400,000 People Are Just Now Realizing What a Trainwreck This Landmark Legislation Is

obamacareIf you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

Your health insurance premiums will decrease.

Remember these big promises from Obama?

Now, here’s the reality.

Hundreds of thousands will lose their health insurance coverage they purchased through state sponsored co-ops:

Hundreds of thousands people will lose their insurance plans as a raft of health insurance cooperatives (CO-OPs) created by the Affordable Care Act will cease operations. Just last week, CO-OPs in Oregon, Colorado, Tennessee and Kentucky announced that they would be winding down operations due to lower than expected enrollment and solvency concerns (although the one in Colorado is suing the state over the shutdown order).  They join four other CO-OPs that have announced that they would be closing their doors. In total, only 15 out of the 23 CO-OPs created by the law remain. These closures reveal how ill-advised this aspect of the ACA was both in terms of lost money and the turmoil for the people who enrolled in them. The eight that have failed have received almost $1 billion in loans, and overall CO-OPs received loans totaling $2.4 billion that might never get paid back. In addition, roughly 400,000 people will lose their plans.

The states who adopted Co-Ops and millions of Americans were sold a lie.

Obamacare is the road to no where in controlling health care costs and premiums.

It’s a complete fail.

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