The Tricks Pro-Clinton Supporters Use to Stuff Bernie

hillary supportPoor Bernie Sanders.

He’s trying to play fair.

He has the support of labor.

So, it would make sense that he would speak at a “Labor for Bernie” rally.

Not so fast there Bernie.

The Clinton Clan called in a few favors and squashed Bernie’s rally:

A union supporting Hillary Clinton reportedly pressured a labor official to back out of speaking at an event held by Bernie Sanders, the former secretary of State’s rival in the Democratic presidential race.

Jeff Johnson, the head of the Washington State Labor Council, was scheduled to speak in Seattle during a “Labor for Bernie” rally, the Huffington Post reported Tuesday. But an international labor union threatened to take away funding from Johnson’s group if he spoke at the event, an emcee told the audience at the event.

For all the grass roots support Bernie has earned, the reality is he nas little to no shot against Hillary.

This incident illustrates why.

Bernie plays by the rules.

Hillary’s only rule is to win.

While this will work for Hillary in squashing Bernie, things sure will get interesting when Hillary faces off against Trump.

Somehow, it’s hard to imagine Trump sticking to the rules.

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