THIS Video Has Clinton Camp Running Scared

benghaziWhat Difference Does It Make?

Maybe ONE video can make a BIG difference in Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the Democratic nomination and becoming President.

As Hillary prepares to answer Trey Gowdy’s questions, this Super PAC is firing away at Hillary:

A super PAC opposing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has released a new video featuring the gravestone of former Ambassador Chris Stevens, one of four Americans killed in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks.

Stop Hillary PAC tweeted the ad and indicated its intention to promote the video during the first Democratic presidential debate on CNN.

“Dear Hillary Clinton, I’d like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in Benghazi and then four Americans were murdered,” a narrator can be heard saying while images of the four dead Americans appear on screen.

The ad is titled, “I’d like to ask,” but closes with a narrator saying, “But Mrs. Clinton I can’t. What difference does it make?” as Stevens’ image appears followed by a picture of a gravestone bearing Stevens’ name.

Check out the Super PAC video below:

So, the question now is:

Will this video actually make a difference?

Forget about Hillary’s emails.

Remember how Obama and Hillary initially spun the Benghazi story, blaming the incident on a video.

They denied it was a terrorist attack.

Recall also this incident happened on Sept.11. 2012, mere weeks before the 2012 Election.

If Obama and Hillary had come clean up front, all these Benghazi hearings and Hillary email stuff never would have happened.

And perhaps Obama would not have been re-elected?

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