Obama’s “Legacy” Will Be Defined By This One Number

6767482595_b7e5aaf5e9_bFast forward fifty years…

How will Barack Obama’s Presidency be remembered?

What legacy is Obama leaving?

ONE number sums up Obama:

$20 Trillion.

That’s the national debt legacy Obama will leave when his presidency ends:

When President Obama signs into law the new two-year budget deal Monday, his action will bring into sharper focus a part of his legacy that he doesn’t like to talk about: He is the $20 trillion man.

Mr. Obama’s spending agreement with Congress will suspend the nation’s debt limit and allow the Treasury to borrow another $1.5 trillion or so by the end of his presidency in 2017. Added to the current total national debt of more than $18.15 trillion, the red ink will likely be crowding the $20 trillion mark right around the time Mr. Obama leaves the White House.

Is it any wonder why Obama grabs every opportunity to take about gun control, climate change, gay rights, or racial inequality?

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want us to realize how his economic policies have failed?

Hey Obama…

Thanks for leaving us with your $20 Trillion legacy.

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