The Leading Liberal Democrat Who Has Mad Respect for Trump

reidDirty Harry Reid has been around the political rodeo for a lifetime.

He’s seen all the tricks.

He’s pulled all the tricks himself.

Harry Reid knows Donald Trump is no joke.

Harry Reid has mad respect for Donald Trump as a political foe.

Recently, Reid issued a warning to fellow Democrats: “Never, ever, ever underestimate Donald Trump.”

Harry Reid has some advice for Democrats already celebrating Hillary Clinton as the next president: Don’t underestimate Donald Trump.

While Democratic groups and the party committees circulate all the reasons that Trump could doom the Republicans’ bid for the White House as well as their congressional majorities, Republicans are now positing that Trump could bring disenchanted voters back to the GOP to help them compete in the Rust Belt.

“Never, ever, ever underestimate Trump. No one should do that. I tried, others have tried. He’s a hard guy to predict,” Reid said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “One of the most unorthodox candidates for the presidency in modern times. Certainly in modern times, post-modern times. A real unusual deal we have here.”

It’s quite funny listening to the political pundits talking about Trump against Hillary Clinton.

They all tout the polls that show Hillary beating Trump easily in the General Election.

Remember when all the polls said Trump had no shot at the Republican nomination?

Trump is a different political animal.

He’s not a politician.

He defies all the polls.

Listen to Harry.


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