The Liberal Left’s Outrageous Hypocrisy About Islam

7907263082_1cbb213cb2_bIt really is hard trying to figure out what goes on in the liberal mind.

Here in the United States, liberals champion women’s rights, gay rights, the gender pay gap, and call for a tone of tolerance from government.

Yet, when it comes to pointing the finger and condemning Muslim nations who practice outrageous and blatant intolerance of women’s and gay rights?

Crickets. Silence from the left.

The hypocrisy of the liberal left in regards to their views on Islam is laughable:

Seriously, what is it with you? Thinking about this particular affinity makes me scratch my head bald. At the very least, to thinning of Trump-like proportions. Over here in the United States, you leftists harp on about gay rights, gay wedding cakes, how horrible Christians are for disagreeing with baking gay wedding cakes, transexual men getting women’s awards; then comes feminism with its man-spreading, mansplaining, the constant complaining about the mythical pay gap. It gets exhausting. When you’re not whining about transgender bathrooms you’re whining about women’s access to birth control. But when it comes to Islam, the most intolerant of the “intolerant,” you’re all…

Somebody’s got to call BS. And not just media-soundbite BS, but serious, weighty, steaming BS. Put simply; you cannot be pro-gay anything and support Islam. You cannot be pro-woman and support Islam. You cannot be pro-freedom (of “choice” or otherwise) and support Islam. ‘Cause guess what? Countries like Turkey, the UAE, and Malaysia are bastions of “moderate” Islam, but there’s not a speck of freedom to be had.

Here’s the thing:

Even “moderate” Islam isn’t close to the freedoms and rights the liberals support here.

The tolerance of the left is intolerable.


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