The Shocking Video The FBI Doesn’t Want You to See

The Shocking Video The FBI Doesn t Want You to SeeWhat’s the FBI hiding?

Who gave the orders to cover this up?

Why did the Feds and the FBI push to break up the stand off in Oregon?

Check out the video below. (Caution it is violent.)

Decide for yourself. Was LaVoy Finicum executed by the FBI?

A new video recorded from inside the car driven by Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was released today, capturing the harrowing moments before, during and after he was shot to death in Oregon last January.

The United States Department of Justice also announced it is investigating a group of “elite” FBI agents for partaking in a coverup of the shooting, according to THE OREGONIAN.

It turns out, one FBI agent shot his gun twice, but claimed he never fired his gun.

Here’s the video evidence of the FBI shooting of Finicum:

After viewing the video, what do you think?

Did the FBI murder Finicum?

Who gave the order to do it?

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  • GrizzMann

    Who would possibly Want it covered up? Was it Bush?

    • The Fox

      Get over your Bush hate, he hasn’t been in office for over 7 years now and the new Hitler in the White House is your leader GrizzMann without a brain.

      • GrizzMann

        Oh! I forgot about the Muslim in the White House. He is responsible for nothing (good).

        • The Fox

          Now we can agree, wish people would get over the Bush thing.

          • GrizzMann

            I thought you knew me, Zorro.

          • The Fox

            I thought I did? So I hope the Bush thing was a joke on your part? Have a good Resurrection Day.

          • GrizzMann

            The Democrats give too much credit to Bush.They forget they voted for his policies. Just like the Republicans give into Obama. BTW, Easter is the goddess of fertility. Easter translates to Spring.

          • The Fox

            Well Bush was right about WMD’s as I know many vets who are suffering for blowing up WMD’s in Iraq and the VA doesn’t have the answers, Astra is the goddess of fertility. I know it’s misspelled oh darn.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      WHADYA mean “who?” You couldn’t throw a dart at WA DC w/o hitting one or another of the treasonous s.o.b’s running this country. Take your pick…my money is on the word came from on high because of the media coverage and needing that kind of approval to cause another unconstitutional take-down (like ruby Ridge and WACO) then to big boys in the FBI who carry out whatever the administration wants done.

  • Patrick

    man was murdered

  • The Fox

    This was out right murder on behalf of a out of control government and time to take the buildings, land and everything else that belongs to We the People and not elected idiots that are suppose to serve us and not themselves.

  • KingDon

    If Finicum was black and the others in the car were black, this would have been on the news every single day since he was murdered. And Obama would have been in front of the cameras saying how he could have been his grand daddy or something. They would have built a shrine at the murder site by now proclaiming that black lives matter and all the rest of the usual BS. Protesters would have been hired and bused to the site to maintain a round-the-clock vigil until the the nasty ol’ white boys who did the killing were jailed and convicted in the press. But, of course, this man and his companions were Lilly white so the Obama media propaganda machine treats it with a deafening silence. And, no money to be made by the civil rights business, so no sign of Jesse Jackson or Al Skunkface Sharpeon.

    • sherri palmer


  • trishae61

    I have seen this video a few weeks ago when it FIRST came to light. It was later said that Valerie Jarrett is the one that gave the order to have Finicum murdered and those FBI Agents that initiated the murder were actually working for the UN and not the US! Yes it was out n out murder and ALL those responsible should be held accountable including Valerie Jarrett!

    • Byron Hall

      Well it’s time that we started keeping track of ms. Valerie Jarrett … She will pay for her crimes as well!

  • TheCountess

    ‘Raise The Flag’, why are you suggesting this murder/assassination was anything but? This video has been out for a while with many of us stating so. If you are going to post such regurgitated information, then state it for the fact that it is. Your readers are much more savvy than you, if you wish to keep the few who come to read and post.

  • yennikcm


  • Howleyesque

    Meanwhile the Black LIES Matter crew and the rest of the Liperal GARBAGE are cheering this as being “justified” because? He was white.

