.

        • Mercedes Waggoner

          His repeated proclimations of “Americans are stupid” still rings in my ears and the despicable vision of his pompous delivery of those words haunt my soul. As a post script, this convinced me he was not a true American because his consumate ego forbade him from calling himself stupid … however …

    • Oingo Boingo

      Also, what about the Turkish government guy that got away just in time ?

    • Eric Hurt

      I agree with your comment. First of all it doesn’t matter what administration was in there it wouldn’t have been any different. There was scandal under Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W Bush. Basically you’d be hard pressed to find a scandal free administration regardless if the scandal is legit or partisan driven. With the standards set by media there wouldn’t be a politician worth anyone’s support.

  • bt70

    Obama is a muslim POS and a no good son-=btch. I hate the bstd

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      ok, but how do you really feel, [lol] Your first sentence only describes what he really is, and what most people already know. Your second is some-what vague.

    • mac12sam12

      You’re holding back, tell us how you feel about Obama!

    • Vivian Mcdorman

      and why isn’t he in jail lying pos~~~~~~~we can’t trust anyone anymore in washington.

  • Rodney Steward

    They were set up to get killed to hide something, that the thug house gang done. Everyone knew they were running guns so it had to be something else! Maybe trying to hide that Obama is funding terrorist, well we know that! Maybe he’s trying to hide the fact that he’s a lying POS, but all the world leaders know that! U just never know how the mind of a muslim works, NOT GOOD!

    • John Cherish

      They were running guns to Qatar that were sent into Libya under orders from Obama and Hillary. They wanted the rebels to eliminate Gadaffi. They thought they could just give weapons to Al-Qaeda and that the US could trust them to kill him. It all Backfired when they also killed the Ambassador and set the Middle East ablaze. The truth is this when a snake tells you to pick him up that he wont bite you, then he does don’t blame the snake, blame the person who is stupid enough to pick it up. In this case the blame lies with Obama and Hillary

      • Rodney Steward

        Great answer John, makes a lot of sense!

  • Shane

    Obama came up with the plan to blame the Benghazi attack on a video, and Shillary went along with it as it made her look less responsible for the death or our people. However, Shillary was smart not to go on the Sunday news shows after the event and blame it on the video as Susan Rice did. She got away with the Benghazi fiasco and cover-up, but she may not get away with the email scandal.

    • pete G

      Shane Hillary DID go on national TV and blame the video. Have you not seen the tape?

      • John Cherish

        Soon that video will disappear and they will rewrite history that it never happened. Make a copy and store it in a safe place.

    • voncile

      It may appear for the moment that she ‘got away’ with the Benghazi fiasco and cover-up, but time will tell!! We all recognize that it was SHE that sent Rice out to do her dirty work. She will forever wear the Benghazi rope around her neck like little Billy is wearing the ‘red dress’!!

  • Michael Schore

    You Benghazi conspiracy fans are simply amazing. At the end of the day 4 State Dept people were killed while being stationed in a hostile environment. For that you want to have endless hearings. The hearings that have been conducted have shown that there is no there there.

    So when are we going to have trials, oops, hearings about 9/11 where 3000+ people died and then were used as rationale for invading Iraq where 4494 of my Brothers in Arms have died and not to mention the 100s of thousands of Iraqis. Where is their justice? Where is that investigation?

    You want to investigate something–how about you start an investigation into the 100s of people who died during Ronnie Rayguns reign? No, you simply want to persecute a political hit over the souls lost.

    You people are simply mental.

    • How about making a definitive statement? Such as, “I am a Democrat and know that everyone else can only post lies.”

      • Michael Schore

        Not saying your are lying as much as you are focused on the 4 lives lost at Benghazi while sticking your head up your ass over 9/11. Typical Rethuglican logic and stupidity. This whole Benghazi obsession is a symptom of your sickness.

        • pete G

          What do the number of dead have to do with it? It was corrupt just like Democrats in Viet Nam, corrupt, got it?

          • Michael Schore

            What corruption? Your hypocrisy wreaks to high heaven. You give Reagan, Bush, and Bush a free pass but you nit-pick Sec. Clinton. Your delusions really do require professional care.

            And to your Communist attack–where is anything close to communism being implemented? You truly are sick.

    • M. Hammered

      How about naming the Americans killed? US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith. CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty. Then how about remembering the 600 requests made from US Ambassador Stevens to Hillary Clinton for more security. None of the 600 were EVER responded to. Can’t wait till you have an emergency in your life and have to call 911 over 600 times, to no avail. These were REAL American people in a real bad situation with a real WORTHLESS LIBERAL Government that cared more about a cover up than a Prevention. May God have more mercy on YOUR soul than what our disgusting government had on those true HEROS killed that day in Benghazi.

      • Michael Schore

        Your psuedonym is appropriate–the emails from Stevens didn’t go to Clinton. Go back and watch/read the hearings and investigation (if you can read). You people are so pathetic. You still haven’t answered my question about a real tragedy that was 9/11.

        • pete G

          What you’re saying is you believe Hillary, and you have the nerve to call the rest of us pathetic. You’re a real liberal jerk to fall for these people’s attempt to turn this country into a communist hell hole.

          • Orris herland

            He most likely voted for Ob,,, means he is brain dead,

    • pete G

      Michael, Or for that matter we could go back to Viet Nam where 58,000 of my brothers and sisters were killed by some horrible Democrats that were trying to spike the economy with the blood of their own, remember? BTW we would have won that war if it wasn’t for some crooked Democrats. JFK and Johnson.

