The Democrats War on Children

Georgian_tribal_childrenDemocrats love War.

They declare a War on Women.

Now, it’s time for conservatives and Republicans to fight back.

It’s time to expose the Democrats War on Children:

Democrats understand the marketing and branding power of using emotional hooks like “the war on women.” Well, two can play at that game. It’s time to use an emotional hook of our own. The difference is this one isn’t made up. It’s time to point out that the real war is the Democrat’s “WAR ON CHILDREN.”

The “WAR ON CHILDREN” starts in the womb. Clinton and her ilk don’t hesitate to support the killing of children in the womb. There is no point in a woman’s pregnancy where abortion is too extreme for Democrats like Clinton.

No limit to abortion is acceptable. Not even ripping a child to pieces with partial birth abortion is too extreme for Clinton and Democrats.

The ring leader and master manipulator of twisted truth is none other than Hillary Clinton.

Who are the REAL victims in the Democrats War on Women.

Millions of innocent aborted children.

Don’t let Hillary and the Democrats EVER forget the Children.


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