The Hillary and Bernie Show- Eating Each Other Alive

23750131382_1daf78e6cb_bThis must be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.

First she loses her shot at the White House to a charismatic, young, relatively unknown black Senator.

Now an angry white 74-year-old Brooklyn Jew is eating her lunch.

Yes, Hillary and Bernie are now eating each other alive.

It’s a stark battle between the grassroots and the elites, with Bernie capturing the hearts of the grassroots Democratic base, and Hillary representing the old guard liberal elites:

Our Charlie Cooke sees a distinct possibility history will repeat itself: “It is not impossible to imagine a similar decline this year, nor to conceive of the brutal snowball effect that could deprive Clinton once again of the only real ambition she has ever held. First, she would lose Iowa; then she would lose New Hampshire; and then, inspired by the muttering and the grumbling and the inexorable sense of déjà vu, a critical endorsement would go the other way.”
We hear a lot about the divide between the grassroots and the “Establishment” in the Republican Party, but Democrats have the same divide over priorities and worldview. A quick sketch…

Members of the Democratic base believe they’ve been given a raw deal by life. Whether or not they actually are poor (many are), they feel poor, and they feel that they’re barred from changing their circumstances. They believe they’ve been victimized by sexism, racism, and all manner of social discrimination. Their circumstances are a result of malevolence from powerful forces in American life, and not a predictable consequence of their own life choices.

…  The Democratic elite is — well, elite. Life has been good to them. They may trash corporate greed, but they’ve already made their fortunes. Of course taxes should be raised to pay for everything — they can afford it, and they’ll talk to Wilkins the accountant to make sure they get every deduction they can. The country is doing well under Obama — he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for turning everything around. The real worry is how bad climate change is getting — why can’t Obama hurry up and just create cap and trade by executive order? Their broker says they could make a killing in the solar panel and wind industries, particularly with the subsidies. That new Tesla model looks terrific. Really, this country could be in a much better spot if they could just control all those backwards rednecks and their guns — really, in all their years of living in this gated community, they’ve never felt the need to own a gun. And somebody’s got to stop those xenophobes who are screaming about the Mexicans. Maria is the best maid they’ve ever had, how could anyone hate her?

Both Bernie’s grassroots appeal and Hillary’s elite liberal backing expose the Democrat’s fundamental flaws.

Bernie’s proposals are economically not feasible.

Hillary’s elite backing promises a Presidency of corrupt influence.

The question is:

Will the Republicans seize the opening while Hillary and Bernie destroy the Democratic platform in the run for the nomination?

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