U.S. Embassy Shows Us How to Have a “Muslim Sensitive” July 4th Celebration

3684396632_34a663e190_zCelebrating July 4th is one of the proudest traditions for Americans.

Sure we get to cook out, drink beer, and “ooh” and “ah” with friends over the fireworks, but to most Americans July 4th means freedom.

As a nation we come together and celebrate freedom.

Our foreign embassies around the world exist to spread this message of freedom and protect the United States’ interests. It’s understood that the location of these embassies are officially the territory of the country represented and not that of the host country.

Yet, U.S. Embassies located in Indonesia with large Islamic populations made a mind-boggling policy decision:

The American Embassy in Indonesia celebrated the founding of America one month early to avoid conflict with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, The Jakarta Post reports.

“We are celebrating a month early to respect the holy month of Ramadan, but today we remember the revolutionary Congress meeting on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia that issued America’s ‘Declaration of Independence’ that changed the course of modern history,” U.S. Ambassador Robert O. Blake said in prepared remarks that are posted on the embassy’s website.

Changing the celebration date of an important historical date is absurd.

How long until Islamic communities here in the United States demand a change to the July 4th celebration date?

Or, force the elimination of July 4th?

Image Credit-Flickr

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