  • Melvin L. Harris

    Every dog has his day this is open contract murder and all moving parties must be charged with mafia contract murder ordered a huge conspiracy by all actors and by the The UNITED STATES, Inc. a business and corporation nothing more or less. The gangs of slavery must be stopped no more Rothschild Khazar Kenite phy ops as well as counter insurgence as the Tares. This is totally insane any business could ever have such insane dreams of grandeur and claim every baby born, the line is drawn here know it_______________ free all the people from the Vatican and Israel slavery as they claim ownership of all flesh by the blood claim dna as bastard children wards of the State father -less by open ended adhesion bond certificate created on the day of a child’s birth as a bond certificate water mark cestue que vie trust certificate by thy press ganging gangs.

  • yennikcm


  • Jimh77

    NO different than when the FBI took out JFK. If not for that the FBI would have been moot and America would be much different today of Both John and Bobby were both Presidents. Since then we’ve had scumbags, not that I didn’t like Reagan, but all the others all in for themselves and their owners. Bernie Sanders has no owners other than the American People. Bernie must be the next President of America and fix all that is wrong with this Country, Hillary thinks this is already a great Country, she has no damn clue in our world we live daily. Bernie is what America needs for President!

    • Triple J Jackson

      Well when Hillary robs Bernie of his shot I hope you and all the others will see the forest threw the bullshit I’m sorry Trees. And vote Trump because I know you all are smarter than to believe all the media attack and crap spewed about him. If you truly want a change in the government and live free not on a government choke chain he’s the one that will give it. And if you want a country over run with government rules and people that would love nothing more than to rape your women and chop off your heads vote democrat because that’s what you will get. Just look at Europe a disarmed people is a slaved and murderd people.

  • Trisha Holmeide

    I believe the record will show the Oregon State Police as actually culpable of the murder–but the FBI was instrumental in orchestrating the entire event on behalf of the highest levels of our government–including President Obama. The fact is the US federal government has no right to own or occupy any land not for either the defense of this nation or the 5 (now ten) square miles for Washington DC for administration of the services it provides to the states and the people (which are severely limited to eighteen areas of actual constitutionally prescribed responsibilities). The federal government has maintained control over vast areas of the western US failing completely to turn the land over when each territory became a state. Adding insult to injury government employees (Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid to name but a few) have been selling off mineral rights to foreign countries on the land the feds don’t even control and then working ways to get the land owners off their land (flooding thousands of acres, burning cattle alive, destroying homes, corals, barns to name a few of their ruthless means). It is now more than evident we are being subjugated by corrupt and anti-American despots who will allow anything (like the US constitution, human lives, decency etc.) to stand in their way of total control over every inch of our land and all the people! Finnicums death was just another ruby Ridge and WACO warning shot to keep the pathetically brainwashed public from making any challenges to their authority. In other words, we might as well be living in the old Soviet Union where the state controlled the media, the military and the means to justify every act of debauchery know to the human mind!

    • conservative since 1962

      With one small correction (The Constitution says “(not exceeding Ten miles square)” for the seat of government. Ten miles square is actually 100 square miles. The District of Columbia is actually 61 sq. mi. being that ceded to the Federal Government by Maryland. The other 39 sq, mi. is that part of the 10 miles square that Virginia did not cede to the Federal Government.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        Yeah, Virginians used to be pretty smart people until all the politicians moved in–wish Maryland had been smart enough to limit it to five square miles and we “the people” had informed them if they outgrew that space they could go live in another country!

  • GI Joe

    The narrative released for public consumption goes something like this: Mr Finicum was shot by Oregon State Troopers, not FBI, because he repeated reached toward the left side of his jacket where a semi-auto pistol was later found. He died of wounds sustained.

    There are a few problems with this narrative. First, Mr Finicum was known to carry only a revolver. Second, he left all arms and ammunition behind when the caravan left the preserve that morning. Third, what is the origin of the semi-auto pistol found on Mr Finicum. There are unconfirmed reports that it was reported stolen a few years ago. If true, this raises the question of how Mr Finicum came to be in its possession. Was this handgun a “plant”?

    Since the late-1980s, there have been a growing number of questionable incidents involving the FBI. Public support for law enforcement in general has declined as a result of a significant number of highly questionable events. Two, in particular, come to mind: the Ruby Ridge, ID incident and the Waco, TX disaster.

    With the current growing distrust of the central government, these sorts of incidents could not come at a worse time in US history. The public is growing tired of hearing about and seeing American citizens killed by those who we have been, and are, told are here to help. I fear that it will not take many more such events to trigger a violent backlash from citizens who have had enough of living in fear of their government.