Top Marine General Blasts Obama

An inspection team examines a US Army (USA) AH-64 Apache helicopter that crashed during landing at Tactical Assembly Area SHELL, in Central Iraq. The helicopter is assigned to A/Company 2-101st Aviation Regiment, and was operation in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

It’s rare when a top military officer openly criticizes a President.

However, Marine Corp General James Amos, a member of Obama’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, had enough.

According to General Amos, Obama is not the leader we need:

“I find it hard to believe, knowing how Iraq looked when we left in 2010…when the last U.S. forces left, that we would be in the position we’re in today in Iraq had we had the right forces, the right leadership, the right mentoring, the right government,” Amos began

Yes, the disaster of Iraq, the rise of ISIS, Benghazi, the Russians entering the picture in Syria… all of the escalating mess in the Middle East could have been avoided.

We all knew Obama was wrong for America.

The question now is this:

We know Hillary will be no different.

In fact, she could be worse.

Forget the obsession with Obama.

It’s Hillary who must be stopped.

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