The Sneaky Way Liberal NBC News Covers Up for the Clintons

Clinton_Lewinsky_1998_Abkhazia_stampLiberal Main Stream Media broadcaster NBC has a lot riding on The Clintons.

They’ve funneled billions to liberal causes.

They gave Chelsea a $600,000 a year gig.

Now, get this…

Despite proof from the Monica’s stained blue dress (remember that?), Bill Clinton’s romp in the Oval Office never really happened?

The super-funded protection racket NBC News has put in place to elect Hillary Clinton president, goes way beyond the funneling of more than a half-billion dollars to left-wing groups, handing Chelsea Clinton $600,000,  tongue-bath townhalls, and using an hour of “Meet the Press” to attack the GOP as Nazis. Now the left-wing network is attempting to convince voters the sordid affair between Bill Clinton and a young White House intern didn’t happen.

While interviewing Republican front runner Donald Trump Tuesday, “The Today’s Show’s” precious sunflower Savannah Guthrie described Clinton’s well-documented and admitted-to affair with Monica Lewinsky as “alleged.” Trump immediately jumped down her lying throat.

This is why Donald Trump is leading the GOP polls.

Will he have the power to expose the media conspiracy and take down Hillary next November?

Stay tuned…

Things are just getting started.

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