      • TruthAlone

        Many more people can 4 died at Benghazi and I have a very good friend that was there at Benghazi in a helicopter begging the pilot to drop him down as they could hear the cries of our people and he wanted to save all that he could and kill the bad guys.. However our Administration told them to “stand down”, that our people were already killed, even though their cries could be heard. There were weapons going from the U.S. to Syria and Obama wanted this to happen.

  • jcadla

    What good does it do to post all this kind of stuff about Obama and Clinton when no one (including the author) cares enough to do what is necessary to have her indicted and him impeached? The traitor, Obama, and the felon, Clinton will do as they wish because, evidently, that is what most US citizens want. All these comments and whining mean nothing unless you actually do something about it…like email, call and write to your reps and demand both Clinton and Obama be prosecuted.

    • pete G

      Ever notice Hillary in the ready room with her hand over her mouth? I saw that as the moment they were dragging the Ambassador’s body through the streets until there wasn’t much left. I think Obama was yawning. If you have followed Obama’s marvelous career you would know He’s never really cared about anything or anybody but himself. Today we are battling the worst enemy any country could have, and it’s called ignorant people and i am almost willing to believe that they out number those with common sense. Obama, Hillary, and the Liberal press who depend on this ignorance for their success is turning this country into a Socialistic hell hole. If ignorant people don’t stop thinking people appose Obama because he’s black we’re in real trouble. We must vote the Democrats out or pay dearly. BTW i am a registered Democrat for 50 years who has woken up to the terrible truth.

      • John Cherish

        The Democrat Party was hijacked by communists years ago it was very subtle and almost imperceivable like the frog in boiling water and the Republicans also are being infiltrated it wont matter soon what party you belong to the agenda will be the same from both. We need a new Independent 3rd party to take them both on. The problem is the ballot box is rigged elections are not fair elections anymore

        • pete G

          Yes John i am just stubborn enough to believe that there are still enough good people in our Government to overcome this takeover. Trump and Carson are not Politicians and would be one hell of a start in getting our country back. I also think Cruz could help in this challenge. keep the faith and just maybe we can overcome this cancer-like disease brought on by these weak-minded Democrats.

        • Mercedes Waggoner

          My husband grew up in a Democrat Wisconsin home. He told me how his mother, forecast Harry Truman would win when she saw the huge crowds at his cavalcade through Madison; Harry was trailing Thomas Dewey in polls and pre-midnight voting but won.

          In 1968 my guy moved to Minnesota; after coming home from the Korea War, he voted for Republican IKE both times … so did his mom.

          After a year in Minnesota and ever since he voted straight Republican because of the extreme liberalism he saw in the Democratic DFL Party.

          Since ’92, when I became a US citizen, it has morphed into an even greater catastrophe.

      • Vivian Mcdorman

        thank God you woke up Pete

  • Burton Pauly

    Folks just look at this duplicity of the Obama administration…. The most famous lying admin. ever..

  • DOC

    Whipping a dead horse.

  • Steve

    Of course they will. If any I have learned is that the left are bullies and liars to fit their needs/agenda.

    • pete G

      I was on a site today where i could not believe their nasty comments about Ben Carson. They praised Hillary AND Obama. I was going to comment but i figured they would just call me a Racist so i let it go. Just my opinion but i believe 85% of those poor soles are lost, totally lost. Makes you feel like giving up.

  • ABBAsFernando

    VILE LIBERAL [Progressive] SCUM are NAZIS hell bent on murdering people for personal gain. Think WWII NAZIS on steroids!

  • DefyRule

    What agency or police department or sheriffs office is going to grow a pair of balls and arrest this half nigger POS for treason! It needs to happen soon.

  • KalevEfrayim

    That the Republicans don’t do more about all of Obama’s actions just proves that the Republicans are as much of an enemy to our Republic as the Democrats are. We now have an oligarchy for a government and it’s long past the time to put an end to this crooked federal government.
    REVOLUTION to restore the Constitution is the only answer remaining.

    • Mercedes Waggoner

      I hope it is stupidity

  • brucefandrews

    This was just another circus side show while Berry builds his army of ISIS solders. They are highly trained ruthless muslim killers and obana has armed them way beyond our States militia. Berry is doing this right in our faces and WE ARE DOING NOTHING TO STOP HIM!!!!!!! We are looking to an election that will not mean a thing as long as Berry is in our White House, (The King’s palace), We the average American patriot are the only thing standing in his way and Berry is moving quickly to have OUR OWN POLICE AND ARMY TAKE US OUT OF THE FIGHT!!! He is doing this one community at a time, It is putting fear into the minds of the people. Don’t allow this to continue. We must rise up and show this piece of shit that WE Are America and We will Stand and FIGHT!!!!!

  • Ibcamn

    corruption…………WH and all the cronies that just go with it,should all be tried!!

  • snowyriver

    Obama and Hillary are such fine folks. Meanwhile the innocent man who made the “horrible” video is still in jail. I can only imagine what the fine against our good government officials will be. Of course that fine will be paid for by the public. Isn’t it just wonderful how justice works?


    Seems more and more like a LEFT WING CONSPIRACY to me. Both Obama and Clinton should
    be in jail for lying to the public and the world.

  • TG80905

    We will never get the truth, not one that can be proven 100% anyway. We know the Whitehouse response was “cover my a$$” not help these guys. We can’t point a finger at precisely who at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave was constructing a very poorly conceived cover story. There’s a log that identifies everyone in the Whitehouse and where they were at the time the email was sent.

    Think it will be there tomorrow?

  • Oingo Boingo

    After Prince Obongo is OUT of The White House…and it’s fumigated and the KFC grease is removed..I HOPE to see his shaggy mulatto ass cuffed to Hillaryous’ gigantic lesbo ass as ey’re perp walked to a holding cell and CHANGE into prisoners.