This ONE Issue Gives Trump Edge Over Cruz


Billboard_Challenging_the_validity_of_Barack_Obama's_Birth_CertificateRecall Trump’s birther campaign again Obama?

Well, maybe he was just getting warmed up to battle Ted Cruz.

You see, it’s easy for Trump to raise doubts about Cruz and his questionable citizenship questions.

And of course, no one does this better than Trump.

Check out this exchange:

Just days away from the nation’s kickoff nominating contest in Iowa, Donald Trump isn’t sweating his slight lead over rival Ted Cruz.

“You know, I’ve gone up very much in Iowa,” Trump told CBS’ “Face the Nation” in an interview to air Sunday. “He’s gone down very much in Iowa. But I’ll tell you what — you can’t nominate somebody that maybe is not going to be able to run.”

Trump was referring to the citizenship question that has dogged Cruz — who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father — ever since Trump saw fit to hammer away at the issue earlier this year.

“There is much law right now, and a lot of constitutional lawyers are coming out,” the billionaire said. “There are many lawyers coming out, top constitutional lawyers, that Ted Cruz cannot run for president. He can’t be president, because of the fact he was born in Canada.”

Trump noted that Cruz’s former Canadian citizenship, which the Texas Republican renounced in 2014, has had “a huge impact on his numbers.”

“I think that has a huge effect,” he added. “In fact, I noticed last night, on trending, one of the biggest things on trending was, ‘Can Ted Cruz run for president, based on his Canadian citizenship and his place of birth?'”

Trump is right.

Until Ted Cruz clears up his citizenship question, voters will have doubts.

And the only definitive way to clear it up is through Congress…

Where Cruz happens to have few friends.

This is a HUGE advantage for Trump vs. Cruz.

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